2022 the "new type of providing for the aged" is very popular: you don't have to go to a nursing home or drag your children down! Netizen: live like this when you are old.
2022 the "new type of providing for the aged" is very popular: you don't have to go to a nursing home or drag your children down! Netizen: live like this when you are old.
May everyone grow old comfortably and beautifully in his old age.

I have seen such a topic on the Internet: how great is the wisdom of young people in providing for the aged?

there is an impressive answer.

A young man who calls himself post-1995 admitted that although he was only in his early twenties, he had set aside part of his monthly salary as a pension.

it makes people sigh: this year's young people are so advanced in their sense of providing for the aged.

in fact, it is not surprising that today's young people plan in advance. If you look at a set of data, you will understand:

in 2020, China's population over 65 reached 191 million, accounting for 13.5% of the total population. It is estimated that in 2057, China's population over 65 will reach 425 million, accounting for 32.9% of the total population.

for everyone, providing for the aged is something that should be planned in advance.

although nursing homes have always been a rigid demand, the reality is that good nursing homes cannot afford to live, and cheap nursing homes dare not live.

with the advent of the aging era, more and more people have explored all kinds of trendy concepts of providing for the aged, neither going to nursing homes nor dragging down their children.

the following new ways to provide for the aged, when you are old, which one do you want to choose?

Hotel pension

first of all, the ratio of performance to price is high.

if Aunt Cai doesn't stay in a hotel, she has to rent a house outside. a house with similar conditions costs 3000 yuan a month. Plus having someone clean and cook costs 2500 yuan anyway. Including the cost of living, it costs 7000 yuan a month.

staying in a hotel, you don't have to clean, and the service in the hotel is very considerate.

the problem of eating is also easy to solve. This hotel chosen by Aunt Cai offers a breakfast buffet with rich dishes, including not only Chinese food, but also western food, as well as after-dinner fruit.

for lunch and dinner, Aunt Cai will choose to eat fast food or order takeout. She can order whatever she wants. She doesn't have to buy food and cook. She doesn't have to wash dishes.

secondly, freedom of entry and exit.

compared with nursing homes, the most satisfying thing about providing for the aged in a hotel is the freedom of entry and exit.

if you enter a nursing home, you have to follow the arrangements for everything, report whatever you do, and even make an appointment to visit your children. Aunt Cai, who is used to living freely, is very difficult to accept this.

compared with the bossing around of the nursing workers in the nursing home, the hotel service staff are more respectful, polite and warm.

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someone asked why Aunt Cai didn't live with her children.

Aunt Cai is very open-minded about this issue. after the children get married, they all have their own lives.

the living habits of the two generations are different, and living together will inevitably lead to friction.In addition, Aunt Cai is an old lady who is used to being independent, and she doesn't like to be disturbed in her life, so she is still used to living alone.

Aunt Cai's life in the hotel, after waking up at four or five every day, she reads novels in bed for a while.

then get up and do exercise, a hundred push-ups are fine;

after exercise, she will be treated with physiotherapy on a special massage cushion for half an hour;

after breakfast, go for a walk near the hotel, or read a book in the hotel and have a video call with your children.

Aunt Cai's spare time life is also very fashionable, nothing to speculate in stocks, occasionally online shopping, old age life is simply not too comfortable.

the hotel pension model is freer and cheaper than nursing homes, but it also tests the autonomy and independence of the elderly.

when you don't want to live with your children and have your own spiritual life, hotel pension is a way to save manpower and financial resources.

living for the aged

with the improvement of living standards, more and more elderly people put forward higher requirements for providing for the aged.

when they were young, they spent their time, money and energy on their children and work, and when they retired, they finally had time to pursue their own poetry and distance.

therefore, "living for the aged" came into being.

CCTV "all over China" has broadcast a series of programs "living and providing for the aged on the way".

program, 78-year-old Uncle Wang said that living everywhere is a process of finding an ideal place for the aged.

after seeing the customs and customs of different places, he finally chose Yangzhou, sold his hometown house and lived in a local apartment for the elderly.

Dali and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan and Sanya in Hainan are popular places for living and providing for the aged in China.

if living at home is not enjoyable, some people have already turned their attention abroad.

the 54-year-old Wang Yi's retirement life in Thailand is the envy of many people.

since the death of her wife, Wang Yi has fallen in love with the pleasant life of the island on an occasional trip to Thailand.

Local prices in Thailand are also very affordable. Here, Wang Yi's daily living expenses are no more than 30 yuan, and she is rich in nutrition and has a full range of varieties.

if you want to have a seafood meal, you can easily realize the freedom of seafood by spending less than 100 yuan.

the second is good mindset.

Wang Yi has a son. Her son and daughter-in-law have just got married. If there is any need in the future, she will go to help take care of her grandson.

now the waiterHaving just got married, the children have their own lives, and Wang Yi doesn't want to get mixed up with young people.

she lives alone in Thailand, keeps a dog, strolls around the beach, reads books and tastes tea in her spare time. This is the retirement life she wants.

she thinks very clearly:

when our children grow up, we can help them very little, as long as they don't become a burden to them.

when we are young, we always give everything for our family, and when we are old, some people choose to live for themselves.

eat uneaten food, go to places you haven't traveled, and see scenery you haven't seen before.

if you like to walk around and see the world, then living for the aged is a tailor-made way for you.

Mutual support for the aged

Switzerland has a "time bank" pension model that we can use for reference.

the specific way is that people apply to take care of the elderly when they are young, and then the time of the service will be deposited into the time bank account in the social security system.

when you reach a certain age and need to be taken care of, you can rely on the amount in the time bank to receive the "time balance and interest" of your pension, and the time bank will assign volunteers to take care of them.

in fact, this is not the first time that the "time bank", a form of mutual assistance between the old and the young, has emerged.

in 2020, a piece of pension news attracted people's attention.

the 80-year-old Granny Wang lives in a 24-year-old girl Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan doesn't need to pay rent to Grandma Wang. She just needs to talk to the elderly after work so that they can take care of each other.

for Yuanyuan, who just graduated, she saved a lot of money on renting, and Grandma Wang also got the company and care she wanted.

this mode of cohabitation is a way of providing for the aged that "old and young people help each other" in Changqing street of Hangzhou.

when children are unable to do so, they are always around. Young people are invited to live together, help each other, and take care of each other, but this model requires both sides to help each other. If personalities cannot accept each other, it is impossible to establish mutual assistance.

by contrast, the "time bank" model is more suitable for popularizing most people. When the service becomes a time balance and generates time interest, it is fair and reasonable to withdraw as much as it pays.

endowment in groups

in recent years, endowment in groups is not new.

when children get married, they are either too busy at work or have a life of their own, leaving their parents at home alone.

some old people decide not to rely on their children, but to find like-minded friends and live a collective life that takes care of each other.

there is such an old man in Beijing who found 14 good friends and rented two villas in the suburbs of Beijing to live in a group for the aged.

originally, they were all very good friends, and they knew each other very well and had the same personality.

after we live together, we usually play cards, chat and cook together what we want to eat.

the ingredients for cooking are all grown by ourselves.

they opened up a vegetable field in the small courtyard, sowing, watering, fertilizing and enjoying the joy of harvest.

in the evening, I will call my old friends and go to the karaoke room to show my voice.

or dancing in the square together, friends will advise each other on the movements they can't do.

when I usually have nothing to do, I take my old friend and drive to the surrounding cities to enrich my retirement life.

what worries collective life most is friction. To this end, they also signed an exemption agreement in advance:

if there is any physical illness in living together, all the responsibility will be borne by yourself.

when you miss your child, you can go home and stay for a few days. The child can come and play at any time if he wants to.

the aunt of the nursing group said: "I have found the way I want to provide for the aged. If there is no accident, I plan to stay forever."

if you have a group of like-minded friends who can afford to retire in a group, then group retirement will allow you to experience a high-quality retirement life.

with the development of society, I believe there will be more ways to provide for the aged in the future.

looking at the above new pension concepts, we will find that if we want to live a comfortable and decent retirement life, we need to meet the following conditions:

first, money reserves.

without sufficient money reserves, there is no so-called option.

if you want to live a decent retirement, plan for yourself as soon as possible.

No matter how kind it is to others, it is better to have money in your own hands; start saving money for your old age while you still have time to spare.

second, good health.

when you reach a certain age, you should keep exercising and have regular physical check-ups.

you know, old people who need to be taken care of in bed have no quality of life at all.

if there is no filial son before bed for a long time, it is necessary to keep healthy for the sake of parent-child relationship after old age.

moreover, the self-care and health of the elderly have saved a lot of money compared to hiring a babysitter and going to the hospital.

third, adapt to independence.

there are many old people who like to live with their children.

but after all, the living habits of the two generations are so different that living together inevitably causes friction.

if you have your own life, your own relationships and hobbies, you feel nothing even if you live alone.

all people will inevitably be lonely in the end and cultivate a hobby so as not to make their lives lonely and monotonous.

fourth, keepStudy.

keep learning and curiosity, which is also the secret of inner youth.

read more books, often read newspapers, pay more attention to what is happening in the world, and expand your understanding can prevent you from being out of touch with the world and be a new old man with young ideas.

every old man has been young and has contributed to the world.

after a lifetime of hard work, they should all enjoy a peaceful life of their own, and should be respected and treated kindly by the whole society.

the welfare of old-age pension needs to be improved, and everyone should make early plans for themselves.

save money early, plan in advance, and accumulate a surplus for life, so that the old age can grow old and colorful.

, may everyone grow old comfortably and beautifully in his old age.