A man in Chengdu angrily raced and his wife died on the spot. The surveillance exposure angered the whole network: he was scolded miserably, and he really deserved it.
A man in Chengdu angrily raced and his wife died on the spot. The surveillance exposure angered the whole network: he was scolded miserably, and he really deserved it.
An emotionally stable partner is the best glue for a relationship.

recently, the Chengdu Intermediate people's Court ruled a traffic accident in the second instance.

in the accident, six cars were damaged and one person was killed. The two drivers who caused the accident were both sentenced to four years in prison.

however, Ye Mou, the driver, does not accept this result.

he has always felt aggrieved.

things fermented on the Internet quickly aroused netizens' curiosity, but after watching the cause of the accident, everyone was angry.

On that day, Ye originally planned to drive his wife and children to the amusement park.

When the car came to a road with a lot of traffic, he suddenly changed lanes.

Shu, who was driving normally behind, felt that he was in the way, so he rolled down the window and yelled at Ye.

Ye's anger was ignited instantly.

the two men sped up to 120 mph, ignoring other vehicles and began to chase each other.

what is more frightening is that in order to prevent Shu from overtaking, Ye changed 3 lanes in succession.

Shu, who was in overspeed pursuit, failed to dodge and hit the rear of Ye's car.

in the end, the two cars collided with the vehicles in front of them, resulting in six vehicles being damaged.

his wife, who was sitting in Ye's car, also lost her life in the accident.

back to the beginning of the article, is Ye so-and-so really wronged?

it's not unfair at all!

isn't it his unfortunate wife who died?

A highly praised message in the comment area says:

"my wife obviously went out to play, and she probably wouldn't have dreamed that she would die like this before going out."

because of a trifle, the irrational husband raced angrily with others, but in the end he was the one who paid the bill.

this kind of experience is really unsettling.


the Science of everlasting Happiness, psychologist Tai Tian Dai said:

"as a partner, emotional stability is one of the important qualities, but it is underestimated."

the meeting of two people depends on fate, but whether they live a happy life after marriage depends on their temper.

the most terrible thing in marriage is to meet an emotionally unstable partner.

on the evening of February 18, 2018, the Zhenjiang traffic police suddenly received a call for help.

A woman said she and her daughter were abandoned by her husband in the high-speed service area and asked for help.

it was drizzling that day, and the service area was full of cars for visiting relatives and friends.

when the police arrived at the scene, the mother and daughter were standing shivering in the rain.

only after the three people were called into the car did the police know the cause of the incident.

it turns out that she and her husband had a conflict on the road.

after a few words of quarrel, the husband suddenly got angry and drove her and her two daughters out of the car and left with his son.

when she was left behind, she never thought her husband would do such a thing.

Winter nights are particularly cold.

she had planned to spend the night with her two daughters at the service station restaurant, but the next day she tried to hitch a ride back to Shanghai, but she couldn't stand the cold, so she chose to call the police for help.

after watching the news, I feel very bad.

it is obvious that the angry husband did not consider the safety of his wife and two daughters at all.

if the police hadn't arrived in time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

how many people in life are still experiencing similar things:

he instantly flipped out because of one of your jokes; he yelled at you because you didn't follow his wishes.

someone once said, "Marriage is the best safe haven for women."

but emotionally unstable partners, not only can not give sense of security, but will make people walk on thin ice.

you never know what your words will ignite his anger, let alone whether you can bear it when he breaks out.

this time you are leaving people in the highway service area. What about next time?

some time ago, there was a video of a man beating his wife.

the husband in the video keeps hitting his wife on the head with his fist like crazy.

the wife on the sofa, protecting the child in her arms with one hand, tried to block her husband's violence.

but such resistance not only did not work, but aroused the husband's ferociousness.

the husband's fists and slaps became more and more violent like rain.

the child was so frightened that he couldn't help crying.

but the husband has no intention of stopping.

the wife wanted to send the child away, but she was rudely dragged back by her husband after a few steps.

she endured and struggled, comforting the child next to her.

and the child can only watch her being dragged around by her husband.

later, the picture became more and more scary.

Crazy husband, every time he slaps, he swings round and slaps again.

even rode on her, hammering one punch after another.

after a while, my mother-in-law appeared.

but surprisingly, the mother-in-law didn't stop the man, just left with the baby in her arms.

domestic violence continues.

the video in just a few tens of seconds made countless people feel frightened.

what is the deep hatred that makes the husband so misbehaved?

later, after the police intervened, they realized that the violence was caused only by a few words of quarrel between husband and wife.

finish looking at herThe story suddenly reminds me of Ram, who was also subjected to domestic violence.

Ram and his ex-husband got together when they were very young.

but my ex-husband is impulsive and irritable, and he often beats Ram black and blue because of trifles.

it's not that Ram didn't want to leave him, but every time he kowtowed to admit his mistake and begged for Ram's forgiveness.

thinking about their relationship, Ram put up with him for a long time.

but her ex-husband is always stubborn, and only a few days after he is forgiven, he will punch her again.

In the end, Ram was fed up with this life and made up his mind to divorce him.

after the divorce, the ex-husband's life was not going well, and he couldn't see that she was doing well, so he suddenly had a murderous heart.

you will find that whether it is the wife in the video or the slain Ram, their tragedy comes from an emotionally unstable partner.

in the book "dangerous Personality Identification", such people are regarded as dangerous personalities.

their emotions are often at two extremes.

good times are especially good, and they are extremely gentle and considerate to you, but once sensitive nerves are touched, they will show a ferocious and violent side like out-of-control beasts.

flatter you one second and hurt you the next.

one second is calm, the next is a gale and showers.

but after every violence, he will beg you to forgive him.

being with such a person is not only tiring, but also dangerous.

there is still a long time to come. For your own personal safety, you might as well stay away from people with unstable personalities.

When husband and wife get along with each other, conflicts are inevitable.

but a truly responsible partner knows how to restrain his emotions.

the relationship between Zhang Jin and Cai Shaofen is the envy of many people.

Cai Shaofen says she is a very emotional person, and the reason why they make their marriage happy can not be separated from Zhang Jin's emotional management ability.

looking back on their relationship, there are two impressive details.

the first thing happens when they fall in love.

after the quarrel between the two, Cai Shaofen said angrily that she was going to break up.

Zhang Jin was not angry. While packing for her, he said calmly, "if you keep saying cruel things like this, you will crack our love and never stick back."

At that moment, Cai Shaofen suddenly realized how hurtful things she had said.


, she also began to learn to control her emotions and be careful not to let her bad emotions affect each other.

the second thing happened in the variety show "my favorite Women".

in a certain program, Cai Shaofen said she wanted to eat Fried Baked Scallion Pancake, so Zhang Jin immediately set off to buy it.

it was raining that day. Zhang Jin stood in line in the rain for more than two hours before he bought two Fried Baked Scallion Pancake.

when he hurried home, he found that Cai Shaofen had gone out to play with his friends.

he was reluctant to eat, so he waited for Cai Shaofen all the time.

It took a long time for Cai Shaofen to go home, and she had already eaten out.

After waiting in line for such a long time and waiting for such a long time, I got such a result.

netizens can't watch it any longer, but he doesn't have any grievances, and he is still in love with Cai Shaofen as usual.

interpersonal relationship guru Gottman said:

"the ability to perceive and control emotions is even more important than IQ, because it determines a person's achievement and well-being, as well as family happiness."

An emotionally stable partner is the best glue for a relationship.

you never have to worry about which of your words suddenly offend him, let alone that you will become their punching bag.

they prefer to solve problems calmly than lose their temper.

being with such a person will not only make people feel like a spring breeze, but in the long run, your temper will get better and better.

in the film and TV drama "Golden years," Tang Xin said to Nansun after learning that Li Yifan was pursuing Jiang Nansun.

"I know so many people, Li Yifan is the most stable man."

"how important it is for a woman to be an emotionally stable man."

if you think about it, it is true.

your partner largely determines your joys and sorrows, and your partner is emotionally stable, which is the basis of a long-term relationship.

at home, he won't lose his temper with you at will because of his ups and downs in life.

outside, he is calm and calm when something happens, and it is easier for him to bring sense of security to people.

, I hope that when you meet an emotionally unstable partner, you will learn to stop your loss in time.

if you are emotionally unstable, try to make a change.

the meaning of marriage is not to quarrel every day and hurt each other, but to find the true meaning of happiness together.