Without wifi's childhood, this is how we live.
Without wifi's childhood, this is how we live.
Let's recall our childhood and find the happiness of our childhood!

when we were young,

No cell phone,

No computer, no network,

but still had a good time.


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turn the flower rope

make a simple comparison with your fingers,

you can flip out a lot of patterns:

goldfish, wallet, all kinds of meshes, a flower.

it's amazing!


fascia jumping

Girls' favorite,

after school is like a runaway wild horse,

I don't want to go home even after dark.


catch stones

my friends are sitting on the ground,

throw one stone first, then two.

eyes and neck,

keep swinging up and down with the pebbles.


take a piece of paper

who overturned,

you can get each other's "picture",

even if the hand hurts and becomes popular, I don't care.



draw a "house" on the ground,

I'm not tired of jumping on one leg and both legs all afternoon.



the glass ball bumped back and forth,

is most popular with boys.


throw sandbags

sew it with rags and needle and thread by yourself,

sandbags filled with fine sand,

is our powerful weapon.


the blind touch people

"come and get me, arrest me."




this can be said to be the most "polite" way of fighting.

you can decide with one leg and knee.


Jump Goat

simple and rude,

work hard,

one, two, three, jump!


Eagles catch chickens

"chicks" were scared to dodge.

screams from beginning to end,

"Ah, run!"


catch hide-and-seek

do everything possible,

find a hiding place,

silently rejoice in my heart: you will never find me.


wooden man

No, dare, move,

even, no, dare, exhale, inhale.



A bamboo pole,

A fishing line of 20 cents,

earthworms dig by themselves,

bring a plastic bucket,

fishing for half a day.


picking wild fruits

climb up and down every day,

run in the field, catch insects, pick flowers,

go up the mountain to pick wild fruit.


east, west, north and south

when I was a child, I used to play with several children

can you still fold now?


copy the lyrics

handwritten lyrics,

write down every word and sentence, and every book is full.


comic book

spend a few cents,

rent comic books,

sit on the bench,

look at it with relish for an hour or so.

this is the happiest time of our lives,

those carefree days are still fresh in my memory like yesterday.

that year,

We don't have a computer or WiFi,

schoolbags are not that heavy,

friends gather around the black-and-white TV,

look at Journey to the West, Huluwa.

that year,

We don't have a refrigerator,

Hot summer,

eating popsicles for a few cents,

or home-grown watermelons,

my mouth is cold and my heart is sweet.

that year,

it's hard for us to see cars,

everyone is playing on bicycles,

in twos and threes, catch up with each other,

scattered a happy "wild ride" on the road.

that year,

We have no money,

play in small groups,

A rope, several stones,

you can have a good time.

20 years ago,

We have nothing and run all over the country, but we don't feel bitter, all we remember is happiness.

Children nowadays,

although everyone has an ipad,

Mobile phones play better than us,

but their childish fun and laughter are also much less.

We are the lucky generation,

have the whole world at an early age.

recall the past, nostalgia for childhood,

I wish you old games.Tong,

Happy International Children's Day on June 1st!

to my happy childhood!

, let's recall our childhood and find the happiness of our childhood!