Change yourself and start by giving up complaining
Change yourself and start by giving up complaining
Happiness is not because you have more, but because you care less.

there are two things that most of us would agree with:

1. There are too many complaints in this world.

2. We complain because the present is not the life we want.

however, what does complaining bring, how complaining destroys our lives, and how can we make ourselves and the people around us stop complaining?

complaining is a kind of negative energy

Lu Xun portrayed the role of Sister Xianglin in Blessing. After losing her son, Sister Xianglin often said to everyone, "I am so stupid, really."... "

Life is really hard. People are sunny animals, and no one likes to listen to things full of negative energy.

people who complain for years will eventually be "banished" by the people around them because they find themselves drained of their energy by this complainer.

complaining too much, being surrounded by negative energy for a long time, the whole person will lose confidence and vitality, and life will be affected.

complaining is a psychological hint.

this is the reason why some people find that the more they complain, the worse their situation, and the worse their luck.

you will attract things that fit your thought patterns and reject things that are out of harmony at the same time.

and your words and actions will constantly express, strengthen, and consolidate your thoughts.

so when you complain, you are rejecting what you want; your complaint will push away and expel what you say you want.

everyone has bad times in life. Complaining once or twice is like an outlet for negative emotions.

but we need to know that complaining doesn't solve anything.

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complaining makes no sense except to make your life more difficult.

and when you learn to stop complaining, change your mindset and treat life positively and optimistically, you are really on the right track towards happiness.

change your attitude instead of complaining about the world

once read a story about a woman named Selma stationed in a desert with her husband.

her husband was ordered to exercise in the desert, and she was left alone in the army's small tin house, not only in the heat, but also because of the language barrier, no one talked.

so she wrote to her parents to complain about the distress.

her father's reply is only three lines:

"two people looked out of the bars, one saw the dirt, the other saw the stars."

Selma read it over and over again, determined to change her current attitude and look for her star in the desert.

she began to learn the language, took the initiative to make friends with the locals and studied all kinds of desert animals and plants.

since she changed her attitude, Selma no longer felt that she was in a "cell". She became good friends with the locals around her, fell in love with writing, and finally published a book, realizing the counterattack of fate.

in the same desert, some people looked down and saw only the yellow sand, but others looked up and saw a little starlight.

try to change your perspective, the original boring life can also find meaning everywhere, life is full of beauty and hope.

as long as you can treat it with optimism, there will be surprises every day of your life.

the mind changes from the situation, and the environment is born from the heart.

when our attitude towards the same thing changes, our state of mind and situation will change accordingly.

the most important thing in life is to focus on what we want, not on what we don't want.

writer will Bowen, in his book the World without complaining, provides us with a way to "21 days without complaining about sports", that is, the purple bracelet game.

prepare a purple bracelet for yourself, and whenever you complain, change the bracelet from one hand to the other, and so on, until you insist on wearing it on the same hand for 21 days.

change your words, change your mind, and you can change your life.

it's really important to be with people with positive energy

the relationship between people is like two magnetic fields getting close to each other.

even if some people seem to like it at first glance, he is full of hostility and will push the people around him further and further away.

and some people may not be amazing at first sight, but their positive energy will infect you unwittingly and form a positive aura.

Energy is not only a choice, but also a state of mind, positive energy, is a choice for a positive life.

when we are surrounded by people with positive energy, your attitude towards life will become more and more positive.

the rest of your life is not long, so get close to those who can bring you positive energy.

readers have left messages backstage about her personal experience.

I used to be very boring, always complaining and haggling.

it is said that native families have a great influence on people. I am a typical example.

my mother complains endlessly when it comes to trifles, and slowly I become like her.

No one wanted to be my friend at that time.Friends. But luckily, I met my best friend now.

she is a very positive girl. It was she who led me to gradually become peaceful and gentle, and the first reaction was no longer to complain, but to face up to difficulties.

the reader finally completed "self-redemption" with the help of a friend.

interpersonal relationships are, in the final analysis, an exchange of energy. People who treat you as an "emotional trash can" should avoid it.

not dumping emotional garbage at will is also a new social etiquette.

choose to be with people with positive energy, so that you can sow beautiful seeds for your heart, grow on the sunny side, and let the sunshine of happiness and self-confidence shine in.

Einstein once said:

"Don't complain about life. The strong never complain about life."

what hurts people most is not tragic experiences, but "acquiescence" that those encounters happen to themselves. "

as the World without complaining says:

"stop complaining and you're on your way to the life you want.

everyone guards a door of change that can only be opened from the inside, and no one can open it for you but themselves. "

when a person can not only pursue her dreams bravely, but also accept the imperfect situation at present, and move forward bravely and optimistically, her road to the future must be shining.

Happiness is not because you have more, but because you care less.

less complaining and more positive change. Start by changing yourself and believe that you and your surroundings will slowly get better with the accumulated strength.

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