People who have really seen the world have no sense of identity.
People who have really seen the world have no sense of identity.
People who have seen a larger world tend to be more modest.


when Tsinghua University celebrated its 110th anniversary, a photo went viral.

in the photo, the man in a straight suit and worn-out bike is Professor Qian Yingyi, who has been dean of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University for 12 consecutive years.

Professor Qian has a master's degree from Yale University and a doctorate from Harvard University. after graduation, he has taught at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.

in 2002, Qian Yingyi returned home with many economics professors to teach at the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University.

is such a knowledgeable and successful person, but the means of transportation is a dilapidated bicycle.

this photo was taken by passing Tsinghua students. After it was posted online, many people were attracted by Professor Qian's low-key way of traveling.

reminds me of a sentence:

"people who have seen a larger world tend to be more modest; the more things they see, the more simple they are and have no sense of identity."

some people say that educated people do not have a temper, but do not vent their temper on people who are weaker than themselves.

when you meet people who are nobler than your own status, you will be submissive. Compared with those who are inferior to you, it is a sign of bad breeding.

one day at dinner, the babysitter served Liang Shuming a bowl of green vegetable soup.

after taking a sip, Liang Shuming calmly asked the babysitter to add some boiled water to the soup. The babysitter got up and brought a thermos bottle and added some boiled water to the vegetable soup.

Liang Shuming took a sip and repeatedly asked the babysitter to add water to the soup three times.

the babysitter grumbled and picked up a spoon to taste the soup. As soon as she swallowed it, she shouted, "I must be confused and put two portions of salt in the soup."

the babysitter looked at Liang Shuming with great guilt. Remembering her attitude just now, she could not hold back her tears for a moment.

Liang Shuming said slowly, "you didn't mean it. It's too wasteful to pour out the soup. I just want to add some boiled water and drink it. "

Liang Shuming did not complain about the fault and impatient attitude of the babysitter. This is the literati's self-cultivation.

as a matter of fact, Liang Shuming does not blame the babysitter for doing something wrong.

during the meal, he would ask the babysitter to eat together and treat the babysitter like family.

later, the babysitter stopped working in the Liang family, and when she could not read, she often asked people to write letters to greet Liang Shuming.

whenever I recall the days when I worked in the Liang family, the babysitter would say with emotion, "the old man is so kind."

in life, many people boss their nannies around, tell them what to do, and step on others to prove their identity.

Liang Shuming, on the other hand, keeps his posture very low, does not overwhelm others with power, and shows respect everywhere.

A really cultured person is not proud of others at the top, nor humble at the bottom, and will not show off a sense of superiority.

they are modest and low-key, gentle and elegant, and do not promote themselves by belittling others.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

"Zi Fei Xin Gan is not the true taste, but the true taste is only light; magical excellence is not to human beings, to people is only common."

delicious food is light.

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people who are truly virtuous and perfect are not superior in behavior, but just like ordinary people.

the more people have seen the world, the more low-key and introverted they are.

one year, a contractor found the painter Chen Dayu and threw out tens of thousands of yuan when he met him:

"you draw me the best chicken. Money makes ghosts go around. I want to give gifts to the project."

Chen Dayu said bluntly, "I keep my chicken for myself. I don't sell it."

afterwards, Chen Dayu explained to his friend:

"look at his shelf, as if he can buy everything with more money. If I paint for him, it will not only spoil the social atmosphere, will I not also become his demon? "

A writer once said that I always feel that it is necessary to be a real person, and there is no need to put on airs and deliberately make public.


@ Brother Family

I met two special guests when I was working as a receptionist in a five-star hotel.

the first guest, an old man in ordinary cotton clothes, was very quiet and smiled kindly when he checked in, and finally opened only an ordinary room.

the guest behind the old man, with a gold chain around his neck and a big logo belt around his waist, went to the front desk and patted his famous wallet on the table: "I am a member, open a luxury suite for me."

the real identity of that old man is actually the chairman of a certain group. And the one behind him is just a small boss.

Family sighed: "as soon as I opened my mouth, the quality and pattern were immediately exposed."

there is a "Duck effect" in psychology, which means that people with lower quality are more likely to have an inexplicable sense of superiority.

in the interview, Chen Danqing talked about an experience.

in the Shanghai alley where he lives, there is a white-faced scholar who is a teacher in a private primary school.

the teacher wears a blue Mao suit every day, looks clean, speaks and behaves appropriately, and works all day long to deal with children.

later, when Chen Danqing published a book, the gentleman wrote a few comments and asked someone to hand it over to Chen Danqing.

Chen Danqing has been a neighbor with him for decades.Yes, he is the grandson of Mr. Zhang Taiyan, a great scholar.

A person's nobility is mostly reflected in his character rather than his honor and identity.

A truly admirable person doesn't even need a business card, because he is the best proof of identity.

Mr. Ji Xianlin has always been in the habit of keeping a diary. When he was young, many diaries were a bit "indecent".

in 2003, the publishing house wanted to publish Ji Xianlin's diary. When he saw the bits and pieces, he thought it was harmful to the image of the master and suggested to delete it appropriately.

on weekdays, Ji Xianlin doesn't put on airs.

one year in the new semester of Peking University, a non-local student met him on campus and asked him to take care of his luggage. Ji Xianlin readily agreed.

at the opening ceremony a few days later, the student was surprised to find that it was the vice president of Peking University who looked at his luggage.

in his later years, Ji Xianlin was the "laurel of three words": a master of Sinology, a master of academic circles, and three national treasures.

Ji Xianlin said, "when I pick three laurel crowns, it gives me a freedom." The foam was washed off, revealing the true face, and everyone was happy. "

I have read such a sentence that the true nobility is not because you stand high, but because you put yourself low.

A man of thought, insight and ability is like a majestic mountain, overlooking everything, but never belittling a flower or a grass.

finally, I would like to share with you a true story.

he came to a dilapidated house in which lived a destitute old lady.

instead of pushing the door directly, the king stood at the door and bowed and asked, "May I come in, please?"

this question explains what is the true spiritual aristocracy.

, remember, don't be a bitch by your wealth.