Half of China has vomited a scandal that is more disgusting than "whoring".
Half of China has vomited a scandal that is more disgusting than "whoring".
Only by protecting the wedding can we maintain a good marriage.


although it is miserable, I can't help laughing.

Mr. Sun from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, was forced to break his leg by a friend who took part in the "hilarious" event, and the wedding ceremony could only be held with the help of everyone.

it is reported that this friend weighs 200 jin!

there is a saying that friends who weigh 200 jin when others get married should not follow the "delight", otherwise it will be easy to pay the bridegroom.

there is a custom of "getting married for three days without size" in many places, intended for a lively atmosphere.

there is nothing wrong with marriage to pursue a lively atmosphere, but a good wedding is ruined in the name of "making fun". In fact, it is a vulgar "marriage scene" behavior.

this is a bit unforgettable.

Mr. Sun's "tragedy" is only the tip of the iceberg with no good marriage.

after flipping through the search box, the news is simply the scene of the lower limit of the uncontrolled show.

all kinds of marriage troubles, only you can not think of, there is no they can not do.

in the cold weather at the beginning of the year, a man in a thin red shirt was tied to a tree with duct tape, and several people carried flour bags and sprinkled them on him.

those who didn't know about it thought there was some deep hatred between them.

after knowing the whole story, my uncle couldn't believe his eyes.

the bound man got married on the same day, and the group of relatives and friends tied him to a tree and sprinkled flour in the name of "growing old together".

how can there be such paradoxical relatives and friends?

what is even more incredible is that it is only an entry-level pediatrics in many "underworld marriages".

the trunk of a married man's car is like an ammunition depot, fire extinguisher, eggs, chili noodles. Have everything;

closing iron cages and splashing paint is a bold innovation in the form of marriage trouble.

what is all this? Do you want to be lively, festive, or civil lynching?

behind one marriage carnival after another, more women suffer from it.

Baidu's word "bridesmaids" automatically unfolds bizarre videos and news such as "bridesmaids are forcibly undressed".

turn down again, all kinds of pictures simply can't bear to look directly at them, which makes people shiver.

two men sit next to the bridesmaids at a wedding in Xi'an. They control the bridesmaids' arms, take off their clothes and attack their breasts.

although the bridesmaids screamed for help and even bit one of the men's arm, but to no avail, they shouted excitedly, their hands up and down.

the "theatrical" people on the side not only did not stop it, but also added to it: you two can't even take off your clothes for half a day.

I always thought that the duty of a bridesmaid is to be the escort of the bride. Who would have thought that the greatest role of a bridesmaid now is to resist all kinds of salty hands in marriage?

Xiao Li, a 16-year-old girl in Taian, was invited to be a bridesmaid. As a result, she was pressed all over the bed by a dozen boys in their twenties, and her clothes were stripped naked.

she encountered such a dark side before she was a teenager that she could not get over it for a time and attempted suicide twice.

what about those men? In line with the mentality of not blaming the public, continue to be carefree, to harm the next girl.

in the view of these LSP, attending a wedding is tantamount to releasing their nature, and they will never be reconciled to their grievances. The more girls resist, the happier these hooligans will be.

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you can smell a stench from afar across the screen.

this kind of behavior undoubtedly breaks through the bottom line of morality and ethics and violates women openly.

anyone who has any conscience and reason will not do such a shameless and shameless thing.

these men act recklessly under the guise of "getting married for three days, big or small," and do all the evil things that insult and abuse women, but they are not afraid.

they kidnap women with moral excuses such as "it should be lively at weddings" and "marriage is a tradition", which puts women in a dilemma.

even if condemned by public opinion, they will clarify:

it's just a local custom. You're overreacting. Who doesn't get married like this? I'm just having fun. Why are you taking it seriously?

but in fact, this is a collective large-scale hooliganism scene.

the logic behind these men's evil deeds is to materialize and instrumentalize women, taking women as venting objects.

commit indecency in the name of marriage.

vulgar marriage makes countless women hurt by the evil deeds of schemers, but there is no place to cry.

then why do marriage troubles always emerge one after another?

first of all, there are no rules, in the eyes of most people, the atmosphere of marriage is the most important, above moral and personal feelings.

this means the beginning of disorder.

the second is the lack of clear resistance. Marriage lovers think that weddings are all acquaintances and relatives, and it won't hurt if they go too far.

so they regard weddings as "death-free gold medals", playing with their vulgar and bad tastes.

Director Ang Lee saw this through in the movie "the Wedding Banquet." he called marriage trouble the product of years of repression.

this sentence immediately poked uncle, because it has been in an awkward position around us.

people are ashamed to talk about it and think it is dirty, but on the other hand, they can get married generously and freely.

Don't you feel contradictory?

on the surface, the sage regards it as taboo like a scourge, but inside he is so abnormal that he cannot be further added.

for a long time, some men regard weddings as their own.In the trial field of "Don't overextend", the tricks of vulgar games come out frequently, and the more and more excited I play the edge ball.

the feelings of benevolence, righteousness, morality and shame are all left behind, and the lower the bottom line is, the last laugh will be made, and the marriage custom has become a marriage scene that everyone calls out to fight.

in 1974, an orgy to expose the ugliness of human nature began, called "Rhythm 0".

Marina, the mother of performance art, anesthetized herself and faced a group of strangers. She prepared 72 props for the audience to do whatever they wanted.

"at first, the public really just wanted to play with me; then they became more and more radical and unscrupulous."

she was tied up, stabbed and even cut her neck to drink blood. The art didn't fall apart until someone held a loaded pistol against her head.

, Marina said, "once you leave the decision to the audience, you will not be far from dying."

isn't this the case with those who make a fuss about marriage? Regard vulgarity as lively and do whatever you want as fun.

they hide the ugliness of the individual in the behavior of the group, making all dirty things reasonable.

A wedding is like a huge fig leaf. Once lit, spectators burn up the dignity of the newlyweds and bridesmaids, but no one dares to shout "pain".

only by awakening the sense of self-resistance can this "red terror" come to an abrupt end in the shrill cheers.

"as long as you dare to invade me, then we will let this friendship tie a dead knot."

A bride in Anyang, Henan Province returned to her room after her wedding, and several men could not help but want to get married.

without saying a word, the bride grabbed the hair of the man who tried to have sex, and with the other hand grabbed the balloon and burst in his ear.

the man was so scared that he fled, and the onlookers were all timid for a second and did not dare to do it again.

uppercase Jieqi!

if you want women's personality and rights to be respected, you have to make these evil men suffer.

without a degree, the wedding will become the author's carnival.

if there are no boundaries, pseudo-folklore will become a tease of women.

only by bravely refusing the vulgar marriage, can the wedding finally be essential.

is it hilarious only if it is vulgar? It's boring not to flirt with women?

who gave you the courage to talk nonsense here?

during the reception of a couple in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the bridegroom and the best man group were asked to listen to the college entrance examination and fill in the correct answers.

these days, you can't get married without any culture

so several people buried their heads in writing, their foreheads in a cold sweat.

but this harmony is interesting, and even some elegant atmosphere, is it not necessary for barbaric marriage to be too strong?

A pair of newlyweds in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, are police academy teachers. Together, they turned the wedding scene into a popular science lecture on anti-fraud knowledge, and also set up an anti-fraud question and answer session.

weddings are presented in a more meaningful form, and relatives and friends have gone whoring for a wave of knowledge training.

that is to say, why are these good marriage customs not respected?

with too many vulgar impurities in the marriage, what is the meaning of its existence?

what we should think about is how to remove impurities, not to satisfy them, to satisfy those who intend to release instinctive desires in group behavior.

failing to respect women, respecting the marriage of newlyweds should be discarded as cultural dross.

those rational, cultural and interesting behaviors are more worthy of being advocated and accepted.

in order to completely correct the marriage trouble, the uncle thinks it is necessary to make good use of the legal weapon.

the national criminal law clearly states:

whoever forcibly molest another person or insult a woman by violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention.

A wedding can be out of the law?

No, breaking the law is breaking the law, and bad habits are bad habits. You can't recognize them by wearing a vest.

this is not to be serious, but to keep people who are ugly in nature from wearing the cloak and mud of relationships.

A wedding is a ceremony that makes everyone happy from the bottom of their hearts, not a farce full of hurt and desire.

only by protecting the wedding can we maintain a good marriage.