If you can see a person clearly in three sentences of ​, you can see one of them.
If you can see a person clearly in three sentences of ​, you can see one of them.
May you see one person clearly, cherish your beloved and stay away from the bad ones for the rest of your life.


there is a saying:

"if you want to see a person clearly, you have to see the lowest part of his life, and this lowest place is where a person's bottom line lies."

the world is so complicated that some people deserve to know each other for a lifetime, while others can only stay away.

A person can see his bottom line and true temperament from his conduct.

but as the saying goes, "painting the skin of a tiger is hard to draw a bone, knowing the face but not the heart."

if you want to see a person clearly, these three sentences are enough.

anger shows character

Plutarch once said: "getting angry easily is a sign of indulgence and lack of breeding."

A person's character and self-cultivation can be judged by his reaction when he is angry.

in the hit TV series "perfect partner," Chen Shan is a securities lawyer who has struggled for ten years in middle age and has not yet become a senior partner of the law firm.

later she heard that her colleague Li Yu was going to work with Lin Qingkun, a "super rocket".

Lin Qingkun, as a top sponsor in the industry, can cooperate with him to win the listing of small sugar pills, then the position of senior partner is undoubtedly Li Yu's.

in order to find Lin Qingkun ahead of Li Yu and talk about cooperation, Chen Shan drove her husband and daughter and drove at high speed regardless of danger.

even though her husband Sun Lei kept reminding her, she didn't slow down.

something unfortunate happened. Because Chen Shan was speeding, her car collided and her daughter was seriously injured.

Chen Shan's hard work, regardless of the safety of herself and her family, thoroughly infuriated her husband Sun Lei.

when he got home, Sun Lei quarreled with Chen Shan angrily.

when the two quarreled, Chen Shan said, "I haven't eaten a grain of rice or drank a mouthful of water."

Sun Lei suddenly softened after hearing this. instead of arguing with Chen Shan, he turned to the kitchen and made a bowl of steaming noodles for his wife.

holding noodles, he placed them carefully beside his wife who was working and whispered, "Happy Birthday."

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Sun Lei also figured it out at this time that his wife worked so hard for their family.

everyone may get angry, but the person who can control his emotions at the critical moment shows his best self-cultivation.

Liang Shiqiu once said: "when the blood is boiling, the reason is not very clear, words and deeds are easy to exceed points, which is not suitable for others and for themselves."

if a person talks viciously to each other when he is angry and turns his face and refuses to recognize others, his character will not be too good and his mind will be very narrow.

and those who can still think of you and put you first in the midst of anger are really worth trusting.

people's hearts can be seen in the face of difficulties

as the saying goes, "time knows people, but difficulties know hearts."

there are some things that you don't know what it feels like until you experience it. Some people can see their true face only when you are in trouble.

the author Han Jiushu has a cousin who is very business-minded. Business went well a few years ago, and he made a lot of money as a result.

when people around him saw that he was rich, they all came to his door one after another, some invited him to drink and dinner, and some chatted with him. For a while, his cousin made a lot of friends.

things are unpredictable, and no one is always plain sailing.

later, my cousin lost everything in an investment. He was in a hurry, and because he didn't pay attention to his diet, he got stomach bleeding and was admitted to hospital.

when he was in hospital, none of his friends who had been in close contact with him came to see him, not even a phone call, which made him feel cold.

only the parties themselves have a deep understanding of the taste and gap.

when you are in high spirits, you are full of friends, but those are just false appearances.

when you are in trouble, those who are still by your side are your true friends.

Yuki Higano once said, "there are two things in this world that you can't look directly at. One is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

never test the heart, because the heart is unfathomable.

if you don't experience wind and rain, it's hard to see a rainbow; if you don't experience ups and downs, it's hard to identify your heart.

suffering is a touchstone. People who pretend to be affectionate will show flaws one day.

and in retrograde, the person who is willing to hold an umbrella for you is the most valuable person in your life.

people who can only share hardships with Gan can only become unknown passers-by in your life in the end.

see human nature when talking about money

have seen such a sentence:

"the relationship between people is so fragile that if we don't talk about money, we will end up with nothing but money."

money is not only the standard of emotion, but also the best mirror to peep into human nature.

Yue Yunpeng once mentioned his bitter history of borrowing money on variety shows.

A friend who had a good relationship with him said that he was in a family emergency and asked Yue Yunpeng to borrow money. Yue Yunpeng lent him tens of thousands of yuan without even thinking about it.

but who would have thought that later, when this friend paid back the money, he only paid it back, and he borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from Yue Yunpeng as a cover for borrowing money.

only later did Yue Yunpeng know that this friend was idle and there was no emergency at home. From then on, Yue Yunpeng made up his mind not to borrow it any more.

personSex is often hard to hide in front of money. Whether human nature is good or bad can be seen by money.

there is also a netizen Xiao Xu, who held his own wedding at the age of 26 and hosted a banquet for colleagues and friends.

but on the day of the wedding reception, only the leader of her department and a colleague representative attended, saying that they represented 18 colleagues and put together a total of 1314 yuan, an average of less than 100 yuan per person.

on the other hand, Xiao Xu pays 300 yuan to his colleagues every time.

money is the place that can face human nature most directly, and can see the ugliest side of human nature.

Sanmao once said: "comedies in the world can be produced without money, and most of the tragedies in the world have something to do with money."

A person with ugly human nature will become greedy and hopeless when it comes to money.

and people with good human nature, when it comes to money, can always keep their bottom line and not cross the line.

those who put their past affection behind for the sake of money naturally do not deserve a place in your heart.

Communication between people, no matter how long or short it is, should pay attention to these three points.

temper, verified the character; distress, witnessed the hearts of the people; money, see through the human nature.

once saw such a sentence:

"reality gives you a slap in the face, you know how hypocritical society is; only when your so-called friends hurt you nothing, do you know that people are awesome."

those who treat you sincerely should not be disappointed. And those who treat you falsely, stay away as soon as possible.

to see a person clearly is to make a complete separation from those who are not worth it.

, may you see one person clearly, cherish your beloved and stay away from the bad ones for the rest of your life.