520, to the person I love most
520, to the person I love most
May you not only love in 520, but also encounter the surprise and romance of life every day.

it's 520 a year again,

on this romantic day,

and people who are worth cherishing,

convey your wishes well!

to parents

I don't know my parents' heart when I am young, but now I finally understand the deep love hidden in nagging and seriousness.

A casual remark, Mom, you always treat it like a big deal. Every time you get home, you are busy, and the table is full of my favorite dishes.

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Dad, you never show your hard work easily, and you always guard this family silently. No matter how big the wind and rain, but also bear, do not want to let me bear hardships.

you have brought me up through hard work and made me optimistic, brave, confident and open-minded.

I have too much debt to you, especially after working and starting a family, I have less and less time to be around you for filial piety.

but you do not complain, do not blame, no matter when you look back, you still stand behind me, silently help me, give me the greatest support.

time is really caught off guard, unexpectedly, your back is stooping, your hair is gray, the corners of your eyes are wrinkled, and your bones are not as strong as they used to be.

looking at your changes, I am a little sad, as if to understand the sentence "life comes and goes, the future is not long."

it turns out that anything can wait, only love you this thing, can not wait!

I want to say to you, "Dear Mom and Dad, I love you," on this rare day, while it's still too late.

your greatest wish in life is that I can be happy, and my greatest wish now is that you are not ill and safe. If you want time to go slowly, I love you more.

to a friend

this journey of life is thanks to your company.

used to travel together, sing together, be stupid together, cry together, laugh together, experience those beautiful, fresh, unexperienced happiness together, and get through those lonely, confused and bewildered years together.

Thank you for letting me be the most authentic myself without scruples. It doesn't matter to be untidy, it doesn't matter if it's a little strange. Because I know that no matter what happens, you will stand firmly on my side.

Thank you, would like to listen to me tell the troubles of chicken feathers, accompany me to drink songs, chat all night, resolve my distress, give me the warmest encouragement.

even though you cannot fully empathize with many things, you are still willing to understand my feelings and try your best to help me as much as you can.

in the sea of life, it is really lucky to meet you, give your heart, share happiness and share pain.

the days are getting busier and busier, you and I have not been together for a long time, but in the bottom of my heart, I never forget you.

this 520, I want to say to you who are very important in life: "I love you, dear friends."

even though we can't always be with each other in the future, we are grateful enough to go through a journey together. In the years to come, may we keep in touch with each other, and may this friendship not be dispersed by the surging crowd.

to a lover

some people say that the probability of meeting each other is 0.00000003, and the probability of falling in love is only 0.000000009.

in my opinion, the best thing in the world is to meet you at the right time.

Thank you for accompanying me in spring, autumn, winter and summer to heal my scars. Goodbye, the pain of the original family; goodbye, the wrong person.

Thank you, give me many surprises, give me determined and reassuring love, understand my untold stubbornness and willfulness, make me as happy as a child.

along the way, we also had quarrels, misunderstandings and frictions, but fortunately, we didn't give up on each other and this love.

We have experienced a lot together, and finally we can be more understanding, tolerant, understanding and achieving each other.

spend time with you, make careful calculations of your life, and try to add a little romance and ritual to every important day.

in this unforgettable 520th, be sure to say to you: "I love you, dearest love!"

No matter how difficult the times are, I feel at ease as long as I have your company. I believe that our future will be better and sweeter.

Thank you for making me believe that the world is worth it. I would like to hold your hand and grow old together for the rest of my life.

to children

Dear baby, thank you for being my child.

I'm sorry, I always owe you so much along the way that I didn't give you good living conditions and didn't give you enough company.

but you are always so sensible, understanding that it is not easy for us, the wish can not be met, do not cry, do not make noise, but give us a big smile.

sometimes, I can't help but get angry at you and make you cry, but you never care, still chasing me and saying "the world loves me the most".

Thank you, willing to be my pistachio, often amuse me. No matter how much trouble you encounter outside, when you see your smiling face, you think it's worth it.

you are always kind, upright, strong, willing to help others, gentle to small animals, and full of love for this noisy world.

it is said that parents are the children's first teachers, and most of the time, you are my guide.

fromBefore, I always thought that I paid everything for you; later, I realized that you made me feel more pure love and happiness.

on this important day, I want to say to you, "I will always love you, dear baby."

Thank you, willing to forgive my bad temper, you will always be the most precious gift in my life. May your life be safe, happy and carefree.

to yourself

along the way, you have cared about a lot of people, but don't forget that the most worthy of being loved is yourself!

Thank myself, experienced the trough, encountered embarrassment, but more gentle to the people around me.

Thank myself for going through countless moments of panic, depression and worry. Even though there is a tsunami in my heart, I still continue to live with a smile.

in the face of difficult problems, know how to coax yourself, adjust your emotional state, take good care of your body, and make your life more organized.

in the face of prosperity, guard their own original mind, according to their own life track, methodically efforts. Don't be disturbed by money, fame and fortune, and don't force yourself to do things you don't like.

in the face of failure, not discouraged, dare to restart their own life. Constantly trial and error, constantly update their own understanding, meet new challenges, and assume the responsibility of an adult.

in front of love, not afraid of loneliness, willing to keep a softer heartbeat, waiting for their own fate. No matter what age, he has the courage to pursue happiness.

Dear yourself, thank you for all the goodness and goodness you have brought to the world. On this day to celebrate, I want to say to you, "Thank you for your hard work, I love you very much!"

520 on this day, please prepare a big meal for yourself and treat yourself. In the days to come, you should be more loyal to yourself, live happily, live a natural life, and bend your eyebrows and eyes every day.

Life needs a little sense of ritual,

on the day of 520,

Please tell them and yourself out loud:

I love you!

May you express your love bravely and seriously.

enjoy the joy of loving and being loved.

May you love more than 520,

more on an ordinary day,

encounter the surprise and romance of life.

(an uncle will be with you all the time)