A little sad, can only laugh it off
A little sad, can only laugh it off
Not happy with things, not sad with yourself, the past is like smoke, indifferent with the wind.

Mo Yan said:

"people are doomed to suffer many grievances when they are alive. If you want to give your life value and splendor, you can't let them tighten your heart and disturb your life. "

if you don't learn a thing, you don't know if you don't understand a person.

and a little sad, can only laugh it off.

laugh off what you can't do

Weibo has a topic:

"Why does a person often feel pain?"

highly praised comments are:

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because you always want to control things you can't control, and you always focus on things you can't do, such as:

to your wall, to the past forever, to those who leave you, to the ridicule of others, to inexplicable loneliness.

in life, there are always some things that people can't do, and even if we try our best, we may not get satisfactory results.

Franklin said: "giving up is a choice that must be faced in life. Learn to give up in order to get rid of all kinds of burdens in life and travel light."

read a story.

on a high-speed train, a man accidentally dropped a new shoe he had just bought and dropped it out of the window.

felt sorry for this, only to find that this man threw the other shoe out of the window.

this behavior surprised everyone.

the owner of the shoe explained: "No matter how expensive this shoe is, it is of no use to me. If anyone can find a pair of shoes, maybe he can still wear them."

if something is doomed to be powerless, you might as well give up as soon as possible. Giving up does not mean pessimism, but represents an open-minded and wise.

Life does not need blind persistence, it needs to give up in time to stop losses, which hides a person's foresight and courage.

give up unnecessary persistence, give up painful entanglement, so that you will not be tired.

Don't mess with yourself. No matter how uncomfortable it is, you should learn to get out.

the bitterness of life lies in obsession.

pour out the garbage in your heart regularly and get rid of the things that you can't do, so as to store happiness.

those who love but can't, laugh it off

I have heard a sentence:

"the hardest thing in the world is to pick stars with your bare hands and love without being able to."

the feelings in the world, there are always some unsatisfactory, two flowers blooming, apart from each other.

once heard a story:

everyone is a cup of sugar water, which is very sweet at first. When you meet the first love, you can't wait to give him all the sweetness. When he leaves, there is little sugar left.

when I meet the second person, I pour white water to make myself a full cup, but the sweetness has decreased, and then the third person and the fourth person, although the cup is full, it is getting less and less sweet.

Don't be too impulsive, can't wait to give everything to the first person you meet. If you are lucky enough to meet the right person, you will have a lifetime to get along with. If you are not lucky enough, at least leave some sweetness for the right person.

as the saying goes, love is too deep to live long, too persistent love will not last, and happiness cannot be won by blindly sacrifice.

rational people will stay half sober and half drunk in their relationship.

many people have suffered the pain of love, and many people have experienced the injury of love.

about broken emotions, you need to know this sentence:

if you can stand out, you will be out. In the final analysis, you are either the one or the lesson you were meant to be.

there is a dialogue in the movie 500 days with Summer.

the man said: "the love and fate, beauty and dreams that I once believed were all lies. In fact, no one belongs to each other."

the hostess said, "No, actually you are right, but I am not your person."

Don't embarrass yourself, love an impossible person, love can wait, but can not bear consumption.

it is the most common thing to have loved, but still missed.

instead of disappointment and pain, it is better to clear everything and start all over again.

instead of begging others to love you, let go of your obsession and go on your way.

Su Shi said, "but in the past, he Yi



whenever you feel hard, you are forced.

there are always some people in life who can only stay in your yesterday.

grievances that no one understands, laugh off

do you have a similar experience:

was wronged, wanted to post a moments, carefully typed a line of words, and finally deleted word by word.

encountered difficulties, a person in a daze to listen to the song, hesitated to dial a friend's phone again and again, blurted out only daily pleasantries, those complaints stuck in the throat can not say.

No matter how many grievances there are, it will eventually become that sentence: "I'm fine!"

when I was a child, when I was unhappy, I would cry and make trouble. Why? Because you will be loved by your parents.

after leaving home, there is no shelter from the rain, so I have become the eaves.

laugh, someone laughs with you; cry, you can only cry alone.

there is a passage that says so.

if you askA person who says "are you all right" and generally answers "I'm fine" is not really good.

ask "are you all right?" and the other person answers "what?" and you don't know what you're talking about. That's really good.

the biggest collapse of adults usually ends with "I'm fine" and "forget it".

I don't feel anything when I hear people say "I'm fine".

only when I say "I'm all right" do I realize that that moment is the hardest time.

We are all pretending to be emotionally stable adults when we are not good at words when we are young and insincere when we grow up.

We all understand that in the adult world, most pain cannot be shared.

I'm fine, but it's actually the loudest cry.

sometimes it hurts to laugh.

someone asked Zheng Yuanjie, "what is happiness?"

he replied: "it is a halftime between two painful periods."

everyone will bear some grievances, there is no reason to be tired and unhappy, if tired, take a rest, do not need to keep refueling.

Liu Tong said: "there is always a time in the past. I look back at myself for the rest of my life. It turns out that everything has cracks, and that is where the light comes in."

Please believe:

all the grievances you bear will become a sharp weapon against difficulties.

those cracks in life will evolve into patterns in the story.

I have read such a paragraph:

"optimistic, pessimistic, in a moment.

faced with the same half-glass of water, the pessimist will be sad that the glass is half empty, while the optimist will be satisfied that the glass is half full.

in the face of the same rose, the pessimist will lament the thorns under the flowers, while the optimists will admire the flowers on the thorns. "

stubborn people tend to be trapped in a dead end when they are hurt.

Open-minded people calmly find another way when they encounter problems.

in fact, the creed of happiness in life is nothing more than one sentence: "choose to forget, choose to give up."

this is the way life is. Whether you are bitter or tired, you have to bear the same burden. You can take advantage of all the good things.

as Salinger said: "remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten." Change what you can change and accept what is immutable. "

the heart is a foot wide, the road is one foot wide, and three thousand troubles are better than a smile.

, not happy with things, not sad with yourself, the past is like smoke, indifferent with the wind.