After 25 days of marriage, Chen Qiaoen sent a message for help: please let her out of show business!
After 25 days of marriage, Chen Qiaoen sent a message for help: please let her out of show business!
It is everyone's responsibility to refuse animal performances!


Chen Qiaoen, hot search again.

this is her first voice since marriage, but she is calling for help for a baby elephant named Molly:

"it is very distressing to see that the baby elephant is hurt all over. It should not be treated like this. Refuse the animal performance. Please do not abuse the animals. Please save Molly the baby elephant."

in the blog post forwarded by Chen Qiaoen, it was an injured baby elephant struggling.

after Shu Qi, Aya, Chen Xuedong and other stars catch up, the topic reading volume of # Save Molly the Elephant # has skyrocketed.

Open the comment area, netizens are also one-sided support.

what on earth is the magic of Molly's baby elephant that has attracted the attention of so many people?

after a detailed understanding of Molly's story today, I found that she has really suffered too much.

Molly was born in Kunming Zoo six years ago, on March 20, 2016.

when she was born, she was not called "Molly". Everyone called her the little princess.

because the number of Asian elephants is rare, they belong to the first-class protected animals of the country, while Molly is the third generation, and her parents are the leaders of Asian elephants in Kunming, and because her birthday is the "International Happiness Day."

all kinds of halos shine, so she was loved by thousands of people when she was born.

when she was 1 year old, Kunming Zoo held a birthday party for her. On that day, about 500 students from seven schools, as well as countless parents, came to the zoo to celebrate her birthday.

she got a special fruitcake made of carrots, apples, sugar cane, fresh grass and other foods, topped with her favorite peeled watermelon.

accompanied by her father, Zhongbo and mother, and hundreds of children singing happy birthday songs for her.

it was at this party that she was named Molly. It was collected by the zoo from the whole society and selected from thousands of manuscripts, implying purity and beauty. I wish her a healthy growth.

at that time, the sun was filled with sunshine, the fragrant grass spread fragrance, and the air smelled of happiness.

but no one thought that the happiness would come to an abrupt end before long.

Molly was forcibly weaned as soon as she reached the age of one and a half in order to "adjust racial consanguinity"

(normal baby elephant is weaned at 2 years old)

, being taken away from my mother

(female elephant is a social animal and should have been with her mother all her life)


was then trained to tie anklets and drill iron cages, and at the age of 2, he was successfully transferred to a zoo in Qinyang, Henan Province.

the nightmare of Molly's life begins.

at first, enthusiastic netizens found that a young female elephant performed "talent" many times in a short video, calling "hoop", playing harmonica, blowing balloons, "Golden Rooster Independence", handstand, wearing hats for human children, for tourists to ride …... Can be called versatile.

later, according to the characteristics of skin color and villi, it was determined that the baby elephant was the little princess-Molly. By this time, she was already four years old.

No one knows what Molly experienced in the two years from 2 to 4 years old, so that she changed from a carefree little princess to a tired look.

from the documentary Black Elephant, we may be able to get a peek or two.

Elephants are naturally bulky and difficult to tame in adulthood. If you want them to be obedient, you'd better start with "dolls" and cooperate with punishment, which is more effective.

the first step is to destroy the elephant's will.

in a narrow wooden cage, the elephant's head and four legs are tied with ropes, and then they keep playing noise without giving enough food.

in this way, it will always be hungry, scared, unable to lie down, unable to rest.

then use whips, axes, elephant hooks, electric shock sticks and so on to beat them every morning and evening for as long as half a year.

until it has a complete nervous breakdown, learns to obey and begins to obey.

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an elephant hook in the hand of an elephant trainer is the most useful "instrument of torture".

whenever the elephant is disobedient, or where the action is not in place, the elephant hook will mercilessly hit and stab its fragile parts: nose, neck, behind the ear, knee.

these areas will bleed, form scabs, bleed again, and form scabs again. Over and over again.

that's probably what happened to Molly.

in the exposed picture, Uncle saw Molly's legs turned out because she had been tied up for a long time.

during the interval waiting for the performance, she was locked by a heavy iron chain with only about 20cm. The range of movement is the size of the world with this 20cm as the radius.

when performing upright, she stood up on her front legs and stood on her hind legs, simple and honest.

but who noticed Molly's bewildered eyes and shaky body?

behind this "wonderful" performance, however, Molly is limited by her huge weight. Once she falls, she breaks her bones and squeezes her internal organs. At that time, she may be greeted by death.

when drawing, she used her dexterous nose to draw a warm scene of walking with her mother.

the elephant's trunk is rich in nerve endings, and it is very painful to be inserted into a foreign body. Molly, who is trained to draw, has to endure a sharp pen stick poking into her nostrils. After painting, take it out.Donovan's tools may even be stained with blood.

behind a "warm" painting, Yu Molly is a cruel torture.

Molly, although she is afraid of doing difficult movements, she is more afraid of the pain of stabbing into her body like a hook.

Elephants normally live around 70 years, almost as long as humans, while Molly is only 6 years old.

6-year-old Molly, there is no light in her eyes.

what is even more painful is that elephants are generally smart and have excellent memories, and can remember what happened a long time ago.

A little brother in Thailand once saved a baby elephant. once he pretended to fall into the water, and the lovely baby elephant rushed to it and dragged him out of the swift river with his nose.

so, how on earth does Molly, who has enjoyed happiness, digest the endless pain in her heart?

will she still remember fruitcake? Will you miss your mother? Will you cry quietly in no one's place?

circus, human playground, animal "endless hell".

A monkey who is practiced standing by an iron ring in order to perform a monkey play.

A black bear chained to the neck in order to learn to walk upright.

in order to make it non-aggressive, the tiger whose teeth have been knocked out.

Marine animals are also doomed.

the dolphins in the aquarium look smart and cute with balloons, hula hoops and greetings to children.

because of the "smiling face", dolphins are often mistaken for happy

but these performances are not their natural behavior at all, they do not understand the meaning of each action, and are entirely the result of intensive training day after day.

over the years, dolphins are prone to various diseases due to skin and bone injuries, internal organs compression, noisy performance environment and long-term mental stress.

the IQ of an adult dolphin is equivalent to that of a human child between 6 and 7 years old.

the smarter and more "humanized" animals are, the faster they learn, the more painful they will be, because they also know how to feel and have joys and sorrows as well as human beings.

so being smart is a sin, right?

there are also whales trapped in the spike fence prison, waiting to be distributed.

A walrus whose eyes are severely red and swollen but still performing hard.

where there is a performance place, there must be long-term oppressive training behind it, and animals are bound to have all kinds of physical and psychological problems.

some animals exhibit stereotyped behavior.

the stereotyped behavior of animals generally repeats meaningless actions

some animals harm themselves consciously.

Last year, a sad thing happened at an aquarium in Canada, when a killer whale named Kiska kept banging his head and body against the wall of the pool, trying to die.

has been imprisoned for 42 years, performing tools, reproductive tools, five times bereavement. This is Kiska's desperate life,

there are other animals that cannot bear to resist and retaliate against human beings after they have been tortured.

there was an elephant named Teke in Honolulu, Hawaii. After 12 years of torture, he went crazy the day before he retired and trampled to death his elephant trainer and beautician.

Tek ended up in the street with dozens of shots, leaving the world with bloodstained but sad eyes and a circus playful hat on his head.