After middle age, don't be affectionate.
After middle age, don't be affectionate.
Can not start over the life, may you live up to yourself, live up to life.


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there is a very clear line in Forrest Gump:

"I don't think that when you grow up, you will become more tolerant and accept everything."

what is "simple"?

Don't be confused in your heart, don't be trapped in love, and have no distractions in your heart before you can be free.

when people reach middle age, they gradually see the truth and hypocrisy.

in the middle of my life, I slowly understand the truth of life: don't think too much, don't be affectionate, is the highest way to live.

if you are too nice to one person, you lose

there is a topic on the Internet: "Why do we always lose to human nature?"

A highly praised answer hit the nail on the head:

"the answer is often just three words,'I thought'."

I think it is very good to give it to others, and you can naturally get it in exchange for it.

to a certain age, I found that some people not only want to take your very good, but also get an inch to ask for more from you, but will not give you back half a point.

I think that if you are always kind to others and be kind in the world, you will be grateful.

to a certain age to understand, too kind to the end, will only become "wishful thinking" to pay, feed the white-eyed wolf, cool is the hearts of the people.

if you are too nice to one person, you lose.

there are not so many hearts in the world, and not everyone knows how to be grateful. If you lose the yardstick of kindness, you will lose everything.

for the rest of your life, keep every sincerity, keep every enthusiasm, think twice before you act, and don't give your kindness to the wrong person.

Don't please someone who doesn't love you

there seems to be a moment in one's life:

A road is wrong. You think there is always a corner ahead, but in the end you find that you are walking into a dead end.

when you do something wrong, you think you can always go by by turning a blind eye, but in the end you find that the result of making a mistake is hopeless.

A person is in love wrong. you think you can always get a piece of sincerity as long as you blindly please, but you finally find yourself in a quagmire.

do not hit the south wall, do not look back, do not give up until the end, over time, fall into a bottomless abyss.

there is a saying that is quite true:

"A thing is broken. I would rather throw it away than look at it sad all day long."

Don't wait a moment when it's time to turn around and don't hesitate to let go.

sometimes when I think about it, people's misfortune is because they are unwilling, they struggle with everything, and they don't have a good life.

when the moon is full, it loses; when the water is full, it overflows; when the flower is full, it declines; when it is full of love, it is stupid.

only when break, stop loss in time, can we go farther and live more easily.

No one in the world really understands you

once heard a very realistic saying:

"when you reach middle age, you have to learn to hold your own umbrella. No one will pick you up in spite of the heavy rain."

that's true.

have you found that as you get older, people around you begin to take care of themselves?

everyone lives their own life, sad to carry on their own, can not carry on their own way out, and finally have to find their own way out.

less and less people care about how you are feeling recently, and less and less about how you are doing.

so never expect others to understand you. Everything is bitter, we can only be our own ferryman.

there are moments when you can't help yourself, but one day you will look back and see:

the most difficult days, all by themselves with clenched teeth.

after half a lifetime, learn to be a cold person, reduce social circle, reduce dependence, rely on others, it is better to rely on yourself.

the bitterness and joy of life can be tasted only by savoring it carefully.

as the writer Yu Qiuyu wrote in "borrowing me for a lifetime":

"the road of life, step by step by yourself, what can really protect you is your own life choice."

mind your own business about other people's private affairs

there is a foreign saying: "the stars in the sky can be counted, but you can't see the soot on your face."

when you think about it, the gap between people often lies in this.

people who only like to blame others live in grievances all their lives.

only those who can find reasons from themselves can see the way clearly and live thoroughly.

what people fear most is not poverty, but that they always like to meddle in other people's lives, but their own lives are in a mess.

not gossiping behind people's backs and not talking about other people's family affairs in private is the most basic accomplishment of being a man.

not meddling in other people's lives and not pointing out other people's private affairs is the highest self-discipline of adults.

always remember: he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise.

Don't expect anyone too high

people, why aren't you happy?

is often due to: too much care, too much attention, too tight grasp.

sometimes, it overestimates the quality of people's hearts and the longevity of a relationship.

as we walk, some people become strangers. Walking, yes.After all, people no longer contact each other.

you overestimate your position in his mind, and he underestimates his weight in your mind.

the higher the expectation, the more times you are disappointed, the more you expect from others, the less you get.

Don't expect too much of your partner. No one takes you for granted.

Don't expect too much of your child. He comes because of you, but not for you.

Don't expect too much of your friends. People come and go in your life, which is the norm.

Don't take yourself too seriously, do not overestimate feelings and relationships, without high expectations, there will not be so many disappointments.

Walden says:

"the more things a man can let go, the richer he will be."

Let go of face so that you can live a good life; only by letting go of desire can you find yourself.

only by letting go of pain can you get a new life; only by letting go of distractions can you live freely.

as the saying goes, "there is nothing in the world."

sorrows and troubles are only a part of life, ups and downs and difficulties are only a stage of life.

if you always cling to the worries of the past, the second half of your life will be bleak as if it were autumn.

if you think too much, you will ruin your mood. If you are in a bad mood, you will ruin your own life.

if you have a bad life, you will ruin your own life.

the world of middle-aged people, a thought put down, all at ease.

likes a passage by the writer Sanmao very much:

"I avoid overheated friendships when nothing happens, which makes me less burdened.

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I don't talk too much about unnecessary gossip, which makes me feel clear.

I try not to remember the past as much as possible, because the way I came is impossible to turn back.

I love others carefully, because they are less likely to spread. I don't want to be profound, I just want simplicity. "

after middle age, there is more "self-knowledge" and less "self-affection".

quit being self-righteous and stop obsessing too much.

Don't ask for a wonderful life, just ask for a peace of mind and simplicity.

, can not start over the life, may you live up to yourself, live up to life.