After middle age, people who are self-disciplined and undisciplined lead a different life
After middle age, people who are self-disciplined and undisciplined lead a different life
True self-discipline is not only outward, but also inward.


"Pingju Queen" Bai Yushang has a habit that has been formed for many years.

regardless of the cold and heat, whether it is windy or rainy, whenever she has time, she will go to practice and practice her throat.

someone asked her, "you've become famous, why do you practice so hard?"

she smiled and replied, "the play is endless."

Life is like a play. If you want to be an actor, 20% depends on luck and 80% on self-discipline.

after you have some experience, you will find that

if there is no self-discipline, even if luck comes, you may not be able to grasp it.

only those who can exercise self-discipline have the right to bargain with life.

self-discipline, remove external greasy

Middle age is like an arbitrary door.

as soon as some people push open the door, there is darkness everywhere, the physical function begins to be slow, and the pressure of life is suddenly coming.

so, the more you go inside, the closer you get to the abyss, your figure is getting fat, and your appearance is getting more and more greasy.

there are others, once they cross this threshold, they will encounter a beam of light, and their charm will become more and more attractive with the growth of their experience.

what is the most attractive middle-aged man like?

you will know when you see Liu Weisong, 46, who once became popular on the Internet.

at the sports meeting of Hainan Medical College, someone filmed Liu Weisong throwing a discus.

at the age of 46, he has no baldness, no beer belly, no dull and sloppy.

he took the hospital staff team to the sports meeting and finally won the championship of the middle-aged men's discus group, breaking the record by the way.

in a later interview, he said that most people of his age get greasy.

in order to "remove oil", he exercises every day.

sometimes, even if it is late to get home, he will keep exercising for a little while.

if you can't walk outside or walk fast, practice dumbbells and barbells at home.

in 2016, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After radiation, his hearing and balance were impaired, but he still maintained a healthy state of mind and regular exercise.

so far, he has been exercising for more than 20 years, and until now, he keeps exercising three times a week.

exercise brings him not only a good-looking figure, but also a positive attitude towards life.

Haruki Murakami once said:


but in essence, people who are more disciplined than you will be more confident and sunny than you, and will have more opportunities and choices than you.

without a good skin, it grows out of thin air;

No one's success and happiness is taken for granted


at an age when it is easy to get fat, people who can keep a good figure will not have a bad life.

self-discipline, resolve inner confusion

there is a sentence in the "corner":

"different ages have their own experience of the state of life. When there is endless noise around us, we need to leave a place for our hearts."

Middle age is like a puffed balloon. Once it is punctured by life, you can see all kinds of bitterness and bitterness wrapped in it.

writer Cassie, there was a trough.

when she is on a business trip, she has a toothache and a headache at the same time, often so painful that she can't sleep.

after finally falling asleep, I will have nightmares in the middle of the night and suddenly wake up.

after a few days, she was in low spirits and looked out of shape all over her body.

Rao is like this, and she still sticks to her habit of many years:

before going to bed every night, read a book for half an hour, then review today and make a work list for the second day.

wake up the next morning, write a manuscript of one or two thousand words, and then do more than ten minutes of yoga exercise.

when attending the dinner and liquor board, he was determined not to drink too much, not to overeat, and to refuse greasy sweets.

her colleagues are puzzled, and they don't have to clock in on time for business trips. You make yourself so tired every day, why not secretly relax yourself?

Cassie says she has also had days of complete indulgence and reversal of day and night.

compared with the current regular work and rest, that kind of chaos will make people more mentally exhausted and miserable.

most of the time, people are lazy, and once a link is relaxed, it will be eroded by temptation.

if you don't study or work today, find a reason to be lazy, but after you slack off, you have to find another time to make up for what you haven't done today.

once the pace of life is out of your control, it often takes more effort to regain balance.

only by adhering to daily habits at all times can we avoid a lot of unnecessary emotional consumption.

as Gumi said in several degrees in the WorldLike that:

"the difficulty of life is not to make you angry, but to be more leisurely."

the confusion and anxiety of how many people reach middle age do not stem from the pressure of life.

it comes from our increasingly negative hearts, from our losing sense of control.

the more confused and anxious you are, the more you should maintain the rhythm of your life.

when you start to live a regular life, those messy problems and troubles will naturally be resolved.

self-discipline is to do these two things to the extreme

writer Pang Jinling mentioned in "Life needs self-discipline"

"there are two 'selves' living in each of our bodies: one is rational, overcomes impulses and foresight, and the other is impulsive, arbitrary and have fun in time."

self-discipline is actually the confrontation between two "selves", which has two meanings.

self: that is, to take the initiative to do what you don't like but should do with the rational "self";

Law: the "self" who restrains the impulse and does not do what he likes but should not do.

the so-called self-discipline is to take these two things to the extreme.

do what you don't like but should do

best-selling author Ai Xiaoyang once said:

"you have to do the right thing, not what you like. Those ruthless people who are self-disciplined are willing to do things they don't like."

in the past, she didn't like sports, but she had to keep her image because she had to take part in many public activities, so she forced herself to work out twice a week.

occasionally she was tired and tired of writing manuscripts, but in order to catch up, she also forced herself to sit in front of the computer and did not go out until the manuscripts were finished.

she said that the happiness of life needs to be set off by pain.

whatever makes you feel painful, it will make you a success in the end.

what really shapes your life is not the one or two things you do once in a while, but what you force yourself to do again and again.

when you overcome human instincts again and again to do what should be done well, you defeat yourself, or everything in life.

Don't do what you like but shouldn't do

see such a question on the Internet: how can we avoid becoming a fat-bellied middle-aged man?

one netizen wrote:

"as long as you don't go with the flow, you're half done."


in the adult world, there are too many temptations.

smoking and drinking can relieve sorrow, but staying up late and lying in bed are the most comfortable.

these things do give people short-term pleasure.

but what really makes your life better is never comfort, but restraint and restraint.

quit smoking, drinking, going to bed early, reading, exercising. These things, at first, will make you feel painful.

but as long as you can stick to it, you can enjoy the dividend of life.

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Nightingale said:

"successful people usually have habits that losers don't like because they are willing to do things they are not very willing to do in order to reap the fruits of success.

doing what you like will make you happy;

but doing things outside your comfort zone can keep you growing.

our whole life is the process of constantly competing with ourselves.

refuse the temptation that ordinary people can't resist and do what ordinary people don't want to do in order to live the life they want.

Middle age, the highest level of self-discipline

there was a saying in "New Youth": "barbarism of its physique, civilization of its spirit."

True self-discipline is not only outward, but also inward.

not only manage and restrain yourself externally, but also make demands on your heart.

when people reach middle age, the highest state of self-discipline is to transform these internal and external requirements into our code of conduct.

here are 9 self-check lists about self-discipline to see how much you have done.

Image self-discipline

after middle age, you can be less slim and in less good shape.

but also stick to exercise, at least not too fat, too greasy.

speech self-discipline

once people have some experience, they like to brag everywhere.

even like to use their own experience to give advice to young people.

but everyone has his own way to go, so don't disturb other people's lives easily.

self-discipline of conduct

on the stage of life, we look at ability and opportunity when we take the stage.

in the end, it's all about character.

only by being reliable and kind, can we gain a firm foothold in troubled times.

emotional self-discipline

there is an old saying:

"Don't lose heart when you're poor, don't hate your wife when you're rich.


how many feelings can withstand the tribulations of poverty, but fall in affluence.

do not forget chaff, do not spend too much time, is the best emotional self-discipline.

Relational self-discipline

when we were young, we always liked to make friends and make friends.

it doesn't come out until middle age.Now, there are only a few people who can live in their lives.

instead of spending energy participating in the wine board, it is better to spend time with family and old friends.

self-discipline of money

before, I had no sense of saving money and spent as much as I earned.

when you get older, you don't know the health of your parents, the education of your children, the security of life. Each item requires a great deal of expense.

only if you know how to save money, you will have the strength to deal with life calmly.

emotional self-discipline

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter unpleasant things and people who don't like you.

the so-called maturity is knowing how to control your emotions.

do not argue with bad people, do not entangle with bad things.

self-discipline of mentality

the middle-aged mind is as thick as wine, full of bitterness and nowhere to say.

there are old and young ages, squeezing and bumping everywhere, and life crises all the time.

in a day full of anxiety, you must learn to make yourself happy.

Soul self-discipline

when you reach a certain age, you are busy making a living, so you have no time to improve yourself.