After more than 40 days of strict control, the defense was suddenly broken! Liaoning, it's so tragic!
After more than 40 days of strict control, the defense was suddenly broken! Liaoning, it's so tragic!
They stand on that black land, which is the last barrier of our faith.

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on May 8th, there were 322 new confirmed cases and 3625 asymptomatic cases in Shanghai, with a cumulative infection of more than 600000.

however, when we focus on Shanghai, we do not know that there is a place where the epidemic is also very serious and also needs people's attention.

this place is Liaoning.

on May 4, 62 new asymptomatic infections were reported in Yingkou, Liaoning Province.

on May 5, there were 36 cases of asymptomatic infection in Dandong and 24 cases in Yingkou.

from May 6 to May 8, there were 233 new asymptomatic infections in Liaoning.

Liaoning, the defense has been breached.

since then, all people in Liaoning are facing the most severe test.

Shenyang, Yingkou, Dalian.

many cities have pressed the "suspension button", and the originally bustling streets, shopping malls and markets are all cooperating with epidemic prevention measures.

Liaoning, it's too difficult!

Why do you say that?

things have to start with a school.

from May 1 to 3, Liaoning Agricultural Vocational and Technical College, located in Bayuquan District, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, has reported 177 cases of asymptomatic infection.

it is shocking that there are so many infected people in a school.

then, when the uncle saw "a letter to classmates and parents" on their school's official website, he broke the guard.

in this letter, the headmaster and secretary wrote:

"our hospital fought against novel coronavirus for more than 40 days, but in the end, it suddenly broke through, and the last thing the college wanted and couldn't bear to see happened!"

the helplessness and solemnity between the lines make people sad.

they are really too hard! Obviously has been closed for more than a month, it has been so long, but there are still so many new cases, people feel particularly powerless.

not only Liaoning Agricultural Vocational and Technical College, but also the whole city of Yingkou, Liaoning, is subject to 24-hour control, and the traffic lights are all red.

less than a week after the star was picked in Yingkou, Liaoning, the itinerary code was marked with an asterisk.

some people say that the lively city of Yingkou, Liaoning, has never been so quiet.

silent streets.

merchants with closed doors and windows.

static public transport.

the city gave way everything in order to fight the epidemic.

everyone shares a common belief:

cooperate as long as you can, and try not to cause trouble to the country.

it is distressing for such people to be sensible.

the most difficult part of the epidemic in Liaoning is not only concentrated in one area, but also in multiple outbreaks. The epidemic in Yingkou, Liaoning is very difficult, and the epidemic in Dandong, Liaoning, has reached an urgent stage.

102 new cases of asymptomatic on April 26 and 91 on April 28.

as a result, Dandong immediately carried out closed management of 77 residential areas and residential buildings.

the whole city also pressed the pause button.

the streets that used to be bustling are now deserted.

cooperate with epidemic situation management.

Don't go out unless necessary.

the whole people lined up to make nucleic acid.

Dandong people said: we cheered for all parts of the country for a year before, and this time, we cheered for ourselves.

during the closure and control of the epidemic, the Dandong municipal government wrote a "letter to the general public", in which they wrote:

more than 70 years ago, the people of Dandong were selfless and fearless. Today, the people of the city are in the same boat, watch and help each other, and join hands in the fight against the epidemic of COVID-19.

Dandong is a heroic city, and the people are the heroes of the city. Let's work together and work together to completely wipe out the epidemic one day and usher in a good time of spring blossoms and free reunion.

it is exciting to read, with tears in your eyes.

this letter was also forwarded by the public one after another, and quickly exceeded 100,000 readers.

many citizens have left messages to cheer and cheer.

Dandong will always be a heroic city, whether in the past or now.

the determination and courage of the people of this city to unite as one and share a common enemy in the face of the epidemic is admirable.

the epidemic situation in Liaoning is not only Dandong and Yingkou, but also Shenyang.

on May 7, there were 8 new asymptomatic infections in Shenyang, and the investigation, control and control of close contacts and sub-contacts affected the people of the whole city.

but whether it is Dandong, Yingkou, or Shenyang, Liaoning has no hesitation about the epidemic, but has taken decisive and straightforward measures.

and all the people of Liaoning obediently cooperate with the government's anti-epidemic measures and sacrifice all their daily lives in order that the city can return to normal as soon as possible.

this is Liaoning's determination and courage.

this is the character and spirit of Liaoning.

they endured all the inconvenience, they swallowed all the bitterness and hardship.

even if it hurts, they never say.

they carried all the weight and difficulty, and stood up straight again and again.

this kind of Liaoning is heartbreaking.

Why did you write about Liaoning today?

because of a series of practices in Liaoning, people are respectable.Pei, tears filled his eyes.

at the time of the outbreak in Shanghai, almost all the provinces assisted Shanghai.

but only Liaoning made Shu Shu cry.

at that time, Liaoning's own epidemic was in dire straits, even earlier than in Shanghai.

at that time, Liaoning itself did not have enough materials.

however, under such circumstances, Liaoning still saved a batch of fresh vegetables from the teeth and shipped them to Shanghai.

2300 tons of daily necessities may not be too much, but for Liaoning, it is the last drop of blood to help others.

Liaoning packages all its materials independently and stores them properly to ensure that they still look like water when they are delivered to the people of Shanghai.

there is also a red note on these materials:

Liao and Shanghai are of one heart and join hands to fight the epidemic.

We are in the same boat to overcome difficulties.

although the material is light, it is sincere.

Add some concinnity to your wardrobe in our curvaceous empire style wedding dresses. Check the New Arrivals and the latest word in fashion.

you may not imagine how much effort Liaoning has put into ensuring that vegetables are delivered to the people of Shanghai.

they adopt the method of "car by car" and "car by boat".

first load all the materials into about 300 refrigerated container vehicles.

then these vehicles are transported to Yantai from Dalian by ferrying large ro-ro passenger ships through the Bohai Sea.

the whole process of sea and land transport is escorted by public security personnel.

2300 tons of materials have been delivered to the people of Shanghai after thousands of miles.

they are really risking their lives for support, but they never advertise it, and there is not even a hot search on Weibo.

these rugged and generous Northeast Tiezi held them carefully and sent a piece of sincerity to them, and they didn't forget to add: Oh, you're welcome, it's all trivial!

this is the spirit of Liaoning:

spare no effort to help others even though it is difficult for him to sustain himself;

I can't see others starve and suffer from cold even though I am short of money.

obviously not to be seen, but still keep the original heart, only to be silent and powerful backbone.

such a simple and straightforward northeast man makes people burst into tears.

No one knows how difficult Liaoning has been in recent years.

they don't seem to have escaped an epidemic.

Dalian, for example, has experienced more than five outbreaks.

Round after round of nucleic acid, isolation again and again, people persist in numbness.

the picture of volunteers sleeping in the corn field in Dalian instantly made people cry.

in the north in early winter, it is bitterly cold, but they never complain or get tired.

just because I don't want to bring the risk to the local residents.

and in Shenyang, a nurse in Shenyang did not recognize herself when she was making nucleic acid with her daughter.

after finishing the nucleic acid, the daughter said:

Thank you, Auntie. Goodbye.

she said:

I wanted to hug my daughter, too, but I was afraid of it, so she cried and asked me to go home.

it is not only medical staff and volunteers, but also difficult for people in Liaoning.

Last year, Liaoning was hit by an unprecedented blizzard.

caused the death of more than 6.4 million livestock and poultry, and the direct economic loss was more than 1.7 billion.

A villager in Fuxin, Liaoning Province, lost eight cattle in the heavy snow.

he looked for a day and a night in the blizzard, waist-deep snow, his cotton-padded clothes and trousers were wet, but he still kept looking.

he said: that's all he has.

finally, with the help of other villagers, we finally got it back.

the moment he walked hard in the snow, my uncle's heart was a little wet.

in recent years, the people of Liaoning have experienced too much.

Blizzard, epidemic situation, disaster. Their lives have experienced numerous tribulations, but they have clenched their teeth again and again in the midst of tribulations.

every time we encounter difficulties, the people in this black land endure little by little with the optimism and humor peculiar to the Northeast.

they are distressing but also reassuring!

in March this year, the epidemic was rampant in Shenyang.

many people from Liaoning have gone to the front to sign up for volunteers.

A young man in Shenyang, who worked 21 night shifts, stood from 12:00 to 6 a.m. on the empty road every night.

some people ask: what if you are sleepy in the middle of the night?

he said: then take a stroll back and forth to prevent sleepiness.

some people ask: why do you do it so hard?

he waved his hand: nothing!

this answer is very northeastern.

there is no mention of "dedication and hard work", but in action, it embodies the Shenyang people's tradition of "something can really go up".

at the scene of the distribution of anti-epidemic materials in Dalian, volunteers became "bath center attendants".

"A man in Building 35!"

"one big and one young wear good hands!"