After the epidemic, these four kinds of people will stand out.
After the epidemic, these four kinds of people will stand out.
The epidemic will eventually pass, and those who can't hit us will eventually make us stronger.

Confucian style



the epidemic is not only a big storm, but also a great test.

A group of people will fall as a result, and a group of people will stand up.

when the epidemic is over and life is on the right track, people with the following four characteristics will easily stand out.

people who follow the rules

there is no rule without rules.

especially under the prevention and control of the epidemic, abiding by the rules is the most basic criterion of being a man.

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be aware of your situation, understand the current situation, and know what to do and what not to do.

do not cross the trap, do not disorderly, not only responsible to others, but also responsible to yourself.

when low-risk, be sure to wear a mask when going out, do not gather, do not gather, and maintain a safe social distance.

when the risk is high, follow the command and consciously isolate, never slack off or neglect, and build an iron wall against the epidemic.

this is not timidity, but knowing advance and retreat, knowing gains and losses, knowing trade-offs, knowing the general situation, and being in awe.

but there are always some people who are lucky not to obey the rules for their own convenience.

for example, they wander around without masks; they even want to cover up the world and lie about the trajectory of their activities; they even want to avoid chaos in the world, creating and spreading all kinds of rumors; what's more, they disobey traffic control and try to break through the hurdles.

and these unruly people are bound to pay a heavy price.

Wang Yangming once said, "you can only become yourself if you can control yourself."

A man can achieve himself only by restraining himself and abiding by the rules.

rules are principles, self-discipline and character.

regardless of status and status, regardless of ability and knowledge, only by abiding by the rules can you keep your life and win respect and recognition for yourself.

people with stable emotions

since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have experienced one difficulty after another.

and many people further caused a variety of emotional stress reactions.

emotion itself is part of the disaster.

people who are emotionally unstable have nowhere to put their anxiety, nowhere to release their fear, and are finally engulfed by disaster.

for example, if you browse your cell phone frequently at home, the more you watch it, the more depressed and angry you get; you can't sit still all day, can't calm down, and can't do anything.

but emotionally stable people have a positive attitude, clear thinking, live in the present in a stable and orderly manner, and contribute their part.

like the medical staff who resolutely went to the front, the young people studying in the square cabin hospital, the students who worked hard to prepare for the exam at home, and the kind-hearted people who actively forwarded messages for help.

Napoleon said: "the man who can control his emotions is greater than taking down a city."

behind a person's emotional stability is a reliable ability, but also a broad pattern.

those who stabilize their emotions, prepare for the worst, and prepare for the best can minimize losses and gain the best results.

people who change their minds

repeated outbreaks have forced many people into a year of famine.

turn around and face the crisis of survival.

the industry has been hit and life is in dire straits.

but in every crisis, there is also hidden opportunity and promotion.

as the Book of changes says, "if you are poor, you will change; if you change, you will change; if you change, you will be familiar with it for a long time."

Human potential is unlimited. In order to get rid of the negative effects of the epidemic, we must break the wall of thinking.

only those who abandon the old way of thinking and dare to jump out of the original pattern can turn disadvantages into advantages and difficulties into opportunities.

just as travel agencies develop new businesses such as nearby tours and study tours to generate revenue from selling local specialties; the catering industry begins to switch to live streaming, sharing food and teaching cooking skills; entrepreneurs change their business models and business plans, from offline to online, from stores to e-commerce.

although you can't rest easy, you can live and move on if you think more than you worry and act more than you think.

Water goes with it, and people change with the trend.

in the face of ups and downs, don't complain, let alone lose heart and stick to a bad game of chess.

only by changing our thinking and updating our cognition can we make a U-turn, turn against the wind, and open up a new situation.

people with a good heart

what is kindness?

is that you are stuck in the mud and shimmer to the world.

is that I am at a low ebb and still remember to be considerate of others.

kindness is the care of empathy, the rescue of self-sacrifice, and the kindness of watching and helping each other.

some people say that the epidemic is a demon mirror, selfishness and kindness will be revealed.

but even if everyone is selfish, kindness is never absent.

as in this epidemic:

major hospitals all over the country have sent medical personnel to assist Shanghai;

many kind-hearted people collect and forward all kinds of help information on the Internet;

and villagers spontaneously organize to provide free food to drivers who are blocked on highways.

people use goodness to awaken goodness, warmth to convey warmth, strength to inspire strength, and life to ignite life.

the epidemic was caught off guard, but kindness and love are our strength to protect and break through.

and good people never suffer, which is not only the law of cause and effect, but also the hidden rule of social operation.

those who love to return, those who are blessed will come back, and the goodness in your heart will be fulfilled in the end.Yourself.

to have good thoughts and often do good deeds is to accumulate blessings and rewards for yourself.

someone once said, "Don't waste a good crisis."

the epidemic will eventually pass, and those who can't hit us will eventually make us stronger.

by following the rules, stabilizing your mood, changing your mind, and being kind at heart, you can stand out from the predicament.