Alive (profound)
Alive (profound)
People in this life, for no reason, just want to live wantonly, no regrets, no regrets.


what do people live for?

some people say that for money, for fame.

some people say that for profit, for the house, for the car.

actually, neither.

Human life is just a process, a process of experiencing love and hate, joy and sorrow, pain and joy, life and death.

people live for nothing else, just to live well, until the twilight years, the end of life, recall this life, have no regrets.

what is a lifetime?

because of life, each of us is in a hurry, bound by reality and money, obsessed and unwilling to be bound.

however, a person, a hundred years later, will eventually be dusty.

in this short life, we struggle all our lives, and we can't take away every plant and tree.

We are persistent all our lives, and we can't take away any vanity and love.

since this is the case, why stick to these thousands of obsession and disturb you for the rest of your life.

there is a short story: a young monk raises orchids for his master.

the young monk dared not snub and took care of it diligently every day.

but one day a strong wind blew and the orchid was broken by the wind.

the young monk went to the master to be punished, but the old monk was unusually indifferent.

"when you have it, you have tried your best, but when you die, why bother."

after seeing it, I have a deep feeling that life is like a dream, which is a process of constant loss.

Liquor and wealth are all glamorous in the mirror; fame and fortune will eventually become a thing of the past.

look down on gains and losses, laugh about everything, live up to life for a moment.

A person's life is bruised except for life and death.

what is life?

some time ago, a friend called. He said that he always felt very tired and depressed. Very often, he felt like he was about to collapse. He didn't know what to do.

I advised him:

"you are a person who pursues perfect results too much, and the beauty of many experiences is wasted when you eagerly look forward to a good result.

in fact, whether it is life or life, we should value the process, that is a real experience, is what we want to feel, as for the result, just do our best. "

people live not for money, housing, car, not for fame, wealth, love, but to feel the warmth of human feelings in the world, to experience all kinds of life.

maybe in this process, a lot of things don't come true, and there are a lot of accidents we didn't expect.

as a member of the earthly world, enjoy every moment of life and savor every detail of life at this time.

the wise man in life is to live every period of time with no regrets.

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what is living?

maybe we have all had a similar experience, often forcing ourselves to do a lot of things we don't like, forcing ourselves to be what others expect us to be, and getting used to embarrassing ourselves for a satisfactory result.

however, life is only a hundred years, not just to be at ease, but to have a good time.

however, in reality, many people often put the cart before the horse, always worry about this and that, and live very tired every day.

you know, we come to this world to live up to ourselves.

so, from today on, stop being so hard on yourself.

remember, listen more to your inner voice and give yourself more warmth and care.

Life is short, so don't tie yourself up with rules.

in addition to the busy life, keep a quiet and indifferent heart, learn to let go of burdens, learn to give up troubles, let your spirit be reborn, and achieve a relaxed and comfortable state of life.

Life is dewy, floating life is like sending.

people in this life, for no reason, just want to live wantonly, no regrets, no regrets.

it is enough to feel the shallowness of time calmly, and to experience the quiet and good times calmly and calmly.

, if you can let it go, sleep peacefully and live comfortably, it will be worth the trip.