All of a sudden! Famous musician Chen Daoming died, the cause of death was exposed, stinging all over the network.
All of a sudden! Famous musician Chen Daoming died, the cause of death was exposed, stinging all over the network.
There is no next phase of life to see you again, please remember, please cherish.

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June 1st, an extremely noisy day.

but suddenly a piece of bad news made everyone silent.

Chen Daoming, a famous musician, died at the age of 66.

many people's hearts thumped when they saw the news.

Taiwan's "recording grandmaster" Chen Daoming is the real "music mogul" in the entertainment industry.

once praised Zhang Xinzhe, Zhang Liangying and other front-line singers behind the push hand.

after hearing the obituary, Zhang Xinzhe was still sending articles to mourn and bid farewell to him at 3 o'clock in the morning.

famous singer Yu Chengqing, weeping and sending long articles:

"Daoming left and ended up at the age of 66."

netizens posted a photo of Lin Zhixuan and Yu Chengqing standing behind, Liu Huan squeezed in the corner.

Chen Daoming, however, was surrounded and sat in position C.

someone asked, why is he so crazy?

is naturally inseparable from the experience of winning the popularity of Zhang Liangying in her early years.

Zhang Liangying became famous for her Supergirl that year.

although it is a big fire, it is even more difficult to really go from an idol singer to a real singer.

all this is seen by Chen Daoming.

when Zhang Liangying set up the singing club, he directly asked Wu Sikai to stand on the spot.

you know, Chen Daoming was Wu Sikai's agent at that time, and Wu Sikai was far more famous than Zhang Liangying at that time.

this gang, which is not over yet, directly connect her with Li Zongsheng.

this is something I dare not even think about in the circle.

but Chen Daoming did it.

the industry resources accumulated in Beijing for 8 years have been given to Zhang Liangying and have been pushed to the top.

only then did I have the opportunity to meet Li Zongsheng.

without him, Zhang Liangying would not have become an internationally renowned Chinese actress Jane Zhang and stepped onto the Victoria's Secret stage.

with this chivalry, it is enough for him to walk sideways in today's entertainment industry.

it can be described as "a thunder on the ground", which directly exploded the Chinese music world at that time.

in the past year, there was a madman, a fairy named Erfu.

that is, Chen Daoming.

to borrow the words in the circle, Chen Daoming is a real talent.

A person, a package, is alone in the mainland music scene.

it can be said that without him, Liu Huan, Han Lei, Mao Ning, Cha did not have this person.

after that, Zhang Xinzhe, Wu Sikai, Huang Zheng and Ke Yimin put their hands together.

thankless, but still helping the younger generation, this is chivalry.

although he is unknown, he has set up a generation of musicians, which is even more chivalrous.

the fire is cooking oil and flowers, and someone is about to sing a carol to him.

he chose to return to the countryside.

thousands of rivers and mountains, two forget smoke and water.

in the music industry, after flirting with the wind and rain.

he turned his hand behind his back and said goodbye to the crowd.

instead of returning to Taiwan, he went to Yunmeng, his ancestral home in Hubei.

but Chen Daoming not only settled down, but also opened a restaurant in the center of Yunmeng City, managing specialty snacks.

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later, he directly invested 50 million yuan to set up Jinshahe Farm to raise meat geese and other livestock and poultry.

directly take root in the industry and solve the problem of local people's livelihood.

himself, he went to the fields and planted the land, which can be said to have hit a lot of people in the face.

the first half of life is music, the second half of life is hometown.

he knew full well that Yunmeng in Hubei was a poor county and 41 poor villages, but he still chose there.

he said that developing agriculture in his hometown was the last dream he had realized in his life.

it can really be called the great man of chivalry, for the country and the people.

he wrote all his heart into the lyrics, friendship and love in his rivers and lakes.

go back to reality and pick up the hoe again.

Open up wasteland in the south and return to the garden.

he not only lived "face" well, but also lived "Li Zi".

No one knows him behind the stage, but he remembers the farmer, Chen Daoming.

but it is because of this that my uncle feels more heartache.

because, what he expects most, it still doesn't come true.

there are still 20 years to go before his dream comes true.

he is very old, but he is as active and playful as a young man.

the fortune-teller said that he would live to be 86, and he was still complacent and contemplated his future life in his twilight years.

he, who is fond of delicious food, can continue to make Buddha jump over the wall and make Taiwanese beef noodles for his friends.

it is a pity that time is not merciful and only gives him 66 years.

for people who are not familiar with Chen Daoming, a 66-year-old man died suddenly.

although I am deeply sorry, it is not surprising.

but for this generation, his departure is like a quack master quietly hiding from the world, and there is no time to return.

illness begins to be helpless, and death begins to be caught off guard.

can't help but make people panic and sigh.

makes everyone feel that the dead are like this, and they have never been before.

the person of surplus and deficiencySuch as that, and the pawn does not rise or fall.

We can't predict life and death, even if it's just today.

look back at teacher Chen Daoming, and then look at what happened yesterday.

before we know it, we realize that life is never controllable.

We don't know where tomorrow will be and what will happen.

even, we are getting to a lost age.

favorite stars, singers, games. Disappear one by one, be forgotten one by one.

We used to think that those unreachable disasters, far away, had nothing to do with me.

leaving is just a story that belongs to others.

but who knows that one day, the hammer of fate will come down hard.

perhaps, today's news is like a sudden wake-up call, and we are not at ease in the face of leaving.

but in life, there is no next time to see you again.

Please remember and cherish.

in the end, I would like to send a sentence by Yang Guo to teacher Chen Daoming:

"this good meeting is full of great pleasure. We will meet each other in the future, and then we will have a cup of wine and talk about it. Let's say goodbye. "

Bon voyage, Mr. Chen Daoming.

the mountains and rivers are far away. I'll see you in the rivers and lakes.

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