Along the way, I understand too much! (reality)
Along the way, I understand too much! (reality)
Cherish what you have right now.


only you know how difficult it is for people to move forward with a heavy load when they reach middle age.

in order to live better, we have to crawl around in society. Suffer the cold and warm human feelings, go through all kinds of hardships.

in order to give our family a better life, even if the pressure makes us breathless from time to time, we never bow to fate and still face it positively and optimistically.

along the way, experience tells us: not everyone can rely on, many things ultimately have to rely on their own.

Life is like a grand farewell, no one will be by our side all the time, and no one will tolerate us for a lifetime unconditionally, and our sadness, joys and sorrows cannot all be perceived.

therefore, we choose to fight the world alone, no matter how difficult the road under our feet is and how painful our hearts are, we still bear it silently and go through it all alone.

along the way, reality tells us that we must not be harmful to others, but we must be protective against others.

most of the time, we have a true heart, but there are always people who don't trust us enough and try one after another.

We give from the bottom of our hearts, but there are always people who ungrateful, use harm to repay our good.

when people get along with others, they are sincere, heart and heart resonate, and what they make is truth.

in the future, we will no longer easily give our hearts, learn to open our eyes in interpersonal relationships, and only leave treasure to those who are worthy of it.

along the way, life tells us: to live, you don't have to worry about everything and compete with each other.

in the world of mortals, there are many things that fluctuate our mood and hurt our eyes.

if you care all about it, you will all be angry, and instead of losing others, you will spoil yourself for nothing.

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Laozi once said that "the best is like water". When the current encounters an obstacle, it will bypass it, and if it cannot get around it, it will accumulate strength, and when the strength is sufficient, it will "spread over" and continue to flow.

people should also have this state of mind of "overflowing the past", with an easygoing state of mind, facing the stumbles in life, expelling the complaints in their hearts and freeing them for better things.

along the way, the more you live, the more you understand: there are a lot of things you don't have to cling to, just go with fate.

in life, there are many things that can not be what we want, our life is often accompanied by regret and regret.

because of this, it is easy for us to let our troubles become entangled, torment ourselves, and never forget to grieve alone.

in this life, confusion is rare, confusion is rare.

some things, try their best, if not, then give up; some people, retain, if not, not as good as strangers; some feelings, unrequited love, to be able to give up.

only by learning to let nature take its course, can we better meet the rest of life.

along the way: I cherish what I have in front of me more because I know that I can't turn back my life.

time never stops, some days, one day less, some people, meet one less, we begin to cherish every minute alive, cherish everyone around us.

Life is short, and everyone has only one life that can't be repeated.

do not seek great wealth, do not seek to live vigorously, just want to open your heart, to embrace this precious life, and family safe, light life.

time is like running water. I have passed the years and experienced life. Along the way, I would like to be a warm person with love and righteousness in my heart and live the life I want.

blooming for a season, people live a lifetime, know how to lighten the burden on the soul, and look at the changes of the world with an optimistic attitude, in order to live up to this short and gorgeous life.