As soon as Wang Xinling turned red, she got cold again!
As soon as Wang Xinling turned red, she got cold again!
The growth of female consciousness, once it happens, will not backtrack.


her sister's life

this is the first year of archaeology in the entertainment industry.

after 0713 Fast Man, Legend of Zhen Huan in 2011 and where are We going Dad, which began in 2013;

our sweetheart leader, Wang Xinling, has set off a new round of retro frenzy on her own.

after all aspects of archaeology unfolded, the ancient idol drama "smiling pasta" starring Wang Xinling and Zhang Dongliang suddenly rushed into the hot search.

and "the Wedding clothes of the Kingdom of Heaven" and "falling in love with Chameile". Sister Wang's "black history" can not escape.

once the memory killing strikes, it is impossible to stop easily.

"about the revival of Taiwan puppets in place in 2022"

my dead youth suddenly attacked me, and I hit call; with tears in my eyes

but if someone says they want to remake the Taiwan doll, I can only say: it's not necessary!

the attitude of refusal is as firm as the netizens who extinguished the enthusiasm of the remake of the film Prince into Frog.


because we know: feelings are feelings, put aside the filter to see, is destined to be unable to withstand in-depth study of the plot and core.

Taiwan puppets more than ten or twenty years ago dominated both success and defeat.

in Taiwan's Gu Zaoba series, the prince and Cinderella are the standard configuration.

male leaders each have their own prominent status and outstanding appearance, and it is best to be a business master.

and the female master is either from a miserable family or has a humble social status, as pitiful as she is.

the star of sheep herding, the hostess Xia Zhi Xing, has been alone since childhood and her family is poor.

Ye Tianyu, the hostess of "the Prince becomes a Frog", cannot escape. Her parents are both dead and are in debt.

Chen Xinyi, the hostess of "I am destined to love you", is not only a "post-it girl" who runs errands in the workplace;

is also the third unwelcome daughter in the family.

Why is it set like this?

because the more miserable their lives are, the brighter the halo of the male lead will be.

they are like the redeemers of girls all over the world. With a big wave of their hands, they can make a leap from "Cinderella" to "Princess".

in this context, Cinderella doesn't need to fight battlefield, they just need to think about how to bump into the arms of the prince at the ball.

the goal of the lady of "Prince becomes Frog" is to marry a rich man;

the hostess of "I am destined to love you" has been waiting for the prince to appear.

the realization of the value of the heroine does not lie in her career achievement, but in that she has become the lover, wife, or mother of the children in the family.

just like the story of Chen Xinyi and Ji Cunxi in "I am destined to Love you", it begins with an one-night stand.

two people who did not intersect because the two bars on the pregnancy test had to be tied together;

in order to keep the "incense" handed down from nine generations, the male master had to agree to marry with the female master under the coercion and inducement of his grandmother.

what scumbag male quotation

on the other hand, the hostess is persuaded to give in for the sake of her children and "she is a big family if she marries the past".

of course, although she quit her job, the woman didn't think it was worth it.

because in her view, Cinderella is born to do a good job of supporting work, and only in this way can she hold hands with the prince.


whether it is objective conditions or subjective psychology, the hostess is low to the dust. She is willing to dwarf herself and even become a "fertility container" in exchange for the prince's love for herself, and then lives happily in the castle.

career line? It doesn't matter.

what did Chen Xinyi, who successfully counterattacked the designer, do?

it is the icing on the cake for the man's family business, and then he is trapped by love again, and gets back together after the plot of chasing his wife at the crematorium.

after getting back together, the main theme of their love is: how to have a child and carry on the Ji family.

even if Xia Zhi Xing can independently design the world-famous "Midsummer Night Star", it is impossible to have its own career.

the highlight moment of the female lead career in the whole play is to express her own design ideas and help the male lead tide over the difficulties.

then retired from the stage, got married and got pregnant, and ushered in a happy ending.

what do you know about love brain?

this is why romantic stories between men and women always take place in a small fishing village, a peach blossom source where there is no need to make a career, but only need to consider love.

whether it is the tomorrow village in "the Sheep Stars", the Jiangmu Island in "I am destined to Love you", or the Guanmei fishing Village in "the Prince becomes a Frog". Have witnessed a limited version of simple love.

the reason why it is said to be a limited version is not only because it is often the moment the male and female masters walk out of the small fishing village, they open the practice field;

but also because of such an idealized relationship, it is simply difficult to achieve in reality.

because the road of love is not a pure romance, an ordinary girl who bows down for five buckets of rice will not meet an overbearing president with a distinguished family background (and amnesia).

moreover, my uncle really does not agree with the idea of turning over by marriage.

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what is meant by turning over? Do you marry into a wealthy family and have a handsome and rich boyfriend?

from today's point of view, this is undoubtedly a stereotype, but also for women.Field error education--

Love and marriage are by no means the only way to realize female value.

"A girl can marry a good family". "it's what a woman should do to have a husband and raise her son." We have heard too many of these arguments.

as Beaufort said:

"A woman's misfortune lies in being surrounded by almost irresistible temptations. She is not required to strive for progress, but is only encouraged to slide down to bliss."

Gu Zaoba's total drama, with its romantic storyline, lures women into the Mirage in order to achieve illusory "success".

now when we mention the ancient Taiwan puppet again, we are just remembering that ignorant and carefree youth.

this does not mean that we can accept the idol drama to go backwards.

over the past 20 years, our ideas have been moving forward, and the series of ancient morning TV series has long since been out of use.

in recent years, the overlord of Taiwan has taken over the world brought down by the boss of the mainland.

when it comes to the mainland bully drama, "Shanshan is here" is definitely on the list.

although it is still the old Mary Su combination of silly white sweet actress and cold belly black bully, at least there is some modern love.

Shanshan is an ordinary girl who has just entered the workplace. She has no bizarre background and will not habitually belittle herself.

(this is the character setting of the world).

she is full of blood and works hard for promotion and pay like all workers.

when she was hand-picked by the president to "pick food", she didn't want to rise from then on, but because she felt unwilling to be ignored.

after spending time with Big boss, I didn't stop to improve myself in my professional field.

is also in debt, the solution for Taiwan puppet girls may be to hold hands and dominate the boss, so the problem can be easily solved, but the sequoia is not.

even if the creditor is the one he is about to marry, he volunteered to relieve his little girlfriend of the burden.

she did not agree, but chose to repay 10 million and then be with the male master on an equal footing.

not only that, but also try every means to refuse the "all-pervasive" help of the boss and succeed on his own

(srds still has more or less the light of the male lead).

Xue Shanshan: silly White Sweet foodie;

in fact, Xue Shanshan: a sober woman with dreams and pursuits.

do you see the difference?

in the Gu Zaotai idoba drama, the highlight of the female master is almost always to lay the groundwork for attracting the male master, and their ultimate goal in life is to become a "good wife and mother" and complete the task of "husband and child education".

in recent years, although it is impossible to talk about the complete rise of women, at least the setting of female masters is no longer the brain of love, they also have the dream of "guiding rivers and mountains" and have their own pursuit of life.

this is not enough. The paradigm of "men are strong and women are weak" and "men dominate the outside and women dominate the interior" in the series are constantly being overthrown.

I don't know if you have paid any attention. "Please call me Director" was broadcast some time ago.

when he saw the title of the Chinese play, the uncle's first reaction was to refuse: what kind of old-fashioned, boring total drama?

it wasn't until Uncle noticed the English title "Master of My Own" that he suddenly realized: this is the vanguard of anti-routine!

"Please call me Director" is the obvious ambition of the hostess and a cry for stereotypes.

female boss Ning Lang, the gold medal secretary of the senior investment banking director (that is, the male lead), has taken care of everything perfectly in the past three years.

but becoming a secretary is only a stopgap measure, and what she wants to do has always been a gold medal investor.

will really love some ambitious girls!

in order to keep his perfect secretary, the president is both soft and hard, buying a bag for a raise and suppressing doubts.

none of them had any effect.

sober as a hostess, she refuses to commit herself to being a "babysitter", resigns decisively and pursues her dream.

after she resigned, she took the initiative to unbind herself from the male lead: