At a certain age, you fight for the ability to carry things and the ability to heal yourself.
At a certain age, you fight for the ability to carry things and the ability to heal yourself.
The way you live depends on your state of mind.

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at a certain age, I find that I have more and more responsibilities on my shoulders and encounter more and more things.

in the end, it is often about a person's ability to carry things and self-healing.

who can withstand the difficulties of life, who can still bloom a flower in the life of chicken feathers in the same place, is the winner of life.

to be a person who can carry things, the first thing is not to lose his temper or lose his temper.

Adults are faced with a variety of things, and their family and work need to be taken into account. Only by maintaining a stable mood and a cool head can they not be confused, have an insight into the overall situation, size up the situation, and make correct decisions.

therefore, maintaining emotional stability is a required course for a person who can handle things.

getting out of control and losing your temper not only can't solve the problem, but also confuse yourself, thus making mistakes in judgment, making wrong decisions, and making things worse and worse.

Wisdom comes from a calm state of mind.

those outstanding figures, it is not only to wear off their own impetuosity, to be able to be calm, so that they have made the right decision again and again.

it is better to do things quickly than to think, then it is better to do it, and the intention is not as good as peace of mind.

therefore, to be a quieter and quieter person, in the face of many unexpected situations in life, can we not be confused and deal with them calmly.

with the growth of age, many people will experience the difficulty of work, complex interpersonal relationships, burnout period, bottleneck period, and increased stress.

it's as if problems are stacked with problems, never stop.

No one is downwind and smooth all the way. Only by going up against the current and sticking to it in difficulty can we turn the corner but have another village.

the gifts you want in life are wrapped in a box called tribulation. only those who hold on will receive them.

adversity sharpens the state of mind, adversity inspires wisdom.

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behind those excellent lives, they are all ascetic-like practice and persistence, and the courage and tenacity to go up against the wind.

behind those difficult roads is your way of growing up.

frustration is more of a passbook.

be a more and more resilient person and remember that good things take a long time.

A tolerant and peaceful heart is a beam of sunshine in life.

Life, always can not avoid the collision of firewood, rice, oil and salt, pots and pans, accidentally a place of chicken feathers.

Elusion can not solve the problem, but to accept and practice their own state of mind, the heart is poetic, all things are beautiful.

Life is about mindset.

Happiness never falls from the sky, but grows from your heart.

those who can always live with ease and calmness are not because there are no chores in life, not because there is a harmonious voice around them, but because they have a tolerant, peaceful, contented and grateful heart.

there is no desperate situation in the world, only people who are desperate about it.

if you have more contentment, you will have less to worry about.

if you are more peaceful and tolerant, you will complain less.

if you have a small heart, it will be a big deal. If you have a big heart, things will be small.

what the world looks like depends on your eyes.

the way you live depends on your state of mind.

be a person who can carry things, and try to practice your own calmness, resilience, and tolerance. Keep your mood stable so that you can be calm and wise.

have a good mindset and your life will be lovely everywhere.

, may you and I dance even though we are in the mud.