At the end of life, it's all about emotional management.
At the end of life, it's all about emotional management.
Only those who can control bad emotions can control their own life.


exposure to the complex social network, as long as the body of life vibrates, the mood in the heart will inevitably ripple.

people who are really good have already developed the ability to regulate their emotions and will not let themselves be swayed by their emotions.

psychologist Nandi Nathan said:

"the average person spends an average of 3/10 of his life in a bad mood, so people often need to fight against those negative emotions.

anger or anger can be more intense and more destructive than the initial impulse. "

those who can control bad emotions can control their own lives.

at the end of life, the spell is emotional management.

give your emotions to yourself to attract illness

the Yale Medical Department concluded in a report:

"76% of the patients who go to the hospital have experienced emotional inducement."

the so-called "emotion-induced disease" is a physical disease induced by emotion.

if we continue to indulge in bad emotions, it will eventually be our own bodies that will pay the bill.

my best friend Shen Ping, who has chest tightness, shortness of breath and restlessness recently, asked me to accompany her to the hospital. The old Chinese medicine doctor took the pulse and said with a smile:

"have you had a hard time in your heart? The stagnation of liver qi is caused by qi disease. "

it was only then that Shen Ping revealed her grievance that she had been cheated out of 30,000 yuan on the Internet, part of the money was the living expenses of her husband's child, and part of the money was the amount of overdraft.

after what happened, she was angry and remorseful, depressed, and on the surface pretended to be so light that she dared not tell her husband.

but she is trapped in anxiety, eats badly, sleeps not heavily, and becomes inattentive.

once, she unexpectedly flushed milk powder with boiling water and almost scalded the child. fortunately, she habitually took a sip to avoid an accident.

it turns out that people really get angry.

the famous host Dashan once said with emotion:

"before the age of 30, I always used to keep all my emotions in my heart.

work problems, emotional changes, big and small things not only overwhelm the heart, but also overwhelm health. "

A good mood is a good medicine for health.

learn to control your emotions and don't let them steal your life.

taking good care of your emotions is the best way to maintain good health.

give your emotions to others and cause trouble

Qi arises from rage, disaster from impulse.

writer Zhang Jiajia said:

"the world is full of traps, and anger will lead you to the worst."

do you still remember high achiever in Jiangxi who stood out for her sister and accidentally killed her brother-in-law last year?

when Chen Xiaoping, brother-in-law, saw a small gap in the plate, he began to abuse his sister and angrily made her turn to go out.

instead of comforting, his brother-in-law made sarcastic remarks. Zhang Yihang loved his sister and chased her out.

my sister told Zhang Yihang that Chen Xiaoping had a particularly strong desire for control. Once he did something that made him dissatisfied, he would shout insults at himself, even punching and kicking, but he never dared to resist for fear of bringing greater harm.

Zhang Yihang was so angry that he decided to teach his brother-in-law a lesson.

he picked up the beer bottle by the side of the road and ran to his sister's house.

after entering the door, I saw my brother-in-law, picked up the beer bottle and smashed it down.

Chen Xiaoping fell to the ground and died.

Chen Xiaoping buried the cause of disaster for himself because he could not control his emotions, and Zhang Yihang also paid a heavy price for his impulse.

18-year-old Zhang Yihang has excellent grades and a bright future, but now he has become a murderer and ruined the future.

on impulse, the fate of two families and countless relatives was pushed into the abyss of pain.

emotion is a man's demon. If you don't control it, it will engulf you.

Wise men are patient, but fools are often irritable.

Wise men are always trying to get rid of emotional shackles, while fools are always easily driven by emotions and fall into emotional traps.

people who explode with negative energy, such as walking powder kegs, often injure others and hurt themselves.

A wise man has long learned to control his emotions.

writer Huffland said: "of all the adverse effects in the world, the most likely to lead to success is often excessive emotion."

any relationship will inevitably lead to misunderstandings or conflicts. Anger is an instinct, and controlling emotions is the skill.

controlling emotions is not only the best antidote in life, but also the best way to behave in the world.

people who are really good are not swayed by their emotions

there is a question on the Internet: "what is the most important thing adults need to restrain?"

the highly praised answer is: "emotion."

only by controlling your emotions well can you fundamentally solve the problem.

not long ago, the news of eardrum perforation caused by retrograde beating by a BMW driver in Jiangsu went viral, which was very shocking.

Mr. Gu's foot was injured, and his wife, Ms. Li, took him out of the hospital and drove into the community. A BMW opposite was retrograde and the refueling door rushed.

the two cars couldn't get through at all, so Ms. Li had to stop. She asked the BMW driver to give way. The BMW driver not only refused to give way, but also began to abuse Ms. Li.

the retrograde BMW owner could not help saying that he slapped Mr. Gu in the face, resulting in a perforation of his eardrum.

Gu Xian was beaten for no reason and did not feel impulsive. He raised his hands to show that he did not fight back.

watching Mr. Gu on crutches call the police, the owner of the BMW shouted, "I'll hit you. What's wrong?"

after the BMW driver was arrested and wanted to settle, Mr. Gu firmly refused to go private and must let him be punished.

suppose that if Mr. Gu fights back, he will not only suffer from inconvenience, but will also be punished for fighting each other.

when you can manage your emotions well, you will find that your heart becomes strong.

despite the high winds and waves outside, we can deal with it easily and leisurely.

Lin Yutang has a profound saying:

"A person with a clean heart, a clear mind, and no superfluous emotions and delusions will bring sense of security to people."

because he does not hurt others, nor does he hurt himself. To some extent, this is a kind of keeping the precepts.

people who are really good never let their emotions dominate them.

those who can control their emotions have the spare power to control their lives.

at the end of life, the spell is emotional management

Anthony Robin, the orator, said:

"the secret of a great life is to know how to control the power of emotion, not to be countered by it."

it is a good blessing to repair a good temper.

cultivate emotions, cultivate vision, refine cognition, promote patterns, and achieve life.

Adults have a required course called emotion management.

share three methods of emotion management for friends' reference.

Don't complain when you're sad

complaining is anger at your own incompetence; it is missing yesterday and overdrawing today's self-depletion.

Life's ups and downs are normal, sometimes triumphant, sometimes frustrated, temporary success or failure, no need to be sad, no need to complain.

Abai Kunanbaev once said:

"it is ridiculous for a man to shout in anger; it is honorable to be silent in anger."

only those who are silent at the right time and are not held hostage by grievances can swallow grievances, feed the pattern, and reshape life.

exercise more when anxious

writer he Lian said:

"for negative emotions such as anxiety, find an activity that can vent your emotions and recuperate your mind, such as exercise, which can constantly return to zero and start all over again."

exercise has the power to repair the heart.

dopamine and endorphins produced during exercise can boost the spirit and regulate mood.

when irritability can not be expressed, then go to exercise, after a sweat, the heart will become strong.

emotion is the catalyst of exercise efficiency, and exercise is a specific drug to relieve emotion.

take a deep breath on impulse

Dr. Ronald, an expert in emotion management, said:

"stormy anger, which often lasts no more than 12 seconds, destroys everything when it breaks out, but then it is calm. If you control it for 12 seconds, you can get rid of negative emotions."

when feeling high, take three deep breaths.

between exhalation and inhalation, as soon as sensibility is blocked, reason has a chance to return.

A lot of things, the situation changes with the heart, the state of mind changes, the result changes with it.

the Power of positive sobriety says:

"We do not feel positive emotions because of a complete life and good health, but because heartfelt positive emotions create a complete and healthy life."

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Life's happiness and misfortune are all related to emotional self-control, so you must be introspective and self-study.

people who strive to create positive emotions can not only get out of the trough themselves, but also lead others through difficulties.

creating happiness is a realm, managing emotions is an ability, maintaining emotional stability is better than a hundred kinds of wisdom.

May you manage your emotions, ferry your life, and live your life gracefully and calmly.