Be careful! From today on, I'm going out with cash.
Be careful! From today on, I'm going out with cash.
Give the elderly more love and understanding, let them live a happy and dignified old age, but also be kind to themselves in the future.

I found a video on the Internet, and I felt sad for a long time.

A girl met a white-haired grandmother in the street, stooping to sell rice dumplings.

few pedestrians stopped. After the girl came forward and asked for one, and was about to take out her mobile phone to scan the code, the old woman asked her carefully:

"can you go to the cake shop across the street and scan the code and give her change?"

every time I see this, I feel unspeakable heartache.

it is clear that their own life is not satisfactory, but there is no pain in the world.

under this video, someone left a message and asked the old man's son to print a payment code.

Yes, maybe with the payment code, more people will come to buy grandma's zongzi, and she doesn't have to sit all day, no matter how heavy the wind and rain is, she has to sell out before she wants to go home.

but maybe the granny will no longer receive her hard-earned money.

because there are too many old people, the money they earn cannot reach their own hands.

there are also old people who clearly see others transfer money, but they never receive the money.

this era is developing rapidly. A mobile phone can easily do a lot of things.

but while we rely on science and technology to live a convenient life, it has also become a dilemma that the elderly have to face.

tell me about my personal experience.

when I went to the hospital for re-examination, the health code was checked at the door as usual. most people stayed for less than a minute, and only an old couple with gray hair was stopped.

the uncle broke out in a sweat and kept messing around with his cell phone.

the old woman on one side was at a loss and kept explaining to the people next to her that her son had taught them, and that she was still fine at home and could open it.

but the hospital is destined to be busy, everyone is in a hurry to take care of them, and the two old people are like helpless children.

when I saw this scene, I walked forward. It turned out that they had no Internet when they left home just because their mobile phones didn't turn on the traffic.

after successfully opening it, they kept saying thank you to me, but I dared not look them in the eye.

I don't know how long they have been preparing for a trip to the hospital, but even if they go in, there is basically no sign at the scene, complicated signs, payment and drug collection are all done on the machine.

for us, these problems that can be solved in a second are obstacles that they can never overcome.

if no one stops or reaches out to help them, they may not like to get sick all day.

but I feel more distressed. My parents and elders may be facing the same predicament where I can't see them.

do you remember the old man who lived alone who did not know how to grab food online during the epidemic?

can only stand in front of the locked supermarket and helplessly beg the staff inside to sell themselves some vegetables.

"you pity me."

on the bus, a pair of old people who owed money on their mobile phones failed to scan the code several times.

was expelled impatiently by other passengers: "go down, why keep us waiting."

the old woman had to push her wife out of the car in a panic:

"forget it, let's go down."

in this fast-moving society, most young people are adept at using face recognition, payment codes, and meal codes.

enjoy the convenience that technology brings to the future all the time.

but few people realize that behind what we are used to, a group of old people are being abandoned.

intricate applications, complicated instructions, and every step are almost impossible for the elderly.

era is a fast lane, but they are excluded and isolated into an island.

A reader once left me a message.

her father always tells people that she works in a big city, takes the subway and air conditioning, and is very comfortable.

but in fact, they have never taken the subway in their lives, nor can they take the subway.

Last time, her father was very happy to show off to her that a friend helped him drive a shared bike when he went to the county. She was very uncomfortable when he and her mother took turns walking around.

this is our familiar life, but for our parents, it is an unfamiliar world.

Yes, the development of the city is depicted according to the needs of young people.

but sometimes, before the old people speak, we, as children, first eliminate them on behalf of this era.

in the TV series "Twenty without confusion", there is a clip that is impressive.

when Jiang Xiaoguo and her mother were on the phone, her mother carefully asked her how to withdraw the money in Wechat.

"I still don't know how to withdraw cash on that Wechat. Can you teach the godmother again?"

but Jiang Xiaoguo got excited when he heard this, and stamped his foot angrily: "didn't I teach you before?"

"the models of mobile phones are all different. I've told you a hundred times, but you still don't know!"

what a familiar scene.

once upon a time, we also stepped on our parents' shoulders to know the world.

but after they were unable to lift, they pretended not to see the traces of their old age and never looked back to look for their own future.

so the old man who was left behind took the cash all the way to the business hall to pay the fee, but was rejected.

do not want to bother their children, but go out alone but face the subway and bus machines, it is difficult;

I'm afraid to use my cell phone. I'm afraid it won't work.Watch TV, can't adjust the channel.

they have long lagged behind society, but they do not want to cause trouble to their children, so they can only swallow a bitter smile and say "nothing" alone.

what about us?

but in turn blame them, stubborn, out-of-date, and even humiliating.

there is a popular post on the Internet.

A blogger came home from work and saw her grandfather selling ginger by the roadside. It was fresh and cheap. She picked out a piece of ginger for 2 yuan.

learned that the blogger had no cash, Grandpa said:

"if you don't have any cash, eat it."

this sentence suddenly broke the guard of the blogger and immediately ran to the supermarket to cash a few yuan.

when she came back, Grandpa was taking care of his green vegetables very carefully, one by one neatly, saying proudly that it was his own vegetable.

before the blogger left, Grandpa stuffed her with a handful of spring onions, saying that there was no need to buy any more.

it is obviously a very warm story, but it makes people want to cry.

this era is running so fast that even if we need to keep learning new knowledge, the old people can only watch themselves being abandoned by the times.

did they do something wrong?

there is nothing wrong with them. We are the ones who should feel guilty.

We get on the ship of the times by luck, but forget that those who are left behind by the times are our fathers.

in a long period of time, it was they who pushed us onto the ship of the times.

We enjoy the great convenience of the Internet, but mock them for not getting on board.

but who can be young forever?

one day we will also grow old, be overthrown by the new era, and be submerged in the torrent of scientific and technological development.

they are who they are now and who we are in the future.

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Guangming Daily has a good saying:

"the elderly live a decent and convenient life as part of social justice."

in this era of rapid change, human science and technology is changing with each passing day.

but there is something that remains the same, that is human nature.

Technology can't wait for the elderly, so let's wait.

in November 2020, the "implementation Plan for effectively solving the difficulties of the elderly in using Intelligent Technology" was issued;

in many places, they are taking the initiative to help the elderly learn to use smartphones;

Hospitals, shopping malls, stations and other occasions have begun to provide exclusive public service systems for the elderly.


besides, each of us can do a lot of things.

in this special period, pay more attention to the elderly living alone.

when I go out with some cash, I meet an old man who set up a stall by the side of the road and buy some of their things.

when you meet an old man who is at a loss and helpless, never be indifferent or even add evil words.

take care of the old people.

give the elderly more love and understanding, let them live a happy and dignified old age, but also be kind to themselves in the future.

as children, we also need to give our parents a little more love and company.

they can't learn to play video, so make more phone calls with them.

if you can't adjust smart TV, go home and talk to them more often.

take them to the city where we live and hold their hands tightly, just like he did when he was a child.

"We step on their shoulders to see the prosperity of the world, do not forget that they also yearn for this prosperous world."


, I hope more people will pay attention to it.