Be kind to yourself and never get angry.
Be kind to yourself and never get angry.
Only when you have a big heart, things will be small; only when you think about it, life will go smoothly.

saw a very interesting joke on the Internet.

when your children make you angry, please calm down and say:

"give birth to me, follow me, follow me."

when your lover makes you angry, please calm down and say:

"I choose, I deserve it, I deserve it, I deserve it."

when your work makes you angry, please calm down and say:

"those who give money, those who give money, put up with it, bear it, bear it."

it's funny to read, but it's also philosophical.

angry, who is cheaper?

Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions is a girl that people like and feel sorry for.

she is beautiful and talented, but she is unhappy and sentimental.

Daiyu, who was already weak and sickly, ended up with stagnation of liver qi and fragrance and jade damage at a young age.

because of her sensitive mind, she is easy to over-interpret other people's casual words and likes to sulk in case of trouble.

Baoyu said more to Baochai, and she sulked; her sisters did not play with her, and the servant girls and wives gossiped about her, and she was angry in her heart.

when she encountered all kinds of unhappy things, she always hid herself and burst into tears.

but what about the people who made her angry?

still play, eat and drink happily, just like nothing happened.

your heart is rough, while others are light.

after a long time, he made himself sick.

is it worth it?

most of the time, when you get angry, you only hurt yourself.

as a limerick says:

"I'm not angry when others are angry, and there's no one to replace me when I get sick. If I am angry to death, and sad and laborious. "

after passing that annoying node, you will find that the things that make you unhappy or even angry are no more than that.

most of the trivial things in life are not worth our time to get angry.

to be angry with others, it is your own mood that is bad; to compete with yourself, it is your body that is hurt.

when you encounter unhappy things, you might as well enlighten yourself in time; when you encounter people who make you unhappy, you might as well choose to avoid them.

Let it go if it doesn't bother about trifles.

those who can ignore it turn a blind eye.

as Mr. Feng Zikai said:

"if there is nowhere to run, it is not as good as joy.

if there is no Pure Land, it is better to meditate. If you don't get what you want, you might as well be relieved. "

the width of the heart is one inch, the width of the road is one inch

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there was a "wonderful" dialogue between poet Yu Guangzhong and writer Li ao.

Li ao attacked Yu Guangzhong, calling him a "brown-nosed poet".

someone asked Yu Guangzhong why Li ao never responded to you when he picked on you on different occasions every day.

Yu Guangzhong thought for a while and then replied:

"he scolds me every day, which shows that he can't live without me. And I never pay any attention, which means I can live without him. "

Mr. Yu Guangzhong's simple reply is not only humorous, but also full of wisdom and transparency.

in fact, some arguments are meaningless, they will only hurt others and irritate themselves.

you are more comfortable when you don't pay attention to those malicious voices.

my landlord aunt is a very intelligent woman who can block out noisy voices and make herself comfortable.

she has a gentle character, but her husband has a bad temper.

often passing by the first floor, you can hear her husband vent his dissatisfaction loudly.

people in their sixties often get angry with their wives for trifles.

Auntie cooked the meal a little hard, and he scolded loudly. The noise made in the morning affected his sleep and lost his temper.

once, I asked the landlord aunt, my uncle has such a bad temper, how can you stand it?

Auntie said that when the old man lost his temper and was unreasonable, she covered her ears and ignored him.

if he can't stand it, he goes out to play cards with his sisters, take a walk, and leave him at home alone.

"if you get angry with him, two people can't fight?"

We can't control our mouths, but we can decide when to cover our ears.

being angry is actually punishing yourself for other people's mistakes.

those who can smile and ignore are the really smart people.

if you let it go, your heart will be quieter; if you don't care, people will be happier.

sometimes learn to give in with a smile, life will be more leisurely.

be kind to yourself and never get angry.

35 patients with metastatic breast cancer have been observed abroad. it is found that the average survival time of patients with happy mood is 22.8 months, while that of patients with negative emotion is only 8.6 months.

so, to a certain extent, maintaining a good mood is also a good medicine.

if we calculate according to the average life expectancy of 78 years, after deducting the time we spend on work, socializing, housework and other things, it really belongs to us.The time is only about 9 years.

for the sake of your health, please be less angry.

because there are no people or things in this world that are worth sacrificing your body and health.

when you are unhappy, talk to your family and friends and spit out your bitterness.

when you are in trouble, go for a run and let the evening wind blow away all your unhappiness.

when you are in a bad mood, release it in your own way for a while without hurting others.

Life should be beautiful and gentle, don't let the frown drown your original bright smile.

Zhou Guoping said:

"A lot of pain in life comes from blind competition."

when you see clearly and live thoroughly, you will find:

only when you have a big heart, things will be small; only when you have an open mind, will life go smoothly.

finally, I would like to share with you a sentence that I like very much:

people who are often angry with themselves are narrow-minded;

people who are often angry with themselves and others are called vulgar people.

he who makes others angry, but not so angry himself, is called a great man.

No matter how angry others are, you can take it calmly and call it a superior person;

never angry with others, not angry with yourself, called a real person.

, share with your friends.