Bear the name of the other woman, married 24 years without children, sure enough, we have been deceived by her!
Bear the name of the other woman, married 24 years without children, sure enough, we have been deceived by her!
Time never defeats beauty, time steals youth, but precipitates temperament.

recently, "Sound without end" was frequently sent to hot search as soon as it started broadcasting. As soon as she looked at it with curiosity, she was surrounded by Ye Qianwen.

dressed in a red skirt and slightly curly silver hair, she stood on the stage, with the music playing, a "blessing" instantly reminds people of memories.

the gentle and clear voice expresses the deep feelings and good wishes in the song, and the elegant figure is full of temperament and beauty that can not be ignored.

when she finished singing, Lin Zixiang went to her side, took her hand and sprinkled a wave of dog food, which made the audience envy and envy!

Lin Zixiang knew that he had lost, but he spoiled and said, "how can I beat you?"

even though they have been married for many years, they can still feel their tacit understanding and love for each other from their eyes and movements.

although she is over 50 years old, she is still as free and easy as before, never afraid of the years.

it is said that time is a knife and will not let anyone go easily, but the trace it gives to Ye Qianwen is a sense of temperament precipitated by years.

when it comes to Ye Qianwen, many people may not know her, but they must have heard her sing "A Walk in style".

the song "I don't know how many sorrows in the world, why not walk back chic" seems to be the truest portrayal of her life.

it seems that she has carried out the word "natural and unrestrained" all her life.

pursue the dream you want, chase it bravely; do what you want to do boldly; love the one you want to love bravely.

Ye Qianwen was born into a wealthy family in Taiwan. at the age of 4, in order to give her a better education, her family emigrated to Canada.

under the open education of her parents, she has been a passionate and free girl since childhood.

however, being in a foreign country and not knowing the language makes it difficult for her to make friends and is excluded by her classmates everywhere.

and luck always comes to Ye Qianwen inadvertently.

when she went back to Taiwan to visit her grandfather, she was spotted by a talent scout in the street and filmed the first commercial in her life.

in front of the camera, she is smart and lively, without the shyness of the newcomer who has just played.

after this ad was broadcast, she began to become famous, and many people saw the bright spots in her.

it is rare to have such an opportunity, and Ye Qianwen did not hesitate and agreed to take part in the play.

I thought it was just an addiction to acting, but I didn't expect that Ye Qianwen opened the way to show business.

later, he was excavated by musician Li Taixiang and released his first album, "reliefs in Spring."

however, Ye Qianwen's road to fame is not as smooth as she thought.

whether it is the movie or the album released, the response is mediocre.

just then, Ye Qianwen met the tall and handsome Fei Xiang, and the two quickly fell in love with each other.

Fei Xiang showed his love in a high profile, and the official declared his love: "Ye Qianwen is mine, and I will always love her!"

but this relationship of talent and beauty is strongly opposed by Fei Xiang's mother, who thinks that falling in love will only delay her career.

later, in an interview with Ye Qianwen, she also recalled:

"Fei Xiang's mother doesn't like me very much. As long as we go out on a date, his mother is very unhappy, but I don't care


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Ye Qianwen has always been free and easy, letting go without being blessed. Soon after, she said goodbye to this young and ignorant love.

as she was lukewarm in her career and unhappy in her feelings, Ye Qianwen simply left Taiwan and went to Hong Kong.

soon, her life also ushered in the next important turning point.

at that time, there had already been many talented musicians with different styles in the music scene in Hong Kong.

as a newcomer, she doesn't speak Chinese or Cantonese, and she doesn't have an agency yet.

the only thing that is well known by the public is the movie "A match", which made Ye Qianwen unpopular and in a very difficult situation.

until he met Ma Yonglin, the male owner of "A match," Ye Qianwen could not find a way out alone, so he made a match and introduced her to Lin Zixiang's wife and agent Wu Zhengyuan.

therefore, his wife Wu Zhengyuan strongly recommended Ye Qianwen to Lin Zixiang and invited him to cooperate.

after listening to Ye Qianwen sing a few words, Lin Zixiang decided on the spot that she was the choral singer.

Ye Qianwen, a younger generation, did not feel the slightest nervousness when she saw the big brother in the singing world. Instead, she said with a relaxed face:

"I'll sing for you for free, free, because I've always wanted to work with you."

perhaps it is Ye Qianwen's straightforward character that has left a deep impression on Lin Zixiang.

at that time, Ye Qianwen spoke Cantonese well.No, this has also become an obstacle to her development in the Hong Kong music industry.

Lin Zixiang, a teacher and friend, became Ye Qianwen's teacher, teaching her Cantonese pronunciation and singing skills.

soon, with the help of Lin Zixiang, she successfully released her first Cantonese album, Ye Qianwen, and 00:10 was selected as the "Top Ten hit songs" list.

since then, Ye Qianwen has come to the fore in the Hong Kong singing scene.

as soon as "honeyed words" and "blessings" came out, she beat Anita Mui and once won all the awards in the Hong Kong music world, and her popularity soared.

A song "chic Walk once" made her popular all over the country, the streets and alleys were all her songs, and everyone called her "chic diva" one after another.

although she made her debut as a singer, Ye Qianwen has also made a comeback in the film and television industry, starring in many classic works.

Ye Qianwen was selected by Tsui Hark to appear in the film "Shanghai Night". Although it was her first contact with a big-screen performance, she interpreted her role incisively and vividly, leaving a deep impression on many audiences.

two years later, Ye Qianwen once again worked with Tsui Hark and starred in the movie "Dao Ma Dan" with Lin Qingxia and Zhong Chuhong.

even though she played on the same stage with the two goddesses Lin Qingxia and Zhong Chuhong, she had no stage fright and pinched the naive and romantic image of the "big stupid girl" very well.

is also this film, so that she was nominated for Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time, successfully pushing her career to a peak.

and behind all her outstanding achievements, she must be inseparable from the most important person in her life--

Lin Zixiang.

at the Hong Kong Top Ten Music Award ceremony in 1993, Ye Qianwen was dressed in a red skirt. After winning the most popular female singer, she excitedly "confessed" Lin Zixiang:

"Thank you, Lin Zixiang, for being so supportive all the way. Although people say we are dating, it doesn't matter. I still love you so much."

it was not until three years later that Ye Qianwen and Lin Zixiang got married. Although the marriage was not favored by the public, she was duty-bound to look back.

after marriage, both of them faded out of the entertainment industry to run their own families and live their own lives.

unexpectedly, the trivialities after marriage slowly washed away the fantasy and romance when I was in love.

in life, the two of them have diametrically opposite habits.

Ye Qianwen likes to keep her house clean and tidy, but Lin Zixiang's drawers are always in a mess.

Ye Qianwen likes to stay up late, but Lin Zixiang gets up at five o'clock every morning for breakfast.

Ye Qianwen likes to be lively, but Lin Zixiang likes to write songs quietly and do what he likes.

the two people in the running-in period always quarrel, but later, Ye Qianwen also found out the way of marriage in the long-term relationship:

with different concepts of life arrangement, Ye Qianwen tries not to take care of Lin Zixiang's drawers, as long as she keeps her drawers clean and tidy.

two people have different work and rest habits, so they might as well sleep in separate rooms and have their own space, but it doesn't affect the relationship at all.

he doesn't like to make noise, so when he gets along, Ye Qianwen keeps as quiet as possible, talking less and listening more.

Ye Qianwen once said frankly: "she thinks she is not a good wife because she only does her job and never sacrifices too much."

but this so-called "job", she has done it to the extreme.

after marriage, Ye Qianwen did not have children because she was worried that she would not be a good mother, but this did not prevent her from loving Lin Zixiang and her ex-wife's two children.

she also wrote a song "the possibility of Love" for her children, which is written between the lines of the mother's best expectations and concerns for her children.

of course, Ye Qianwen's love for children has also been answered.

on Ye Qianwen's 60th birthday, Lin Zixiang was unable to accompany her because he had a job. It was his son Lin Dexin who accompanied her through her birthday.

even if asked, "what if Lin Zixiang has another love?"

she can also say very handsomely:

"if one day, he meets a very nice person to make him happy, I will be happy for him."

now, they support each other, through wind and rain for more than 20 years, from once vigorous to now, the only thing that remains unchanged is their love for each other.

perhaps, love is the simplest and happiest look!

looking back on her life, no matter what happens, she always loves herself, lively, relaxed and open-minded.

for career, life, and love, there is always free and easy in the heart.

even though there was confusion, loss, and controversy, Ye Qianwen always went up against the current and never thought of flinching.

although she has been away from the music world for many years, this "jianghu" still has her beautiful shadow and legend.

, time never defeats beauty, time steals youth, but precipitates temperament. May she walk back vigorously and live a chic life.