Beat the pregnant wife to miscarriage! If he doesn't ban it, the entertainment industry is really hopeless.
Beat the pregnant wife to miscarriage! If he doesn't ban it, the entertainment industry is really hopeless.
Please tell everyone that entertainment leads to domestic violence, we will not allow it!

Liu Zhoucheng is a hot search.

this hot search makes people's heart thump.

because of the relevant content, it turned out to be a group of motion pictures of him performing "domestic violence".

in the action picture, he looks murderous.

throw a fist at the camera, and then kick, kick and kick hard with your feet.

ferocious expression,

facial features are distorted.

in just a few seconds, my heart missed a few beats.

everyone knows that Liu Zhoucheng, a member of Supreme Lihe, is a famous domestic violence man.

but instead of being banned or cold, he became popular.

even imitate and promote domestic violence in the video?

netizens left a message: "ex-wife perspective."

he acquiesced.

responded with a vicious axe expression.

someone asked, "are you prone to domestic violence?"

also does not deny.

that is to say, he is not ashamed, but proud.

this is not,

, the live broadcast was started immediately.

be calm and complacent in the live broadcast.

while saying, "spread positive energy."

put your hands together and thank you for the gifts.

you must think that no one cares about such scum.


he is even very popular.

someone left a message, "I'm a black fan now, and I love it very much."


he replied habitually, "Thank you."

watching this carnival, I froze at this end of the screen.

when can domestic violence become a hindrance?

is it a joke? Become a means to earn traffic? Even become the traffic password of harvest worship?

if you think that this is the first time for Liu Zhoucheng to play "Family violence", you are wrong.

he has been rubbing the traffic of "victims of domestic violence" for a long time.

No resources,

his notoriety, contacts and popularity have been hit hard.

but you can rest assured that there are always scum in the world.

later, short videos sprang up.

here, he found a place to show his "punches and feet".

in order to get traffic, he shows his nature, filming violence, intimidation, punching and kicking as a "domestic violent man". And other content of the video, crazy output to everyone.

unexpectedly, this opened the second spring of the "career".

the video begins with a punch, and then introduces yourself: "Hello, everyone. I'm Master Liu."

with a hot song, give a random punch directly.

connect with Sun Yining and claim that "my talent is boxing."

follow Liu Ganghong to practice "Dragon Boxing".

replied to netizens' comments, "Don't say a word, start to change your face and shake your fist."

netizens joked that he punched fiercely with a ferocious expression.

not only players are violent,

there is no bottom line for show yet.

the background is the driver's seat of a sports car that hasn't been changed for thousands of years.

the words in the live broadcast are all unpleasant to hear.

"they told me to hit you."

even the video lines are full of hostility.

"who says I'm not angry? I'm very angry."

treat violence as a joke,

will hurt others as a gimmick.

what kind of world is this?

when violence + show + bullying becomes a norm, or even a kind of entertainment, where is the bottom line? Where is the truth, goodness and beauty?

the evil world is always amazing.

Liu Zhoucheng is shameless and his ideas are distorted, so forget it.

what is more frightening is the people who follow him.

now, he has used this tag to accumulate a group of people with the same conduct.

these people followed Liu Zhoucheng, weaving domestic violence into jokes for others to enjoy.

domestic violence boxing is called "wife injury boxing".

Liu Zhoucheng and Jiang Jinfu were named "Nanzhou Cheng and Bei Jinfu".

give them another faction of their fists.

recently, popular place names have been introduced, and Liu Zhoucheng has followed suit.

"I am from Guangdong and Zhongshan, Guangdong. In Zhongshan dialect, my mother's name is Mother."

the following message: "my wife is called being beaten."

Liu Zhoucheng talked about the fact that he bought bread and didn't keep it on the ground.

the message below: "go back and hit the waiter."

there are also a group of ghosts and serpents who chase Liu Zhoucheng's fists to be beaten.

"can Master Liu give me a punch?"

"it's a little boring. Master Liu quickly punched me twice."

"Don't say anything! Hit me! Hurry up! Hit me! Come. "

such as this dynamic picture.

someone actually said, "Hello, Master Liu. Can you hit me?"

Liu Zhoucheng faced the camera with a ferocious punch.

so what do you want?

implying that all violence is "begged" by the victim?

what's more, play with such a stem:

"Liu Shi"Fu, I broke up. Could you hit my ex-girlfriend for me? "

they thought it was a joke.

passers-by got a chill on their back after watching it.

some time ago, Liu Zhoucheng posted a video of a girl.

A girl claimed her identity in the comment area and said jokingly: "Hello, everyone. I'm the new sandbag."

Liu Zhoucheng gave her a fist expression.

sing in harmony and promote domestic violence as love.

turn a blind eye to the blood, tears, depression, and even sorrowful death of the real victim.

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they reveled on the victim's wound.

stimulate yourself to continue to be crazy with the pain of the victim.

Liu Zhoucheng, are you human?!

Why am I so angry with Liu Zhoucheng?

because it's not a show.

actually happened.

his ex-wife is Lin Miao.

the experience of her being beaten up was really creepy.

in 2015, Liu Zhoucheng married Lin Miao.

in 2017, Lin Miao released a long article, revealing the true face of Liu Zhoucheng.

get along with each other for two years, domestic violence wife 6 times.

Lin Miao, who was three months pregnant, was beaten and miscarried.

in February 2016, Lin Miao became pregnant again.

during the trip, the two had a quarrel, and Liu Zhoucheng beat him crazily again

the seedlings are bruised all over the body.

there is another case of domestic violence, which is even worse.

then grabbed his wife, who was eight months pregnant, and punched and kicked.

Lin Miao knelt down and begged for mercy, begging not to hurt the child.

Liu Zhoucheng turned a deaf ear and continued his violence.

Lin Miao, who couldn't stand it, rushed out of the room, picked up his cell phone and called for help.

Liu Zhoucheng chased out, grabbed the phone and fell to pieces on the ground.

in January 2017, Lin Miao was still in the month.

Liu Zhoucheng did it again.

Lin Miao's face and body, old wounds have not yet healed and new wounds have been added.

the divorce lawsuit went on for several months.

Lin Miao finally got away.

leaving the devil, I thought I could forget the scar and start all over again.

however, the Internet once again stung her.

the demon who beats others becomes the hero to be followed.

Lin Miao, who was beaten, deserved it.

when did the world become like this?