Break the game (good text in depth)
Break the game (good text in depth)
Improving the level of cognition is the key for a person to break the situation.


Let's first look at this set of equations:

1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 1, 6, 18, 1;

when you see this set of equations, your brain's intuition will instantly tell you: it's impossible.

but if you add units after each number, it becomes the following equation:

1 li + 1 li = 1 km;

1 month + 2 months = 1 quarter;

3 days + 4 days = 1 week;

5 months + 7 months = 1 year;

6 hours + 18 hours = 1 day.

in this way, this set of equations is fully valid.

Master Liang, a self-media writer, once said, "the so-called breaking the game, to put it simply, is the ability to solve complex problems."

when intuition leads us into a dilemma, only by breaking the existing situation can we see the bigger world.

those who do not know how to break the game have serious internal friction

We often encounter all kinds of dilemmas in our lives:

I don't like this major, but I don't have the courage to change my major.

I want to resign, but I'm afraid that my next job will not be as good as this one.

I want to learn to improve myself, but I find that I don't have the whole time at all.


such people all have one characteristic:

thinking more and doing less is always consumed by the gap between ideal and reality.

Zhihu user

@ Bach likes to drink hot soup

told such a story.

A girl who majored in accounting, but she didn't like accounting and liked design. She asked him what to do.

he said, "then you should take a year off and take a new undergraduate course in design."

the girl said, "I can't do that. I'm already 20 years old. I repeat my study for another year and take the undergraduate exam again. I've graduated at 25 years old, and girls don't graduate until they are 25 years old. I don't have the advantage to find a job and fall in love."

he said, "then you should complete an undergraduate degree in accounting and then take a graduate student in design."

the girl added: "that won't work. Graduate students are not as high as low, and it is the most difficult to find a job. Now graduate students are not as competitive as undergraduate students."

therefore, he suggested that girls should take some design jobs in their spare time, mix and graduate accountants first, and then use design to get a job.

the girl continued to retort: "that's no good. I want to go to a big company that is more stable. Big companies attach great importance to the first degree. I am not the right major, so I will definitely be screened out there."

this is the endless cycle, one game after another, which makes her never dare to take the next step.

psychoanalyst Karen Horney mentioned in the book the conflict within us:

"the more we face up to our conflicts and look for solutions, the more inner freedom we will have."

however, people who can't break the game will spend all their time in internal friction with themselves.

if you spend one more minute on your internal friction, you will have one less minute to solve the problem.

only by daring to break the game can we get out of the cage of thinking

philosopher Schopenhauer said: "the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

once people dare to break the situation, the cage of thinking will be completely opened.

more than ten years ago, Wu Xiaobo, in conjunction with CCTV, planned to make a documentary entitled "Thirty years of agitation."

time is tight, only 4 months.

CCTV sent Luo Zhenyu, who is still a producer on the Economic Channel, to do the planning.

at that time, the program group wanted to interview 30 characters in "Thirty years of agitation", but found that there were only a few at all, and the whole team was in despair.

at this time, Luo Zhenyu said:

"Why do we have to interview the parties? Can't you interview bystanders?

the parties in the book do not invite any of them, but only do outside interviews.

for example, didn't Zhang Ruimin smash the refrigerator? we didn't interview him personally, but we found the first reporter who reported him smashing the refrigerator. "

later, the program team took action immediately, and in more than two months, they found more than 300 marginal figures related to the parties and conducted centralized interviews.

none of the well-known characters in Thirty years of agitation showed up, but it was a great success, winning back almost all the documentary awards of the year.

in the face of the plight of not being able to interview the parties, Luo Zhenyu did not always trap himself in the dead end of "interviewing the parties." instead, he walked out of this situation and chose to interview bystanders.

this is the master of breaking the game.

Cai Zhizhong, a famous cartoonist, often says:

"Education is bronze, ability is silver, interpersonal relationship is gold, and thinking is the trump card."

when you feel you are walking into a dead end, check to see if there is an exit nearby.

only by changing with the situation and learning to look at the problem from a different point of view can we deal with the difficult situation.

break the game, you can see the bigger world

A writer once said: "the main difference between people's fate lies in the gap in their thinking ability."

if the train of thought is wrong, no matter how much enthusiasm and effort are futile.

in the TV series "chicken feathers fly into the sky"There is a clip that is impressive:

before Chen Jianghe started his business, Luo Yuzhu became the premier "sock king" by virtue of her diligence and unique vision.

looking at Luo Yuzhu's hot business, everyone was moved and begged Chen Jianghe to lead them to the sock factory and wanted to share the pie with Luo Yuzhu.

Chen Jianghe provides you with another way to make money-selling pigskin gloves.

isn't gloves a necessity when the weather is getting colder?

this is the epiphany, big guy.

later Chen Jianghe said:

"it is not that there is no opportunity, it is to see if there is an opportunity in your eyes;

it's not that there's no money, it's to see if there's a way to make money in your eyes! "

as in the passage in "transition":

"the master is not stronger than us in ability, higher in IQ and better in concentration. Just because they think deeper and more knowledgeable than we do, they see a bigger system. "

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this system is the bureau.

the so-called "do not break, do not stand", people who know how to break the rules to think, can become unusual people.

how to break the game?

growth is like an upgrade, each stage has its own dilemma.

only if you break the existing game can you take the next step.

so how to break the existing game? Here are four suggestions.

find "meta problem"

We have all heard the story of monks sharing porridge.

two monks share porridge. Of course, the monk who is in charge of sharing porridge wants to give himself more porridge, but the other person of course refuses to do so.

how to really solve this problem?

persuade one of them to give in?

obviously not.

the most effective solution is to let one monk divide the porridge and the other choose porridge.

the monk who chooses porridge will of course choose the more bowl.

in order not to lose, the monk who divides the porridge can only divide the two bowls of porridge as much as possible.

in this way, the two monks can get the fairness they both agree with.

have "time thinking"

about breaking the game, it is also important to take the dimension of time into consideration.

if you learn a skill, try to set longer-term goals for yourself, break them down step by step, and improve step by step.

if you choose a job, think more about the company's prospects than the immediate salary.

if you make an investment, consider the return and return on the investment in terms of a longer cycle.

only by thinking about time and considering different choices over a longer period of time can you make wiser choices and give yourself more confidence and motivation.

raise awareness

take a look at the following picture:

I believe that 90% of people will see a protruding face in their eyes.

however, this is not the case.

when the picture is flipped, it is clear from the side view that this is a concave face.

the cognitive scientist explained: "this is because we have never seen a sunken face, so we cannot form a sunken face in our mind."

people with a low level of cognition tend to have a single idea in their mind, so the decisions they make are very narrow.

people with a high level of cognition will have more ideas in their minds, so their decisions will be more flexible.

improving the cognitive level is the key for a person to break the situation.

Life is a process of constantly breaking the situation.

you can achieve as much as you can break.

from today on, keep upgrading your thinking and have the courage to break through your own boundaries, there will be no game in this world that can trap you.


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