"can we build a real rocket?" What happened to people with dreams?
"can we build a real rocket?" What happened to people with dreams?
No matter how old you are, long live childlike innocence!

some time ago, the "most amateur rocket team in history" made up of a group of children and two programmers went viral.

netizens are curious:

"how can rockets be built without professional technology bosses and high-tech equipment?"

however, their stories are warmer and more healing than we thought.

the adjacent area of Pu'an County, Guizhou Province, was once the landing area for China to launch rockets.

seeing one after another successfully launched rockets and the debris that fell nearby, the children here began to be curious about the starry sky.

feeling the longing and longing of the children, the headmaster of the local school specially called in the teacher to popularize the knowledge of space science.

in class, the children asked a lot of good questions:

"Why are there craters on the moon? Why is there no water on Mars? "

although they have never left the earth or been in a spaceship, their imagination has long flown out of the solar system.

finally, a child asked:

"teacher, can we build a real rocket?"

the teacher was silent after listening.

he knows that he is just an ordinary programmer. Although he knows a lot about aerospace, it is obvious that building rockets is not within his ability.

but in the face of hundreds of pairs of expectant eyes, he really could not say no.

thinking of his persistence and love for the sky, he decided to take on this seemingly impossible task.

then he found his colleagues and used his spare time to work from early morning to late at night.

countless attempts, countless failures, countless repeats.

after more than three months of efforts, a 1.37-meter-long meteorological sounding rocket with functions such as aerial photography and telemetry was actually made by them.

entering the 10-second countdown, all the children followed by shouting: 10meme9, 8, 7.

the countdown ended, and the rocket rushed into the sky with a long tail flame amid a loud roar.

A few minutes later, after learning that the rocket had landed safely in no man's land in the mountains, the children cheered through the valley: "We have successfully launched the rocket!"

the seeds of dreams finally blossom and bear fruit at this moment.

looking at the cheering children, the teacher said:

"We, like children, are all ordinary people, and we all take this opportunity to prove to everyone that ordinary people can look up at the stars in their own way."

although the rocket only flew at an altitude of 800 meters, my uncle believes that this few minutes will be enough for children to remember for a lifetime.

the starry sky in the universe is the ultimate romance that human beings pursue.

in fact, there are many ordinary people with space dreams around us.

in April this year, a post-1995 Miao girl in Guizhou created a beautiful "starry tree" out of 1kg silver.

the stars on the starry tree are made of silver skin, and the trunk is made of old casting technology.

this girl is a non-legendary inheritor of silver skills, and has fantasized about the romance of picking stars countless times.

when she heard the news of the return of Shenzhou 13 that day, the love in her heart was rekindled.

now she wants to accomplish her childhood regrets in this way, and hopes that more children can realize their dream of "handy stars".

also in April, in Shangqiu, Henan Province, a father and son used 70 jin of waste cardboard boxes to build a model of the Chinese space station that is 4 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 1 meter high.

from the core cabin to the experimental module, from manned spaceships to cargo spaceships, solar panels are installed at last.

model is small, the details are not ambiguous.

in fact, this is not the first time the father has made a model.

I think of what Wang Zengqi said: "if you live, you must love something before life is meaningful."

those who take love as a dream and try to achieve it are really cool.

when we grew up reading ancient myths, we had a boundless longing for the starry sky of the universe from an early age.

after entering the society, we have a more rational understanding of fairy tales, but our curiosity about the stars has never been forgotten.

"will humans have the opportunity to emigrate to Mars in the future?"

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"what happens when a person falls into a black hole?"

"when will Star Trek be realized?"

as astronaut Krista McAuliffe said:

"Space is suitable for all astronauts, not only a few in the fields of science or mathematics, but also not limited to selected astronauts, that is our new field, and learning about space is the business of every human being."

the fantasy about the starry sky not only releases children's curiosity, but also allows adults to find spiritual comfort after busy work.

so this year International Children's Day and McDonald's are going to build a happy planet for everyone.

here, happiness and childishness belong not only to children, but also to adults.

this menu is based on the Universe Galaxy-themed object.

there are popular styles for young people

"Shrimp Castle when the Planet sets sail"


there are also children's favorite sweet and salty combinations

"Happy Planet Gemini"


if you need a snack, McDonald's can also "pick the stars" for you to make golden crisp

"Star Potato Cake"


after eating staple foods and snacks, there are also desserts and drinks.

as deep as the Milky way

"Galaxy bubble drink"

, taking into account both appearance and taste,

"Sea salt coconut wheat whirlwind"

the classic childhood elements such as ice cream, Oreos and marshmallows are perfectly integrated, making the whole wheat whirlwind full of interest and delicacy, even the love of countless people when they were young

"blueberry cheese pie"

is also among them.

in addition, there are also spicy

"clap chili flavor dipping sauce"

is palatable with sweet and sour taste and is loved by children

"sour plum flavor dipping sauce"


it can be said that McDonald's is very thoughtful.

in addition to delicious food, exquisite packaging design is also a highlight of this event.

in order to better balance the interest of children and the atmosphere of space, the designer specially printed the story of the young astronauts playing around the universe on the package.

Sea salt coconut flavor cones are designed with rocket launcher-like packaging, which can stand on the table and add a sense of ritual to the table.

the UFO of Shrimp Castle at the start of the planet can stand up, looking a lot like the building blocks and Lego we used to play with when we were kids.

Happy Planet Gemini & Star Potato Cake has created

6 different designs and packages

, every time you get it, it's a random design, and every time it's a different surprise!

activity, just open

scan the official APP of McDonald's

AR scans the package of Happy Planet Gemini & Star Potato Cake to trigger two different three-dimensional space happy planet experiences.

of course, if you don't enjoy watching it on your phone, it's also a good choice to go to an offline store to experience it.

now there are 12 offline flagship stores of Star Trek across the country, and not only

Space photo area and astronaut helmet fitting area

, with photo frame design and cute hand-held cards.

after experiencing the fun of spaceflight, you can also take photos and clock in. I have to say, McDonald's is so sweet.

I used to think that starry dreams were out of reach, but now you just have to walk into these space-themed offline stores to know what it's like to be an astronaut.

not only that, you can also get hidden eggs in the event.

International Children's Day can get

Free mini ice cream cone


what can heal the body and mind more than ice cream on a hot summer day?

it is the parents who give up their work and accompany their children to travel and play.

it is an adult who puts aside his troubles and anxieties and immerses himself in the interest of children.

it is a child who completely opens his body and mind and enjoys happiness and happiness.

No matter how old you are, long live childishness!

finally, International Children's Day and McDonald's also prepared a big gift-cross-border cooperation in China's lunar exploration

Children's Cartoon Astronaut helmet.

helmet has 2 functions:

Music function: when you move the blindfold up and down, it will play the exclusive sound effect of McDonald's "balabababa" for 2 seconds;

tone Sandhi function: the voice of a child speaking to a microphone will be transformed into the rustling voice of an astronaut in space.

two stickers are included in each helmet so that children can decorate themselves and create their own unique helmets.

it can be said that this is the McDonald's International Children's Day limited dream linkage product that cannot be missed on Children's Day.

the national limit is 20, 000, and International Children's Day has a limited edition!

it is only sold in some stores. For more information, please see

McDonald's official APP

query, you can also search for ele.me

snap up!

now that the starry journey has begun, let's unlock the space with my uncle and go to the star appointment.


except for McDonald's products, the pictures used in this article are derived from Internet and public news reports, and the copyright belongs to the original author