CCTV partners for 19 years, they are husband and wife?
CCTV partners for 19 years, they are husband and wife?
May all people who believe in love and look forward to marriage meet their own "fruit bubbles".

on May 17, CCTV host Hong Guo posted a video on the social platform.

in the picture, she holds her 8-month-old son and says to her husband, "husband, I want to buy a bag."

Green Bubble turned around, and the couple smiled at each other and said, "it's better to save money to buy diapers!"

Lens switch ~

Green bubble secretly applied his wife's mask in the dressing room, was caught by the red fruit, she pretended to be angry: "Why secretly apply my mask?"

the couple said in unison: "the family is polite."

at this time, the red fruit acts spoiled to the green bubble: "my mask is very expensive (you have to buy me a new box)."

but Green Bubble replied, "is it expensive?" Then you can use it! " With that, he took off the mask that had been pasted and pasted it on his wife's face with light makeup.

although the red fruit shook its head repeatedly to avoid the prank of the green bubble, the happiness of the fundus was about to spill over the screen.

even netizens can't help feeling: "when we were young, we were taught to be good children, and when we grew up, we were taught to be model couples."

since the launch of the Wisdom Tree in 2003, it has been the 19th year. Red fruits and green bubbles have changed from partners to lovers, and then to the parents of two children, still loving each other, sweet and happy.

Guobao couple have proved to everyone that long-term love is to fall in love with the same person again and again.

once similar souls meet, they are bound to be attracted to each other

the real name of the red fruit is Chen Su, and the real name of the green bubble is Geng Chenchen.

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before 2003, none of them thought that the trajectory of their lives would be rewritten because of an audition.

that year, Chen Su was a sophomore in the Chinese Opera performance Department and participated in the selection competition for the host of CCTV children's programs. She stood out among more than 6000 people and was officially hired as the host of CCTV Children's Channel.

since then, Chen Su has a new stage name-red fruit, and a partner called Green Bubble.

Green Bubble Geng Chenchen originally studied bel canto, and his plan for the future is either to become a singer or to be a vocal music teacher.

it's just that although he has a sophisticated voice, he has a baby face and a bright smile, and he looks like a child who doesn't grow up.

in this way, Chen Su, the red fruit, and Geng Chenchen, the green bubble, because the broadcast of "Little Tree of Wisdom" has become a partner who gets along day and night.

because he is the host of a children's program, it is also difficult to deal with children on weekdays.

some children recognize students, and when Hongguo communicates with them for the first time, they will repulsively say, "I don't know you well, so why should I tell you so much?"

at this time, Hongguo will talk to the children about the plot in the popular cartoon "the Adventures of Little Carp" and "Cat and Mouse", which are children's favorite things.

after a while, the children regard the red fruit as a big friend, and it is no longer difficult for the red fruit to communicate with them.

Green Bubbles have also encountered many times when they "hit a brick wall" with children.

because the children are young, there are often movements rehearsed before the recording of the program, which are completely messed up in front of the camera, and many children even cry. Sometimes the recording time is too long, and the children fall asleep directly at the scene.

at this time, the first reaction of Green Bubble is to tease the children with small toys and snacks, coax the children, and then slowly guide them to arrange the program.

this often makes his working hours longer, but he is determined: "in any case, let the children happily record the program."

Red fruits and green bubbles, which can blend with children, have been found to be strikingly similar to their own in terms of personality, hobbies and values.

is both a "child king" and two people with high affinity and patience, who are attracted to each other and get closer to each other day and night.

like-minded, but also Beijing drifters, they warm each other in strange cities, but also upgraded from partners to lovers.

long-term love is constantly falling in love with the same person

on the National Day of 2010, Red Fruit and Green Bubble ended a six-year long-distance relationship and held a wedding in Luoyang.

at that time, CCTV children's program host: Ju Ping, Sister Moon, Sister Deer, Beetle, Wang Xiaoya and others attended the scene one after another to send blessings to the couple.

at the wedding, red fruit and green bubble held hands, looked at each other sweetly and firmly, and said firmly, "I do."

from that moment on, the children's program "Wisdom Tree" became the only couple stall on CCTV.

on the screen, red fruit and green bubble are partners who have worked together for many years, and in life, they are an enviable couple.

Red fruit once revealed the reason why it decided to marry Green Bubble--

once, in order to catch up with the program, she stayed up for three nights in a row, and her body couldn't bear it, so she suddenly had a high fever at 4: 00 in the morning.

having no relatives in Beijing, she collapsed in a rented house and had to call for help from her boyfriend's then-boyfriend Green Bubble.

less than half an hour after putting down the phone and living in Green Bubble, half a city away from her, she rang the doorbell of her house and took her to the hospital where she was taken care of until noon the next day.

the intimate nature of the green bubble made the red fruit so excited that she suddenly felt that this man was very suitable to be a husband.

after marriage, she found that Green Bubble is not only gentle and delicate, but also very able to carry things.

when their new house was being decorated, the kitchen sewer was always leaking because of engineering problems, but the two were busy at work, and the leakage was not serious, so they discussed the rest day before looking for the construction team.

one day, when the couple got off work late at night, they found a flood in the kitchen as soon as they got home.

after the green bubble checked the situation, he let the red fruit go into the bedroom to have a rest and cleaned up the kitchen all night.

in fact, Hongguo was not good at cooking and did not like potatoes when she was single, but later she was good at cooking, especially good at stir-fried lotus root shredded potatoes, because she likes to eat lotus roots and green bubbles love potatoes.

at the age of 20, the match of the soul made them fall in love, and at the age of 30, he was once again chained by her cooking skills.

in 2016, when the couple visited the Joy Show, host Li Jiaming asked them: what is the secret recipe for keeping love fresh?

Hongguo said: "in the 13 years since the launch of the Wisdom Tree in 2003, we have been stuck together almost every day, but there is no aesthetic fatigue or 7-year itch. Instead, I like him more than before. I don't know how he feels, but I am. Luckily, I have such a good husband. "

at this time, the green bubble sitting next to her immediately caught his wife's words: "Yes, me too."

the husband's confession made Hongguo cover his mouth sheepishly, and the eyes that smiled like a crescent were full of stars.

their answers were jokingly called by netizens as "it's too sweet for children's show hosts to kill dogs online."

Chen Guo wrote in "good Love": "long-term love is falling in love with the same person again and again."

the longer the couple can stay together, the stronger their feelings are because they fall in love with each other again and again and continue to love each other for a long time.

Division of labor and cooperation, accompanied by the rest of life

on June 20, 2019, the couple's eldest daughter, nicknamed "Little Orange", was born.

it was also Green Bubble's birthday. As a new father, he could not help kissing his daughter's pink cheek several times before he reluctantly returned the little man in his arms to the doctor and nurse.

looking at the weak postpartum wife, Green Bubble gently on her forehead, leaving a kiss, affectionately said: "wife, hard work."

upgrading to be a parent is not only joyful, but also tiring.

when a baby daughter is hungry, thirsty, peeing or turning over, there will be loud cries.

Red fruits and green bubbles, which lack parenting experience, are often scrambled by little guys with dark circles under their eyes.

but how can a 16-year-old group partner be stumped by bringing a child?

the couple quickly put their tacit division of labor at work into their married life.

the division of labor in their family is that red fruits are responsible for breast-feeding, while green bubbles are responsible for sleeping and cooking.

the hygiene management at home is also divided into several areas. The bedroom is responsible for the red fruit, the study is for the green bubble tube, and the living room, the kitchen and the recording studio are cleaned by two people.

although the housework is always unfinished, the couple are happy to work together for their warm home.

at home, they divide the work and cooperate. After work, they travel hand in hand. The great rivers and mountains of the motherland have all witnessed their sweetness.

every year, on Qixi Festival and the wedding anniversary, the couple will give each other small gifts.

the sudden surprise made their love and marriage full of ritual, and their feelings deepened and deepened.

in September 2021, the youngest son "Big Chestnut" was born, and the names of his sister and brother were linked together as "good luck".

Hongguo also replaced the avatar on the Internet with a cartoon character for a family of four. Both children and husband and wife love each other, and they really envy others.

Chinese studies master Zeng Shiqiang said: "A good marriage requires two people to work hard."

the couple of fruit bubbles make their days more and more beautiful, and the ruddy complexion of red fruits, such as a spring smile, must be hiding most of the sky propped up by green bubbles.

under that sky, the spring breeze is always warm and sunny.

Happy families are all similar

Tolstoy wrote at the beginning of Anna Karenina: "Happy families are all alike, and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way."

it is natural for them to get closer and closer when their souls resonate.

A glue-like partner plus husband and wife who fall in love over and over again is the best preservative for love.

although bringing children makes the heavy life more piecemeal, but as long as two people participate together, cooperate together, no matter how hard and tired, happiness is also the background of life.

I think the couple is typical of the most beautiful love and the best marriage.

sincerely hope that all people who believe in love and look forward to marriage will encounter their own "fruit bubbles".