Change yourself (good text in depth)
Change yourself (good text in depth)
Instead of complaining that things are contrary to one's wishes, change yourself and make yourself better.

there is such a story:

A flower girl gave the last rose to the beggar on the street corner when she closed the stall.

the beggar came home, put the flowers in the glass bottle, looked at the bright roses in the dirty bottle, thought it was a pity, so he washed the vase and put it back in.

when he looked back at the dirty room, he thought it was a waste of roses, so he kept the house tidy.

he smelled the stench of himself again and felt that such a clean room should not have a sour smell, so he washed and changed his clothes.

seeing the bright self in front of me, I can't help but ask myself why I am a beggar.

the next day, he went out to find a job.

slowly his work improved, his career became prosperous, and the beggar finally achieved something.

everything in the world is fixed, sickness and pain, disaster and hardship, cause and effect, which we cannot change, but we can change ourselves.

it's like there are two kinds of people in this world: one is the onlooker, the other is the actor.

No one can change himself in the world unless that person is himself.

A person's real success starts with changing himself, changing position, changing state of mind, and changing pattern.

change your position and think of others

there are steep peaks on the side of the winding mountains, but there are a variety of things in the past.

the scenery you see is different from different locations, and the things you see are naturally very different from different angles.

in marriage, the husband wants his wife to be considerate and considerate; the wife wants her husband to be positive and aware of hot and cold.

in the workplace, employees want bosses to be considerate to each other and not to always draw cakes. Bosses want employees to be self-driven and not to talk about money all the time.

the blind touch the elephant, each is different, no one is right and who is wrong, but the position is different.

there is a company that needs to recruit a secretary. to this end, job advertisements are posted in major newspapers, followed by a flood of resumes.

the boss spends his time every day screening the right interviewees, but they all go nowhere, and their resumes are basically the usual style and nothing new.

when the boss was ready to give up, a special letter caught his attention, and when he finished reading it, he was sure it was the right person for the secretary.

the letter begins like this:

Dear boss, I know that you will receive a lot of letters when you advertise. In order to save your valuable time, you can call the above number. I would love to come and help you sort out your letters.

you don't have to worry about my ability to work. I have fifteen years' experience as a secretary.

knowing how to think of others and look at problems from each other's point of view is far more effective than just standing in your own position to deal with problems.

many puzzles and troubles in life, perhaps change their position, a lot of things will be easily solved.

the so-called consideration for others: to be able to think about others is to constantly reflect on yourself. When you see the shortcomings of others, you can see yourself at the same time.

to change your position and compare your heart to heart is self-cultivation and kindness; for the sake of others, pushing yourself and others, it is even more wise to understand.

change your mindset and manage your emotions

there is a kind of animal on the African prairie, called vampire bat, which lives mainly by sucking the blood of animals.

this kind of bat likes to bite on the legs of Mustangs, and unless they are full and take the initiative to leave, there is nothing the Mustang can do with them.

the amount of blood sucking by bats does not lead to the death of wild horses, but many wild horses are tortured to death by these vampire bats.

zoologists have studied the cause of death of the Mustang and found that when the Mustang is stung, the mood will have a huge reaction, fall into rage and anger, and finally the body will dry up and die in the rush.

there are nine times out of ten unpleasant things in life. Instead of being bitter and hysterical, it is better to take it calmly and let nature take its course.

change your mindset, control your emotions, cultivate a normal mind, and take a light look at human affairs.

there is a man named Aidiba. When he was young, when he was angry and aggrieved, he always liked to run around the house three times.

he said: his house is so small and there is so little land, how can he have the time and energy to get angry?

when I am old, when I encounter people and things that make my emotions out of control, I still get used to running back and forth to my house and land.

he said: why should I be angry when I have so many houses and land and live a rich life?

people's life, in the final analysis, is to cultivate the mind.

Samuel said, "the world is like a mirror, frowning at it, frowning at you, smiling at it, and smiling at it."

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most of the time, it is not the external right and wrong, but the internal state of mind and emotion that changes a person's situation or outcome.

people with a good mindset know how to control emotions, look down on gains and losses, honor and disgrace, let go of themselves, and find an oasis of hope in a barren situation.

people with a bad state of mind are mired in the pain and unwillingness in front of them, let their emotions control themselves, lose their minds and feel sorry for themselves.

learn to adjust your mindset and control your emotions, and you will find that things go against your wishes and get what you want, but in a moment.

change the pattern and improve your horizons

Zeng Guofan said: "for those who seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

pattern, refers to a person's vision and mind, do not complain, do not care, unfettered attitude towards life.

spend the rest of your life in a pot.When a bird enters a cage, it will reduce the interest of the sky.

as the saying goes: the stage is as big as the heart.

when three workers were building walls at the construction site, an old man passed by and asked, "what are you doing?"

the first worker said impatiently, can't you see that we are building a house?

the second worker said sheepishly: we are building a tall building.

years later, the first worker was still building the wall; the second worker became an engineer; and the third worker became the boss of both men.

A frog at the bottom of a well sits and watches the sky, but it is difficult to climb elegant because of shortsightedness.

pattern determines how high you can see, vision determines how far you can go, and pattern is the end.

it doesn't matter what other people think of you, what matters is what you think of yourself.

Life will inevitably encounter high winds and showers. You may be sleepy for a while, but not for a lifetime.

Yu Qiuyu has this sentence in "searching for China":

"if a person's life pattern is large, he will not sink into trifles."

know how to change the pattern and not haggle over trifles in order to come and go freely in the field of vision of the stars and sea.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if you are poor, you will change; if you change, you will change; if you change, you will be familiar with it for a long time."

change position, know how to think of others, push yourself and others, is kind and EQ.

change your mindset, learn to manage your emotions, and change your environment from your heart to your heart, which is more mature and wise.

change the pattern, enhance the vision, do not serve things, is the mind is more magnanimous.

Rigong has no end, but his contribution is not enough to end up in the sea.

if you make a small step every day, you will take a big step in life.

instead of complaining that things are contrary to your wishes, it is better to change yourself and make yourself better.

, may you work hard and be loved for the rest of your life. Have what you want and let go of what you can't get.

pursue the freedom of mind and enjoy the happiness of wisdom. One book a week is released by authorization.