Children who are unfilial when they grow up all have these four characteristics when they are young. I hope your children don't.
Children who are unfilial when they grow up all have these four characteristics when they are young. I hope your children don't.
May every child grow up to be grateful and filial to his parents.


there is an old saying: "look old at three, look old at seven."

means that if you look at a child when he is three years old, you can probably see what he will look like when he grows up.

if you know from an early age to respect your elders and be considerate to your parents, you will certainly be a sensible, decent and filial person when you grow up.

on the contrary, if a person is wanton and rebellious when he is young, and his parents do not correct them in time, it is likely to affect the values of the future and sow the seeds of unfilial piety.

therefore, in daily life, when children have the following four behavioral characteristics, parents must be vigilant, if they do not correct them early, they will regret it!

contradict parents at will

there is a dialogue in the Analects of Confucius: "when Zi Xia asked about filial piety, the Master said: color is difficult."

the so-called "color is difficult", that is, the most difficult thing to be filial to parents is to be kind to their parents.

if a person often loses his temper and contradicts his parents at will since childhood, he is less likely to give his parents a "good face" when he grows up.

I have seen such a piece of news on Weibo before:

A little boy of about 10 years old began to curse because his mother did not meet one of his small demands.

even more and more angry, unexpectedly began to punch his mother, punching to the flesh, recruiting viciousness.

such a child becomes unreasonable in the doting of his parents, without even basic tenderness and gratitude, how to expect him to be sensible and filial when he grows up.

therefore, if children contradict their parents at a very young age, they must not be spoiled.

to let children know the truth of respect, no matter what parents do wrong, it is not a reason for them to speak ill of their parents.

only when you learn to respect, can you learn to understand and tolerate, be patient and grateful to your parents, and become sensible and filial.

pass the buck

Fromm, a famous American psychologist, has a famous saying:

"responsibility is not an obligation imposed on others by the outside, but I need to respond to events that I care about."

Children's filial piety to their parents is such a responsibility.

so we should cultivate children's sense of responsibility from an early age, let them love their parents from the bottom of their hearts, care about their elders, and accompany their wives to grow old.

in this way, when a child grows up, he will gradually understand what his responsibility is when facing his elderly parents.

conversely, if the child often says, "what does this have to do with me?" "Why do I have to do it?" , "I don't care about you". Similarly, parents still think he is just a child.

such indulgence and indulgence will not teach him to understand and abide by the rules, but will "kill" the child's independence and responsibility, making the child a frivolous, hypocritical, indifferent and alienated person.

at the same time, it also ruins the future and hope of the whole family.

occupy things

I believe that many parents have encountered such a situation:

when playing outside, the child takes a fancy to other children's toys and grabs them. If they don't give them, they begin to cry and yell, and even fight against others.

as parents, if it is not stopped at this time, they think that it is just children who are not sensible.

then over time, the seed of selfishness will be planted in the child's heart and become a cancer before you know it.

when I was a child, maybe I was just occupying things and fooling around.

when you grow up, you become indifferent and selfish. You must get what you want, and destroy what you can't get.

such a person only knows how to take, but does not know anything in return, and even his parents are reluctant to give a little, let alone expect him to be filial and supportive.

as said in "very cruel and loving":

"parents give too much love to their children, not too little." They don't have the heart to experience the hardships of life when they are young, and they don't know how to ask them at the right time, so they eventually make it difficult for their children to ask their parents for the rest of their lives. "

whoever wins with selfishness can destroy the public.

A selfish child is mostly unfilial when he grows up.

overdependence, weakness

if a child is over-dependent on his parents from an early age, as long as he encounters a little difficulty, he wants to escape, and it will be very difficult for him to achieve success when he grows up.

as the Internet says:

"over-reliance on parents will destroy the foundation of a child, even if filial piety is intentional, there is no corresponding ability.


such children do not learn to be independent when they are young, even as adults, but once they leave their parents' protection, they will feel that the sky is falling.

not only can he not bear the heavy pressure of life, but also can't bear the kindness of his elderly parents, how can he talk about filial piety?

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do you still remember the hit drama "all good" a few years ago?

Su Mingcheng is a typical spoiled "giant baby". When he was a child, Su's mother took care of both big and small things.

after Su's mother died, Su Mingcheng became a headless fly. Even if he wanted to be filial to his father, he was powerless and incompetent.

therefore, parents had better learn to let go and let their children endure hardships properly and face them independently, so that they can resist the wind and rain and shoulder the responsibility and hope of a family.

as the old saying goes, filial piety comes first.

I want to raise a child who knows how to be grateful, filial and kind-hearted.Can ignore the cultivation of children's moral character.

learn to respect before you can tolerate and understand your parents.

learn responsibility in order to assume and support parents;

learn selflessness so that you can be generous and obedient to your parents.

only by learning to be independent can you be able to take care of your parents.

educator William James also said:

"Children are born with a blank sheet of paper, and in the end, whether this piece of paper can be painted as a beautiful picture is entirely up to their parents."

I hope today's article can remind parents that what kind of environment you give your children to grow up and what kind of education they pay will be what kind of people they will become.

I hope that every child can grow into someone who knows how to be grateful and filial to their parents, so that the elderly can have a place to live and have a sense of security.