Close the door behind you (deep text)
Close the door behind you (deep text)
If you learn to look forward, you will have a new life, new expectations and new love.


Lloyd George has a special habit of closing the door behind him wherever he goes.

one day, he went for a walk in the yard with his friends. Every time he passed the door, he would close it.

the friend asked inexplicably, "is it so important?"

he said: "all our lives, we have been closing the door behind us. When you close the door, you leave the past behind, and then you can start all over again. "

when people live to a certain age, don't look back easily, don't stick to it blindly, and remember to close the door behind you.

learn to look forward to have a new life, new expectations and new love.

things are not forced to stay

there is a saying in Zhuangzi: "the heart of a man is like a mirror. He will not meet him, but he should not hide it, so he can win things without hurting him."

in the face of anything, you should treat your heart as a mirror. When things come, you should take them away and take them lightly.

when I am in a difficult mood, I always reread a story and feel relieved after reading it.

there was an old blacksmith who made a living selling iron pots, kitchen knives and scissors.

whenever I pass by here, I will see him lying on the bamboo chair with a semiconductor radio in his hand and a purple sand pot beside him.

once, a cultural relic merchant passed by a blacksmith's shop and saw the purple sand pot beside him. He recognized at a glance that it was the work of a famous expert.

so he negotiated with the blacksmith and bought it for 100,000 yuan.

the old blacksmith was surprised at first, then refused, because the purple sand pot was left by his grandfather.

after the merchant left, the old blacksmith couldn't sleep. He stared at the purple sand teapot over and over again, never dreaming that it was an antique.

he worries all the time about whether the teapot will be lost.

after a period of time, the cultural relics merchant came again, this time to 200000, and directly brought cash.

hearing the news, all the streets and alleys went to the blacksmith's house to see what a pot of two hundred thousand was like.

who ever thought that because there were too many people, a child accidentally broke the teapot.

the parents of their children were so shocked that they were busy making amends, saying that they could not afford to lose everything they had.

however, the old man was not angry and said with a long sigh:

"come on, I haven't been down-to-earth since the day I knew the pot was worth. It's all right now, it's down-to-earth again. "

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: if the mind has no material desire, it is the autumn sky and the sea; if you sit on the piano and book, it becomes a stone chamber and Dan Qiu.

True happiness never depends on how much you have, but how much you despise.

if a person is too obsessed with external things, he is bound to be burdened by it.

if you let go of your gains and losses, you are free.

people are scattered without entanglement

I wonder if you have such an experience?

A true brother who was still drinking last night can wake up in the morning as a stranger.

my best friends, who are still talking to each other today, may have nothing to do with each other as soon as they turn around.


@ dust-free

shared an experience:

once, when she went back to her hometown for a wedding, she accidentally met her high school best friend and added Wechat to each other.

in high school, they were like sisters, went to the bathroom hand in hand, talked and laughed together and went to the canteen for dinner.

every day there are endless whispers, from unrequited love boys to their own preferences, all know each other.

later, the two went to different universities, and after work, they were busy with their lives and were cut off before they knew it.

after the wedding that day, she sent a message to her best friend saying: do you have time to get together?

after a few hours, the best friend replied faintly with two words: OK.

unable to resist the joy of the reunion, she immediately made an appointment with her best friend to meet tomorrow.

as a result, my best friend refused: I have something to do tomorrow. I'll contact you after these two days.

after listening, she did not say much, although she did not receive the other party's message later, she did not ask any more questions.

like the popular phrase on the Internet:

"the most respectable way for adults to say goodbye is that I didn't reply to your last message, and you tacitly didn't send it again."

between adults, all departures are quiet. Those who want to stay do not need to stay, and those who do not want to stay can not stay.

Mo Yan said: "to come is accidental, to go is inevitable, to take its course, to let nature take its course."

Life is like a train. Some people come up, others go down.

if you say goodbye, you might as well say good-bye to each other; when the fate is gone, you might as well smile and bless.

only by letting go of the past and cherishing the people in front of us can we laugh at parting, meet each other, and leave no regrets.

Don't ask questions after the matter

since there are some things that can't be changed, learn to turn the page.

writer Liu Xiaochang once told a story.

Last week, her husband worked overtime for three days in a row. He wanted to sleep late on Sunday, but was woken up by a phone call at 5: 00 in the morning.

"Sorry, I accidentally hit your car. I'm in the underground parking lot. Please come and take care of it. "

the car parked in the parking space was scraped off the bumper and she was furious.

but when her husband came back from dealing with the matter, he didn't.Angry, did not complain, and brought back my daughter's favorite strawberries:

"get up and clean up quickly. After eating delicious food, we'll go to the playground later."

I thought my travel plan for this day would come to naught. Hearing her husband say this, her annoyance was swept away.

instead of being in a good mood, it is better to turn over this page and not be burdened with annoyance.

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there is a good saying in "Caitangen": "the heart of a gentleman begins to appear when things come, and when things go, the heart goes empty."

sigh for the life of the past, life will only give you darkness; move forward for the goal of the future, life will give you light.

there is a saying in "Fan Si Xun", there are all kinds of things in the past, such as death yesterday.

in the past, it becomes history and cannot be changed.

when you learn to let nature take its course and accept the bad things in life, you can win by reversing in the countercurrent of life.

Shakespeare said a sentence that I like very much:

"look forward, don't look back, as long as you face it bravely and look up, you will find that the haze is only a short rainy season."

if you should turn the story, turn it over; if you should put it down, put it down.

every look you look back is slowly dragging down the present; every step you take is slowly approaching happiness.

close the door behind you before you can open a new chapter.