College entrance examination results come out: all the silence, behind is a kind of kindness
College entrance examination results come out: all the silence, behind is a kind of kindness
Compared with high-profile concern, quiet silence is the highest level of kindness.

in the past few days, the college entrance examination results of various provinces have been released one after another, and tens of millions of candidates have ushered in the dividing line of fate.

some people say that the battle of the college entrance examination will determine the situation, and if you pass this hurdle, you will be able to go through the gate smoothly.

in fact, the college entrance examination is a tough tryout, and there are very few people who can really stand out in Qingbei.

for most candidates, disappointment, regret and reluctance are inevitable.

but, as the saying goes:

"the college entrance examination is not only a battle of life, but also a stop of life."

the examination paper is a small world, a big examination room for life.

No matter what the grades are, the students' future will turn over a new page.

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so, if you are an examinee and do well in the exam, congratulations on realizing your dream this summer.

if you don't do well in the exam, you can be lost and sad, but don't despair.

if you are a bystander, there are children around you who fail in the college entrance examination.

then at this time, the best concern actually has only two words: silence.

Don't let a casual remark sting your child's self-esteem;

Don't let an inadvertent look burn a child's heart.

to leave decency to others is the greatest goodness in life.

have not experienced the sufferings of others

Don't easily uncover other people's injuries

two days ago, just as the results of the college entrance examination were about to come out, a friend talked about his past events in his third year of high school at the party:

"at that time, reading was really hard."

"trek across mountains and rivers every day, walking from my hometown in the mountain to the school in the county. In order to catch up with the morning reading class, I often go to my feet and grind several big blisters.

in the evening, in the moonlight, I have to rush home non-stop to write test papers and memorize notes.... "

then he paused and added: "it's easy for children to study now. Some eat and wear, unlike us at that time."

I smiled after hearing this, but did not answer.

recall that some time ago, there was a popular saying on the Internet: "one generation has a long march, and one generation has a mission."

in fact, I think there should be another sentence after that: "every generation has its own suffering."

it is as if the number of candidates in the college entrance examination in 2022, which just ended, reached 11.93 million.

in the year when my friend took the college entrance examination, the number of candidates was only 5.1 million, which more than tripled.

that is to say, today's children may be able to eat and wear clothes, but their mental stress is increasing day by day.

We always think that our situation is the most difficult, but we do not realize that each generation is living through the calamity in its own life.


@ Shanle

said, "in the third year of high school, because I worked too hard to get low blood pressure, when it was the most difficult, I learned while infusion."


@ Li'an

said, "in order to grab time, I never went out for lunch. I always bought food sandwiches and put them in the table pocket. When I was hungry, I took a bite."


@ Ayn

said, "stay up until one o'clock every day and do exercises over and over again. When I wake up the next morning, I often feel sick and tight in my heart, but I still grit my teeth."


there are too many.

where we can't see it, there is a lot of blood and tears of struggle, and there is no place to put pressure and grievances.

some people say that the furthest distance between people is that I think I am very familiar with the person in front of me, but in fact I have no understanding of his inner suffering and suffering.

Don't think that children think too much and are hypocritical.

you have never experienced the bitterness of giving sweat but not getting anything in return.

you can't understand the pain of persevering in the stars and the moon, but returning to zero overnight.

since you can't empathize, don't jump to judgment.

because of your unintentional words, you may negate the efforts of others for three years.

your self-righteous joke may have just cut the unhealed wound.

Life is not easy. Don't easily uncover other people's injuries if you haven't experienced the sufferings of others.

it is wisdom to see through and not to tell.

it is self-cultivation not to expose it.

in our account message area, readers share their stories every day.

I was particularly impressed by an experience told by Gary Wu.

when he was in high school, although he worked hard, his grades were not top-notch.

on the day the college entrance examination results came out, he only passed the line of an ordinary university. naturally, all he could apply for was an ordinary university.

one day, when he went home with his mother shopping, he met a parent on the way.

between pleasantries, the other party asked about his grades.

he confessed truthfully, but he didn't expect someone to say, "such a small score, your mother is still a teacher."

for a moment, the atmosphere dropped to a freezing point.

what is even more embarrassing is that the other party added: "my daughter scored 660 in the exam this year, and I was not satisfied with it."

because of these words, my mother wept several times when she came home, depressed and unable to let it go.

originally full of expectations of the summer vacation of the college entrance examinationHas also become a nightmare for Gary Wu.

five years later, Gary Wu was admitted to a graduate school in Hong Kong, while the parent's daughter failed in the postgraduate entrance examination.

Gary Wu wanted to gloat, but his mother stopped him and said, "there's no need to poke through other people's pain."

think of a sentence Chekhov once said:

the real upbringing is not to spill soup when eating, but not to see others when they are spilling soup.

when everyone is alive, there are times when they do not want others to pry, let alone be inquired into.

the more such a situation, the more you can see a person's heritage and upbringing.

it is cruel to others to satisfy their own curiosity to uncover other people's scars.

it is wisdom to see through and not to see through, and it is self-cultivation to see through without revealing.

to leave a little leeway for others is also to leave a piece of world for yourself.

quiet silence

is the highest level of kindness


@ Zhang Younian

told such a story.

when he was in high school, his family was in poor condition.

one evening, when he passed the snack street of the school, he saw a menu in front of a restaurant, which was cheaper than other homes.

he went in hesitantly, but ordered only one order of white rice.

seeing his thin appearance, the landlady said that she could give away a bowl of vegetable soup for free.

he thought that the vegetable soup was free, so he ordered another one and said he would bring it to school for lunch tomorrow.

as a result, when the landlady brought the bowl to the table, Zhang Younian saw white rice piled up like a hill.

he was so hungry that he began to gobble it up regardless of it.

in the middle of eating, tears welled up in his eyes-there was a bowl of white rice full of meat and a Marinated Egg hidden under the bowl of white rice.

there is a saying in Daojing: "if you do good deeds, there will be no tracks."

the more kind-hearted people are, the more they can appreciate the difficulties of others and give them a gentle silence, which makes people feel more warm.

the writer Xing Zhu wrote about his own experience in the book uncertainty of Life.

when Xingzhu was a child, he lived in the countryside with his family and lived a very miserable life.

there were three children in the family at that time, but there were only two quilts, and they always woke up in the middle of the night in winter.

one day, he followed his mother to visit his period.

before leaving, the aunt took out a blanket and said that the blanket had been eaten by bugs, so it would be better to let the mother take it away so as not to waste it.

they happily carried the blanket home, talking and laughing all the way, because from then on everyone could no longer be frozen.

when Xingzhu grew up many years later, he suddenly realized that his aunt was also poor at that time, so how could she have extra blankets?

Plato said, "be merciful. Everyone you meet is fighting an uphill battle."

when you have met all kinds of people and seen different lives, you will understand:

behind some frustrations, there may be unspeakable difficulties;

under some shabby and miserable appearance, it may be desolate that is difficult for ordinary people to understand.

compared with high-profile concern and quiet silence, it is the highest level of kindness.

has always liked this paragraph:

True kindness is to do good without raising the banner of goodness.

it is a beautiful moon, but the dark room is not deceived.

is the accumulation of virtue does not need to be seen, goodwill is like a clear stream.

when the college entrance examination results come out, the best care for others is not to ask questions and interruptions, but to swallow all curious words silently.

keep a silence, make a decent one, and take care of a relationship.

understand that a college entrance examination tests not only the students' achievements, but also the quality and self-cultivation of every ordinary person.

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