Congratulations, Liu Yifei finally "human design collapse"!
Congratulations, Liu Yifei finally "human design collapse"!
I like Liu Yifei more than her face!


Menghualu, starring Liu Yifei, is a hit!

it took 17 years for her to return to the small screen.

compared with other competing actresses, Liu Yifei, who is not in business, is really a clean stream.

No wonder so many fans say:

"it's a pity that I haven't seen her beauty for so long."

although, in this play, she is no longer an immortal sister with the best equipment, but a tea girl who is ruthlessly abandoned by a heartless man.

but the only thing that remains unchanged is her beauty.

speaking of Liu Yifei, "fairy sister" is the heaviest label on her.

but despite her appearance, she is more interesting!

Liu Yifei, who lives by face?

the first peak of Liu Yifei's acting career really depended on her face.

at the age of 14, she, who had already taken part in a commercial, was taken a fancy to by the producer of the Golden Fan Family.

directly entrusting her with the important female No. 2 role in the play is tantamount to being hit by pie for a 14-year-old.

the reason is simple-appearance.

14-year-old Liu Yifei, with a little baby fat and a little blunt facial features.

coupled with the fact that Liu Yifei is still young and has a simple experience, her family is also very well-off.

as the unruly and wayward daughter of the rich and powerful family is very persuasive and coincides with the female No.2 Bai Xiuzhu very well.

"Golden Powder Family" thoroughly sent Liu Yifei into the show business. As soon as she finished filming, someone recommended her to the second crew, "The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils."

at that time, director Zhang Jizhong was selecting the heroine Wang Yuyan.

about the appearance of Wang Yuyan, it is written in the original work:

"the appearance of this young girl is exactly the same as the jade statue in the Wuliangshan cave."

seeing 16-year-old Liu Yifei, Zhang Jizhong directly confirmed that she was Wang Yuyan in just a few minutes of the audition.

Jin Yong, the author of the original work, also said publicly:

"Miss Yi Fei, with you playing Wang Yuyan, thousands of readers will know that Jin Yong is not lying."

the play also directly established the setting of Liu Yifei's fairy sister, paving the way for her to take part in the Divine Swordsman.

after Wang Yuyan, Liu Yifei has ushered in her peak.

some netizens have made the actress popularity list from 2005 to 2008. Liu Yifei continues to dominate the list and has won the most boiling point female star in Baidu boiling point list.

who were the active female stars in the film and television circle at that time?

Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Xu Jinglei, Jiang Qinqin. They are all seniors who are in the front line.

and Liu Yifei has emerged in such a competitive environment when she is under the age of 18.

is only the evaluation brought to her by the popularity, and the praise is mixed.

some people ridiculed her for relying only on her face and no acting skills.

malicious rumors followed.

I can't imagine how a young girl could bear such malice.

but Liu Yifei's sober restraint was beyond everyone's expectation.

she said:

Our enchanting 80s attire marriage will make your beautiful figure stand out and shine. Shop now at prices that will make your jaw drop.

"I do not respond to all these rumors. I don't need to respond, and I don't have that much time. My response will only give those people more opportunities. "

Beauty really made the original Liu Yifei.

but today, she doesn't just rely on her face.

Liu Yifei, self-destruct

Liu Yifei firmly established the "immortal Sister" at her peak.

but for the next 10 years, she has been trying to break this kind of setting.

the more others praise her beauty, the more rebellious she will be from the bottom of her heart.

stubbornly wants people to see the real her through that huge beauty filter.

Liu Yifei's self-destructive setting is reflected in two aspects:

one is breakthrough casting;

the second is suicide filming.

after 2008, Liu Yifei began to move to the big screen.

but the works to be filmed are very different from the roles of ancient fairies who were once deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

in Fangfei, she plays a rural widow.

even if you put on earthy clothes and trousers, you still can't see a trace of rustic temperament.

she also tried comedy style, and then made the movie "the second generation of goblins are lucky in this life", playing the fierce and savage fox demon.

in the Night Peacock, she abandons the so-called "jade girl image" and plays a female student who has an intimate relationship with three men in a family.

but the road of transformation has achieved little success.

however, no matter what the achievement of the work, Liu Yifei's dedication is well-known in the industry.

she was accidentally injured as early as during the filming of the Sculpture Warriors.

at that time, there was a scene in which Xiao Longnu was about to fly out of the waterfall.

although Liu Yifei is young, she insists on not using a stand-in.

as a result, during the shooting, she was knocked down by a pouring waterfall and was swept several meters away by the fast current.

everyone gathered around to fish Liu Yifei up, but her first reaction was to shake her head and say it was all right.

but after that, Liu Yifei still hit hard on herself whenever she was filming.

during the promotion period of "the Ghost of Beautiful Women", Liu Yifei denied that she had been injured.

However, Lin Peng, an actress in the same group, revealed that her exposed arms and legs were covered with bruises in order to shoot the scene.

and in Dew Beauty, she can do 20 pieces over and over again in a scene where she is hit by a car and falls into the water.

this kind of strength, which is not consistent with the weak appearance, will shock the people of the same crew every time.

including auditions for the Hollywood movie Mulan.

Liu Yifei took a 14-hour flight and landed without rest.

there are five auditions in a row, and the one with the most lines has five pages of English.

followed by an uninterrupted 90-minute physical fitness test.

she passed one by one.

Mulan director Nikki Carroll once said publicly why she gave the role of thousands of people to Liu Yifei.

"Liu Yifei is a soldier and will be my important partner on the battlefield."

this girl does not look like the weakness of the unearthly fireworks, but has a strong fortitude emanating from the inside.

she is really more than pretty.

I prefer Liu Yifei to her face.

Liu Yifei, why are you so popular today?

because of the popularity of Menghualu, everyone started a "retro" about Liu Yifei.

in the archaeology of her ugly clothes, fans crowned her as "the best dresser".

the upper body is fluorescent yellow and the lower body is fluorescent green.

upper body leopard print splicing, lower body hole tight trousers.

attend the event, wearing a blouse with lace mash-up elements.

and her favorite crew's exclusive down jacket.

some netizens asked:

"Sister, did these clothes save your life in your last life?"

another person who ruined Liu Yifei's "cold fairy" is her humor.

people give the nickname "landslides in the interview world", which is really unaffected.

someone asked, "are you out of bed?"

she said, "No, because I didn't get up until I was not angry."

someone asked, "is it right that Yifei should be very busy at work?"

Liu Yifei smiled: "not busy."

the host asked:

"Boys like girls' eyes, which are very pure and empty."

Liu Yifei said: "I care what he likes."

at the award ceremony, the host asked:

"what is the relationship between you and Tencent Video?"

during the interview, he exposed himself directly:

"A lot of people call me Sister Fairy, but I think this may be because there are too many articles."

Liu Yifei, really a little humorous.

when interviewed at the age of 15, Liu Yifei said:

"you don't know me well."

she has been proving this for more than a decade.

Liu Yifei threw away the so-called baggage and human equipment long ago without nostalgia.

those who understand her love her even more.

Love her sobriety and love her truth more.

Faye Wong once wrote a paragraph in Face to Face:

"she should take care of herself and live her life.

it is best to be indifferent to slander and treat all kinds of evaluation equally.

We should not stick to the image, no matter what the so-called image has brought to her.

never care about fame, which makes people deeply hypocritical.

she is not more noble than others, but no more despicable than others. "

this passage is also very suitable for Liu Yifei.

she was also lost because of desire and anxious because of the failure of transformation.

but she still does not accept variety shows, does not hype, and hardly gives interviews when there is no promotion of new films.

every once in a while, it disappears.

she chose to allocate her time to exercise, books, sleep, and everything she loved.

in the outside world, she always keeps a kind of desolation;

for herself, she always has a wind and fire.

shouldn't we be like this in our lives?

live in your own real world, not in the stories that others describe for yourself.

, for such Liu Yifei, but also for such oneself.