Congratulations, they finally remarried! Netizen: I believe in love again
Congratulations, they finally remarried! Netizen: I believe in love again
The best marriage is that no matter how many ups and downs in life, there will be each other eventually.



recently, Uncle saw such a topic on the Weibo hot search list:

"can you accept body donation" has aroused heated discussion.

, one cannot help mentioning the frightening death.

compared to death, what we are really afraid of may be the necessary separation and farewell.

after all, there are too many emotions and memories in the world.

in the TV series chasing Love Family, the ex-wife played by Guo Jingfei and Tan Zhuo announced their remarriage as soon as it started broadcasting.

as for the reasons for remarriage, Guo Jingfei said without hesitation: "to be honest, it is emotional dependence."

the days have passed for a long time, and the two people have long been inseparable.

as Tan Zhuo said, "he can't live without me."

this is true for the young, not to mention the old.

it is the most profound pain to go through spring, summer, autumn and winter together, but it is difficult to go to the white head together.

some time ago, there was such an old man who came to the Chinese testament Bank alone.

he is saying goodbye to the world in his own way.

trembling hands signed their names on the body donation and made the will of life.

here, the bond of all kinds of relationships is the most difficult complex to say goodbye to.

as in the documentary: "Please remember me, although goodbye must be said."

the old man's name is Chao Wenzhen, 73 years old.

his wife is Nie Airong, 72 years old.

their farewell story made everyone burst into tears.

until the wife suffers from Alzheimer's.

she began to forget things and things, and even gradually forgot her husband who lived together day and night.

in old age, what I fear most is to have a serious illness.

the parting of life and death is suddenly in front of us, but there is too much reluctance in life.

so he decided to bid farewell to the world on behalf of his wife while he was still awake.

Gu Cheng has a saying:

"this is an era of popular departure, but none of us are good at saying goodbye."

the nest signed a body donation agreement for its own farewell method.

and leave a poem:

the door of heaven opened to me, and my thoughts rolled in.

it is hard to give up all kinds of things.

Man is nothing but a speck of dust in the torrent of time, which will eventually disappear.

in the emotional images of the Chinese testament Bank, those who are parents are always concerned about their children.

We are really not good at farewell, because there are too many worries about living this time.

perhaps the opposite of life is not death, but forgetting.

after my wife slowly forgot things, there was a whiteboard on the wall of the house.

it is full of advice from the nest to the wife.

the details of life, such as doors and windows, keys, taking medicine, going out to run errands and telling his wife, etc.

there is only one sentence, the nest wrote for its own sake: don't get angry.

he said, "I can't stand her, I can't stand it, and sometimes I get angry."

so in order to remind myself of restraint, he wrote these three words.

even if she has just told her something, she will forget it.

he respects his wife's feelings, understands and understands her emotions.

it is true that in marriage, there are no two people who are completely suitable for each other, only the hearts of mutual accommodation.

truly perfect lovers are polished.

in fact, most of the time, to manage marriage is to manage your mood and each other's emotions.

my wife's condition is getting worse and she can only be sent to a nursing home for care.

the nest knows that this will be a parting of life and death that will never return.

in the past, his wife didn't like him being clumsy.

she is in charge of the whole family's food alone.

nowadays, when you change your nest to take care of your wife, you will inevitably miss others when you stand in the kitchen.

from home to the nursing home, you need to take 11 stations of subway, 4 stops of bus, and then walk 800 meters.

such a journey requires four or five trips to the nest every week.

and every time I meet my wife, the prologue is:

"what's my name?"

"do you remember me?"

when his wife can call out his name, he will hold his wife in his arms.

the silver-haired wife looks like a young girl and smiles in the arms of the nest.

this picture moved people to tears.

reminds people of that sentence: forgetful in old age, but never forget Acacia.

it is easier to fall in love than to get along with each other. Sometimes it takes only a second to move your heart, but it takes a lot of courage to decide to trust, deliver and stick to it.

after dinner, the nest will accompany his wife for a walk and read.

his wife suffers from osteoporosis, and he knows that such activities are becoming more extravagant.

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the nest gave up all the gatherings of comrades-in-arms and friends.

the most touching romance is probably:

I am willing to forget my name for you, and it is not a pity to lose the world.

when the wife washes her mouth and washes her face, every time she finishes one, the nest will praise her.

"good, good.


at the end of the visit to the nest, he always gives his wife thousands of instructions before going home:

"after I leave, you be obedient."

"No wrestling. Oh, kiss.


there is not a single "I love you", but the words express love.

even when you are old, you can still talk like a young couple.

even if you have a white head, you will still be spoiled.

from green hair to white hair, the beauty of love is nothing more than that.

the best marriage is that no matter how many ups and downs in life, there will be each other.

is the courage to find love in the hardships of life, and the value of plain life in chicken and dog pieces.

however, things change.

the sudden outbreak of the epidemic made it impossible for the lair to visit his wife.

for two whole months, I miss you like a tide.

he was suffering from depression and had to seek medical advice alone.

he videotaped the letter he wrote to his wife, holding several pages of stationery in his hands trembling and choking back tears.

he wants the nurse to show it to his wife often lest she forget him.

the video for his wife made my uncle burst into tears.

even though she cried the nest and watched the audience cry, his wife's mental state became more and more dull.

this soldier who was once fearless of heaven and earth, what he fears most now is his wife's forgetting of him.

the nest knows that the day of separation is getting closer and closer, and the farewell to his wife is getting closer and closer.

"Please remember me before the memory of love disappears."

everyone is not an island, care and remember each other with the one you love.

give life temperature, this is the meaning of life.

at the end of the documentary, there is a firm look in the eyes of the old nest.

the wrinkles and gullies on his face are also full of admiration for his wife.

No one can feel the pain of saying goodbye in his heart.

We often say that we don't believe in love anymore.

but in the face of such plain but sincere love, still burst into tears.

I was impressed by a sentence:

"We live in an age when it is easy to break up, but please believe that

We also live in an era when we hold hands and get married all our lives



maybe your marriage doesn't have too much romance,

all you have is the determination to live and die and the belief to spend time together, and that's enough.

the best relationship is that only death can do us part.



, when you are old and forget the whole world, you still have a partner who loves you as before.

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