Congratulations! They remarried!
Congratulations! They remarried!
In any case, please don't lose faith in love and marriage.


recently, a piece of news has gone viral.

A woman has been married for 6 years, her husband is having an affair with others, and she doesn't care about her children.

she put up with it and admitted it for the sake of her family.

but there was one thing that completely broke her heart.

in February 2020, when she came home from Beijing as a migrant worker, her husband refused the request of the village for fear of infection and was unwilling to take her home.

she is going to work in Beijing two months later, but her husband refuses to meet because he is busy with his work.

she can bear her husband being unfaithful, but her husband is so indifferent that she can't stand it.

therefore, the woman filed for divorce.

after the hot search on this news, netizens are talking one after another, lamenting that love is dead and marriage is not worth it.

although there are many disappointing marriages in this world, people are increasingly distrustful of love.

but there are always people who will prove that good feelings still exist.

some time ago, I saw a moving piece of news.

A divorced couple in Hunan chose to remarry.

the compound cause is tearful: the wife has advanced colon cancer and the husband wants to go back to his wife to take care of her.

they were a loving couple and had been married for 11 years.

when the husband was startled when he heard the news that his ex-wife was ill, he rushed to his ex-wife's side as soon as possible.

on the one hand, he comforted his ex-wife's mood, on the other hand, he took out all his savings and borrowed money everywhere to raise 160000 yuan for his ex-wife's surgical treatment.

after the operation, the ex-wife was in a coma for three days and three nights.

in order to prevent his ex-wife from being intubated, he stood in front of the hospital bed for three days and three nights.

he has only had two meals in these three days.

when his ex-wife woke up, he asked for remarriage.

but the ex-wife disagrees. She knows the seriousness of the disease and doesn't want to drag him and his children down.

however, the husband insisted:

"after remarriage, it will be more convenient for me to take care of you, and when you get better, you can rightly go back to our home, and when the operation needs to be signed, I can also have the right to sign for you."

he even played the affection card: "Children need mothers."

when the old mother objected to their remarriage, he said tearfully, "if I give up her, then her life will not be guaranteed. I will give her a desire to survive."

there is an old saying in China since ancient times: husband and wife are the same forest birds, and they fly separately in the face of disaster.

but from this husband, what we see is a man's sincerity and responsibility.

with his own actions, he explained to us what is love and what is responsibility.

this true feeling is moving.

at the wedding ceremony, the groom will take the oath:

"from today on, in good fortune and disaster, rich and poor, in sickness and in health, I will love her, be loyal to her, and cherish her in my lifetime. As God is my witness, I swear."

this sentence is very romantic and touching.

but when we encounter a disaster or illness one day, we find out how heavy the oath is.

Uncle Zhang, a 70-year-old man in Chongqing, and his wife originally had a simple and happy home.

they have a very good relationship, never quarreling, let alone fighting.

they also have three lovely children and a family of five enjoy themselves.

however, there was an unexpected cloud, and a sudden change broke the peace of the family.

in 2001, my wife fell down because of high blood pressure and was bedridden from then on, unable to take care of herself.

since his wife was seriously ill, his daily life has been in a state of "continuous rotation" and basically has no entertainment activities of his own.

before dawn every day, he has to get up and make breakfast.

but also help his wife wash her face, massage her legs, and then feed her.

it often takes an hour to feed.

sometimes after feeding the meal, the food is cold, so he will have something to eat.

more than 7000 days and nights, 21 years to take care of his wife, he paid unimaginable hard work.

"set three alarm clocks every night. I haven't slept a good night in so many years."

"once I got sick. After I went home after infusion, I fell on the bed and couldn't get up."

relatives and friends persuaded him more than once to send his wife to a nursing home, but he refused.

"I promised to take care of her, so I must do it."

"she is here, and our home is right here."

he is just an ordinary man who has no romance, but expresses his true feelings with actions.

"hold your hand, and I will love you and protect you with this life."

it is said that human nature is best seen in times of crisis.

it will be clear whether the relationship is reliable or not.

those who really love you will never flinch before all the dangers set by fate.

because for him, you are here, home is there.

in 2020, an explosion occurred in a warehouse in Shandong.

thenThere was a second explosion in the warehouse.

the husband uses his body to protect his wife from harm.

he said: "as a man, he must protect his lover in the most dangerous time."

there was a picture that made countless people break their defenses.

the headline of the news at that time was: "Men who moved China in the Storm disaster".

in this photo, husband Wei Qilong is pressed under the ruins scattered with bricks and tiles.

and under him is his wife, who is protected by death.

it can be seen from his arms and posture that Wei Qilong used his body to protect his wife from disaster at the moment the house collapsed.

this is a man who does not hesitate to choose when natural disasters are raging.

he risked his life on his wife's chance.

if only one person can live, he wants that person to be his wife.

some people ask: what is true love like?

this is it.

will not say sweet words, but will only say love you with actions.

when nothing happens, he shows you the prosperity of the world and the delicacy of the world.

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when something happens, he sacrifices his life to protect each other for you, leaving life and death out of control.

Life is only a few decades, how lucky it is to meet such a person.

one writer said:

"the best love is not a vow of love, but a journey through wind and rain. It is when you are helpless, you have someone to rely on, and when you are in trouble, you appear at the first time. "

there are true feelings in this world.

walk all the way in the wind and rain.

I have seen such a group of photos.

is called "the most touching moment of husband and wife in the world".

at the door of the hospital delivery room, a man stood at the door crying with flowers in his hand.

until he saw his wife coming out safely in the hospital bed, he immediately rushed up and clenched his wife's hand.

choked up and said, "I love her."

in the shoe store in the shopping mall, grandma and grandpa quarreled over buying shoes.

during the argument, the old woman punched the old man angrily and turned to leave.

Grandpa immediately held down Grandma and shouted, "where are you going? look at me!"

the old man danced with a twist, and the old woman laughed heartily.

there is an 80-year-old couple in the village.

the husband uses a self-made wooden cart to drive his immobile wife to town every day.

he said, "I didn't take my wife away when I was young, but I'm glad I still have time."

under the news of infidelity, domestic violence and divorce, how many people have no expectations for love and marriage.

but every time, when we stay away from love, someone will reshape our view of love.

it is them who show us the best appearance of love.

it is them who let us see the most beautiful side of marriage.

Love may be fragile, but it is also strong.

believe that good feelings will come to you and that you will eventually meet the right person.

hand in hand, watch the world fireworks side by side.


go out, may you and I all meet the person who is by his side, whether poor or not, wind, frost, rain and snow.