Disappeared a month later, Xie Na made a high-profile comeback, the whole network exploded: sure enough, we all underestimated her!
Disappeared a month later, Xie Na made a high-profile comeback, the whole network exploded: sure enough, we all underestimated her!
May every working mother be respected and understood!

recently, if you want to talk about what is the most popular, uncle wants to be "Sister Lang 3"!

since the beginning of the broadcast, the sisters have been hot on the list and went out of the circle.

Wang Xinling's song "Love you" awakens a generation of youthful DNA,

blew up a wave of "Wang Xinling Boys".

but unexpectedly, after watching the stage, what surprised me most was Xie Na.

this return, let us see a different Xie Na, calm atmosphere, sonorous and forceful speech, field control ability is very in place.

caption: "first-born horse line + second-born horse line = be better yourself and ride the wind and waves!"

for the recording of the program, she was unable to go back to take care of her children. Zhang Jie has been taking care of her three children at home.

Don't you miss your children?

think about it! No mother is willing to sacrifice her time with her children.

but it's also important to realize your self-worth, get back on the stage, and let the audience and fans see the best of themselves!

this is true for star mothers who have financial strength, not to mention us ordinary mothers.

it is much more difficult for them to be good at home and career than they thought.

in the world of working mothers

there is no word "easy"

I believe everyone has seen such a

# the woman found out she was pregnant in the morning and was fired in the afternoon #


Zhong Ling, an employee of a property company, found out she was pregnant after 46 days on the job.

but did not think that she had not yet recovered from the joy of becoming a mother, she was told by the company that "there is no need to go back to work."

this incident made her depressed and uneasy, and unfortunately, a month after being fired, she had a miscarriage.

the pain of losing her child made it difficult for Zhong Ling to accept, so she filed a complaint and took the company to court.

the farce just died down.

Today, it has become a common social phenomenon that women in the workplace dare not give birth or get pregnant.

because if you are in the workplace, your "mother" status becomes an invisible shackle.

Papi Jiang once shared the story of a friend on the program.

she is seven months pregnant, still flying all over the world, and even promised her clients:

"I will reply to every message you send as long as I am awake just before the birth."

isn't it tiring to work so hard even though you are pregnant? No, I just don't want to be eliminated.

you can't imagine how many unimaginable efforts they have made behind a job.

A popular photo once circulated on the Internet of a child staying under his desk, cleverly accompanying his mother to work.

in order to prevent the baby from crying, his mother specially arranged his own "nest" under the table, and he watched the animation quietly.

this scene makes people look very warm, but it is difficult for us to ignore the helplessness and sadness behind it.

similarly, a sad scene also happened at the Wuhan subway station:

late at night, a woman sat in the aisle of a subway station and said nothing.

the staff came forward to ask, who knew that she suddenly hugged each other and burst into tears, and the grievances and helplessness that had been accumulated for a long time broke out in an instant.

she said:

"after working overtime for a month, I finally finished my work, but I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to go home and cry and frighten my daughter."

in the adult world, there has never been the word "easy", especially for working mothers.

their left-handed careers and right-handed families walk the tightrope for love every day, and they even have to calculate the time and choose the place to cry.

is really distressing.

balancing work and family is a false proposition

No one can do it

before, there was an inspirational short film "pay homage to every naturally strong working mother" on the moments.

the short film recorded a normal day for my mother Jenny. Although it lasted only three minutes, it made people's eyes wet.

after lying down for 2 hours, he was awakened by crying again, breast-feeding, belching, and changing diapers.

the eyes are too sleepy to open, but there is no pause in the movements of the hands until the child falls asleep.

after scrambling to prepare a family's breakfast, I can only cram a few mouthfuls and rush to work.

arrived at the company on the spot, sat on the station trembling, and could detect the displeasure of the leader through the glass.

have a meeting, write a report, make a plan. I'm very busy.

received a phone call from his family, the baby cried and did not eat, worried, and had to bear the blame of his mother-in-law.

finally got off work, but fell asleep on the bus and almost missed the stop.

when I got home, I didn't have time to rest. I picked up the baby and began to be busy again, but my husband complained about why I came back.

12:00 finally went to bed, the baby's crying sounded again.

there is a sentence in "unborn" that describes the difficult situation of working mothers:

"working mothers are sinners, sinners to husbands, mothers-in-law and children at home, and sinners to bosses and colleagues in the company."

because for them, career and family are sometimes a single choice, which is difficult to balance.

central acid, which is a lot ofPeople don't understand.

has no time for his children, does not have the understanding and support of his family, and is accused of ignoring his family.

if you make a slight mistake at work, you will be excluded and suppressed by your boss and colleagues.

for every working mother, they are the ones who live between work and family.

there is a working mother's schedule circulating on the Internet, which resonates with many mothers, saying: it's so real!

Yes, there is no working mother in the world who can live easily. They travel back and forth between their careers and families all day, planning 24 hours a day, and are jokingly called "time management talents".

through this title, uncle sees more helplessness and heartache.

be respected and affirmed

the greatest relief for working mothers

every working mother is the hero of life.

they are strong, but they also need to be respected, understood and understood.

because she was pregnant and feared that the project she had finally won would fail, she deliberately concealed the company.

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but her husband was worried that she could not take good care of the child and took the liberty of telling the truth that she was pregnant.

in this way, Chen Jiaorui was persuaded by the company to quit and had to suspend her work and wait at home to give birth.

it was only when she gave birth to the month that she completely collapsed.

Chen Jiaorui suffered from mastitis after delivery and could not be breastfed. Her mother-in-law only blamed her.

Chen Jiaorei complained to her husband, but as soon as he got home, he spread out on the bed. "I'm too tired. Let's talk about it tomorrow."

her husband pretended to be deaf and her mother-in-law was selfish, and she was completely discouraged.

so as soon as she got out of the month, she asked her husband for divorce and returned to work.

she hasn't been working for too long, and she can't get used to it for a while. On the surface, she tries her best to keep calm, but behind her back she is clenching her teeth.

chatting with colleagues, I found myself overflowing milk, rushed into the toilet, rubbed my clothes and burst into tears.

people's joys and sorrows are not the same. She became a source of ridicule for her colleagues and complained that she had occupied the toilet for too long.

Chen Jiaorui, who works hard to be strong, is a microcosm of thousands of working mothers.

their disappointment comes from ignoring family, friends and even strangers.

all they need is a little bit of understanding and affirmation.

in that year, not long after Qin Hailu gave birth to a child, she suffered from depression, and her husband Wang Xinjun was deeply distressed.

fearing that Qin Hailu would be more depressed if he had been immersed in his family because he was worried about his children, he supported Qin Hailu to change his environment and go back to the place he was familiar with.

so, not long after giving birth, Qin Hailu quickly devoted herself to her beloved acting career.

on the other hand, Wang Xinjun is willing to assume the responsibility of "family cook."

worried that Qin Hailu would not be able to eat when filming, he delivered breakfast for several months in succession.

even if he waited until four o'clock in the morning, he would not go to bed first, waiting for Qin Hailu, who was out filming, to return home safely.

all kinds of care from her husband also made her gradually regain her self-confidence and recover from depression.

when filming, she can put her heart and soul into it because she doesn't have any worries.

get out of the role and return to the family, she is also the wife of a bird.

the strength of all this comes from the husband's support and respect.

there are moments of panic for mothers when they return to work after giving birth.

all they expect is to be really understood and seen, and someone can understand her strength, love her fragility, and take care of her with warmth and love.

every mother has her own pride before becoming a mother, but she has lost her spirit by life.

We should not only have our own career, but also be financially independent, and be able to share our husbands and raise our children.

in fact, we can't have everything.

some people choose families, others choose careers.

this is women's own choice, but it is often not exempt from social criticism and prejudice.

the dilemma between family and workplace is a reality that every woman has to face.

what they give needs to be really seen.

more importantly, raising children is never an easy task and should not be borne by women.

I hope that there will be less malice towards my mother in society.

this road has a long way to go.

, may every working mother be respected and understood, and hope they can be treated gently!