Don't dump the rubbish in your heart on moments.
Don't dump the rubbish in your heart on moments.
It is the most basic upbringing for adults not to regard moments as emotional trash cans.


in the variety show "Friends Please listen up", he Jiong once mentioned:

"I never vent my feelings in moments, because I think it's useless for you to tell others, and no one else can help you. So I never say that my moments are a collection of jokes. "

Life is hard. Adults have emotional rubbish.

instead of dumping or venting on others, learn to digest alone.

after all, all the difficulties in life have to be paid for by yourself.

there is a short story.

A woman was so sad that she couldn't help crying to the strange woman around her.

"my life is really too bitter. When I reach middle age, I am betrayed by my husband, and I have lost my job and suffered a lot. Is there anyone as unfortunate as me in this world?"

after hearing this, the woman said thoughtfully:

"my husband died young. Not long ago, my only son died on the battlefield and my daughter-in-law remarried. It rained yesterday and the old house collapsed. "

the woman said in surprise, "then why do you look so calm?"

the woman said faintly, "because it's no use complaining, you still have to live."

the writer Taizaizhi once said, "I still think it is futile to complain to others. Instead of doing so, it is better to bear it in silence."

We used to think that complaining to others would lighten our burden.

but then you will understand that life is a ferry.

No one can help but cross the other shore on their own.

in the first half of my Life, Luo Zijun has just got divorced and her good friend Tang Jing is by her side.

when two people are together, Luo Zijun can't help complaining that his child beat someone up at school and was almost expelled by the headmaster, but his ex-husband didn't care.

while she was complaining, Tang Jing suddenly interrupted her and said, "it's been more than ten minutes."

with a dazed look on Luo Zijun's face, Tang Jing explained, "you can't indulge in pain as a kind of enjoyment. Please forgive your friend's limited ear endurance."

Luo Zijun was immediately speechless, and Tang Jing continued: "there are as many unfortunate people in the world as there are. You are not a privileged person."

Yes, there is no one in this world without injuries. You have to believe that you are the only one who can cure you at any time.

in life, everyone has a mountain in his heart.

regardless of the ups and downs, you have to make progress on your own.

sometimes, not complaining does not mean that you are not aggrieved, but to know clearly that no one can be your crutch.

in this world, everyone has his own mind.

maybe you have a hard time, but you don't have to complain to others.

after all, not all emotions are suitable for showing in front of people.

in the Strange Theory, there is a debate on "should the collapse of adults be hidden?"

at that time, the host Cai Kangyong mentioned a point of view: if you collapse in front of your friends, they can't help you. You just bring your troubles to an innocent person and ask him to do something he can't do.

because when you pin your hopes on others, you also unwittingly give them problems.

Why embarrass others when you know that there is nothing others can do?

sometimes, hidden collapse is a kind of kindness for the sake of others.

after all, your helplessness, others can not help.

Hui Ruoqi, former captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team, was asked a question: "are the top athletes not nervous?"

Hui Ruoqi said that the audience will be nervous, but the competitors will not be nervous.

when they play, they will control their emotions and try not to add psychological pressure to other team members.

because of a negative expression or action, it will affect the overall momentum of the team, but if it is to send a positive signal, the whole team will become more confident and powerful.

even when they lose, they high-five each other to show encouragement and not giving up.

there is a sentence in "organize interpersonal relationships":

"Energy is a precious resource, and bad friends will cling to you like leeches and slowly suck away your energy."

to maintain a good mood is to show care and consideration for others.

because emotions between people are contagious to each other.

to be responsible for one's own emotions is to be responsible to others.

there is a young man who tells his sufferings to everyone.

it is clear that he is full of talent, but he is not appreciated by the leader; he is clearly aggrieved, but he cannot be understood by others.

so the young man found a master and looked for a solution.

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the master told him, "from now on, you have to do what I say. Three years later, you will be reborn."

the young man nodded hurriedly and promised to follow suit.

the master said, "there is a very strong principle, that is, do not say discouraged words. As long as you practice this point to the end, you will achieve something."

although young people are skeptical, they also try to do it.

stop immediately when you want to pour out your troubles to others, and stop immediately when you want to groan.

three years later, the young man suddenly became enlightened.

there is a reasonable saying: "Happiness lies not in your external environment, but in your own state of mind."

youThe more you complain to others, the worse your life will become.

as long as your mindset is correct, life will not be so tired.

in the preface to Cai Lan's book "jianghu Old Friends", Mr. Jin Yong once described:

"Cai Lan is a really handsome man. He doesn't complain that the food is not delicious or the car is too bumpy.

he taught me how to drink the lowest spicy Italian wine and how to suck beef bone marrow in Singapore stalls.

I will frown, and he will always laugh. "

finally he concluded:

"Cai Lan is a really chic person who is frank and unrestrained and can treat life with a relaxed and lively state of mind, especially when dealing with loss or unpleasant encounters in life, as if nothing had happened, not only in appearance, but also really not in mind. Laugh it off."

being with optimistic people is the best antidote to life.

A positive energy person, his magnetic field will drive everything to become orderly and beautiful.

No one's life is plain sailing.

but when you choose the sunny side, you avoid the shadows.

No one can predict the direction of the wind, but it can also change the mood.

live yourself into a beam of light, and the people around you will be illuminated.

Cai Kangyong said: "my emotions are never published in moments because I am afraid of causing trouble to everyone."

in this world, everyone has his own bitterness and grievances.

it is the most basic upbringing for adults not to regard moments as emotional trash cans.

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