Don't let "fooling around" ruin your life
Don't let "fooling around" ruin your life
There is never something for nothing in the world, and life is not a blind effort.


I have seen such a fable.

in a mill in Chang'an City, horse and donkey are good friends.

one day, the horse decided to follow the Tang monk to the western sky to learn scriptures, while the donkey chose to continue to grind in the mill.

17 years later, the horse took back the true sutra and met the donkey.

the donkey was surprised when the horse talked about what he had seen and heard on the trip.

it can't help sighing, "you've seen so much. I can't even think of such a difficult road."

Ma smiled and replied, "in fact, you have walked no less than me these days, but you only revolve around the millstone all your life. Although you are busy, you can never get out of this narrow world."

sometimes, like this donkey, we are busy all the time, but get nothing.

the busier he is, the more confused he is, and slowly fall into the strange circle of "being busy".

in today's fast-paced day, don't let "fooling around" ruin your life.

you think you are busy, but you are just "busy"

have seen netizens on the Internet

@ know the taste of time

share the life of the day.

get up at 5 o'clock every day and get ready for a run.

when she was running, she wondered why she didn't come to read on such a good morning.

then I haven't read a few pages of the book, and I'm thinking about what breakfast to make for my children.

when I was at work, I wanted to work hard and try to get home early to accompany the children. Without doing it for a while, I clicked on to have a look at the news from the group chat.

Please help me with a document and let go of the work at hand immediately.

answer a phone call halfway and rush to deal with a new task.

when I was getting off work, I suddenly found that there was still a lot of work to be done.

I can only work overtime, but when I get home from work, the child has already fallen asleep.

in the dead of night, I can't help sighing:

every day from early morning to late at night, at the end of the day, the exercise is not finished, the book is not read, the work is fighting the fire, and the children have no time to accompany them.

Life never gets better day after day.

have you ever felt this way in your life?

I live a busy life every day, but I don't know what I'm busy with.

there is never enough time. I always hope that there are 48 hours in a day.

however, can such busyness really be solved in an extra 24 hours?

French writer La Rochefoucauld once said:

"people who only know how to work on trivial things all day are bound to fail to achieve great things."

We think that to be busy is to work hard, and if we work hard, there will be results. However, the reality is cruel.

I have seen such a formula on the Internet: diligence + hard work ≠ good results.

nonsense busyness is just an illusion of effort.

work hard blindly, no matter how big it is.

in the wrong direction, you will never achieve the desired goal, and no matter how busy you are, you will be busy.

busy, will make life crowded, there is no poetry and distance, only immediate confusion.

busy with harvest, it makes sense

on Zhihu, someone asked: why do I work so hard and still have a bad life?

one of the answers is particularly gripping: it's not that efforts are useless, it's just that you're trying in vain.

in the book Rich Dad and Poor Dad, he told such a story.

there is a strange village where there is no water for one kilometer nearby, and the use of water by the villagers has become the biggest problem.

so the village head chose Eddard and Bill, the strongest young men in the village, to take charge of the water supply and signed a water supply contract with them.

after signing the contract, Ed immediately bought two large buckets, got up early in the morning and night every day, and carried water from a distant lake for the villagers to use. for this, he was so tired that he cried out.

as for Bill, after signing the contract, he did not know where to go.

six months later, he brought back an engineering team and spent a year building a water supply system in the village.

was built, he could easily supply water to the villagers 24 hours a day, at a price of only one Eddard. Soon, every household used his water.

the writer and Caitou said: "the value of effort is to be a good part."

some people are so busy with their lives that they only move themselves, but as a result they never accompany them in acting.

and some people, who seem lazy, are actually building up their strength secretly and making a splash.

A person's ability is never judged by how busy you are, but by how much you have achieved.

the evolutionary biology research team of Hokkaido University in Japan once did an ant experiment.

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they found that most ants are diligent, cleaning their nests and carrying food almost non-stop.

on the contrary, a small number of ants are lazy, looking around the colony all day, seeming to have nothing to do.

interestingly, when the research team cut off the food source of the colony, the diligent ants immediately became a mess.

and the "lazy ants" take their time to lead the ant colony to a new food source.

"lazy ant" is actually not lazy, but diligent in thinking, good at detection, using every effort on the cutting edge.

it's the same with life. No matter how busy life is, you have to leave a blank. If you fill it up too much, you'll lose your way.

give yourself some time to reflect and explore, soOnly by working hard can we have a direction and be more likely to bear fruit.

after all, the purpose of our busyness is to gain; the meaning of effort is to make progress.

refuse to be busy and take control of your life

Professor Jordan Peterson, a famous psychologist, has summed up four manifestations of "pseudo-diligence". How many have you won?

1. Spend a lot of time doing the easiest part of things, and show off everywhere: there is hard work without merit.

2. Procrastinating in the name of "preparation" seems busy, but there is no progress.

3. Never verify the results of the work, do not know whether it is good or bad, just pull the rickshaw, will not look up at the sky.

4. Read a lot of books, but never summarize the rules; even if the rules are summarized, they are not used in practice.

not all efforts are effective; not all busyness has results.

how to get rid of being busy and take control of your life? Here are four pieces of advice to share with you.

define the goal and make a plan

I have heard a heartbreaking saying: if you are in the wrong direction, your efforts will be in vain.

know exactly what you want, and that's direction.

everything is done in advance, and if not, it is wasted.

there is no clear plan. If you want to do it, you will be fooling around in the end.

only when you have a clear goal can you reach the destination you want.

prioritize and prioritize

Lin Yutang once said: "the wisdom of life is to gradually clarify and filter out those unimportant impurities, while retaining the most important parts."

if life is full of trivial things, how can you let go of the important things?

not everything in life is equally important.

the Law of 28 tells us that if we concentrate on solving the most important 20%, the remaining 80% will be easily solved.

things have priorities, use has priorities, learn to make choices, and know how to sort things in order to be stable and not chaotic.

learn to think, adjust and adapt

there is a classic line in the movie Godfather:

"people who spend half a second to see through the nature of things and those who can't see the nature of things all their lives are destined to have a completely different fate."

A person's height in life often depends on the depth of his thinking.

if you only know how to be busy mechanically without thinking, no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to go far.

if you work hard, you should also look up at the road, adjust it in time, and choose the best route in order to walk faster.

refuse to procrastinate, cut off on time

it is inevitable that people relax sometimes.

physical discomfort, psychological unhappiness, and external interference may all make us hesitate and give up halfway, and in the end, we can't avoid being in a hurry.

Don't give yourself any excuse to procrastinate, stick to the plan, give everything a deadline, and you'll find that you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Lei Jun once said:

"never disguise strategic laziness with tactical diligence." You should think boldly, work conscientiously, and put in constantly on the road of exploration. only by making continuous breakthroughs and efforts can you make continuous gains. "

there is never something for nothing in the world, and life is not a blind effort.

only by constantly improving yourself can we move forward step by step.

I wish you, on the road of life, to be in no hurry, to be comfortable, to be busy with value, and to have a taste of leisure.

do not be confused, do not hesitate, live to be your own light.