Each other comes from the heart, it turns out to be true (very accurate)
Each other comes from the heart, it turns out to be true (very accurate)
Life is made by oneself, and phase is born by the heart.

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Lincoln said such a sentence:

"when a person reaches the age of 40, he must be responsible for his appearance."

before the age of 40, our appearance is mostly determined by our genes, which is inborn.

after the age of 40, with everyone's experience and mentality different, appearance and temperament will change greatly.

face and behavior is, to a certain extent, the reflection of character.

people who lose their temper often frown and look nervous.

people who are impatient have a flustered look in their eyes and give people the impression that they are not stable enough.

for people who are friendly to others, the arc of the corners of their mouths will naturally rise, giving people a friendly feeling.

people who are approachable will naturally show a warm and soft side of the face.

appearance comes from the heart. Being good-looking and looking comfortable are two different things. The former is the natural appearance brought by birth.

and look comfortable, it is not a simple sensory experience, but a comprehensive embodiment of the person's mental character and even mental state.

A good-looking person must not bear to look if her character is not good and her self-cultivation is not enough.

and an ordinary-looking person, if she is friendly, generous and smiling, she will also give people a pleasant feeling.

Coco Chanel once said:

"Twenty-year-old faces are born, thirty-year-old faces are carved by life, but fifty-year-old faces are chosen by yourself."

there is a good saying: "your face hides the books you have read, the people you have loved and the roads you have traveled."

Why do people wear makeup?

in the final analysis, it is to make yourself beautiful.

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but no matter how correct the appearance is, it is not immutable, it will certainly rise and fall one after another with the turbulence of the hearts of the people.

it is like a pair of identical leather shoes worn on different people's feet. After half a year, different lines will be formed.

people's appearance is a more delicate piece of cloth, natural appearance determines our face, but acquired state of mind determines our temperament.

grief will produce corresponding wrinkles. If you are happy, you will have completely different lines.

for appearance, only the radiance from the bottom of your heart can nourish a lasting feast for the eyes.

writer Bi Shumin once said:

"A knife is time, and time will wash away the effect of beauty, just like a snowdrift melts when it meets the spring sun."

there is a sharper knife, that is, the carving of the soul. Only the brightness from the bottom of my heart can nourish a long-lasting feast for the eyes.

in life, there is always such a phenomenon:

A beautiful woman who looks amazing at first glance is no longer interested after watching it for a long time.

A woman who looks ordinary at first glance, but makes people feel like a spring breeze, never gets tired of seeing it later, and the more she sees it, the more she tastes.

the reason for this phenomenon is mostly a person's appearance, will always be integrated into the temperament.

gentle and easy-going people get along more comfortably, while violent and perverse people get along more and more want to stay away.

minor ailments, emotions and habits in daily trivialities shape your temperament and affect your state of mind, and will eventually be fed back to your appearance.

the Book of Rites says: "those who love deeply must have kindness, those who have harmony must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

A change in one's mind can lead to a change in behavior and appearance.

all the changes in the external information field related to you are rooted in the changes in your inner good and evil.

We often say that blessed human settlements are blessed places and blessed human settlements.

our hearts are the reflection of our situation, and our faces are our facades.

A person's long-term emotional state can be reflected in his face.

for a long time, many people care about their appearance and make themselves more beautiful in a variety of ways.

in fact, people who are really smart should practice both inside and outside and make themselves beautiful from the inside out.

A study by Harvard University shows that

the higher a person's spiritual level is, the healthier he is, the kinder he is, and he won't change his nature easily because of the opinions of others.

when dealing with others, the more smiling and joyful expressions they have, the happier their lives will be.

A person is also the kindest person when he can tolerate all the unpleasantness of life and focus on his own responsibilities rather than his interests.

We often say that people who love to laugh will not have too bad luck.

We always say that people are judged by their appearance.

in fact, it does not necessarily say that making friends only likes the beautiful or handsome, but that the person as a whole gives the impression of being healthy, warm and kind.

and often such people, the better the interpersonal relationship, all aspects will be like a fish in water.

and nourish a person's good face, the best care products, is a good mood, a good state of mind, a good character.

Life is made by oneself, and phase is made by the heart.

circumstances change with the heart, and happiness is sought by oneself.

May everyone can cultivate a dignified and auspicious appearance and harvest a happy life through spiritual cultivation.