Eight days after the Tangshan beating incident, the top male star went on a hot search, netizens: the true face has finally been stripped off!
Eight days after the Tangshan beating incident, the top male star went on a hot search, netizens: the true face has finally been stripped off!
Through the darkness, there will always be unexpected warmth.

the Tangshan beating incident caused thousands of waves on the Internet, but it also spread to the entertainment industry.

the past of two male stars has been stripped off, one is singer Gao Tianzuo, and the other is male god Wu Yanzu.

Let's start with Gao Tianzuo. Many people may not know him before.

he is a hip-hop singer and the national runner-up of "rap listen to me" in 2020, and many fans are after him.

on June 14, he said on his Weibo account: "take your time. I'm sure one day, God will give me justice."

the comments section below are all comments from fans expressing their support for him anyway.

the topic of "Gao Tian Zuo's trumpet responds to the storm" is also gradually noticed by more and more people, and many people begin to pick what "grievances" this person has experienced before.

as a result, I only knew that Gao Tianzuo beat a girl to a serious injury level 2 in KTV before he became famous in 2016.

the court judgment clearly wrote: "after the dispute with the victim, Gao knocked GE to the ground and kicked GE in the head and neck, causing GE's head injury, and the degree of head injury was serious."

because Gao Tianzuo voluntarily surrendered, confessed to the facts, and actively compensated the victim for losses of 765000, he was finally "sentenced to three years' imprisonment, suspended for two years."

although the judgment is clearly written, after entering the entertainment industry, Gao Tianzuo has his own set of words to appease fans: "do not see clearly that it is a girl to fight", "subconscious reaction, self-defense."

fans also believed Gao Tianzuo's words and continued to buy tickets to support his concert: "my brother has been wronged", "always believe in him", "he is so real".

what's more, Gao Tianzuo wrote it twice in the lyrics to show off:

"you are far behind me in society. I have been in prison for half a year, and now I can stand in front of you because it cost me a lot of money." -- GAI coffin verdict

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"but I won't send away the 8,000 hundred tickets unknowingly, so one day I'll have him send them to me intact!" -- "Back Home"

it was only after this incident that Gao Tianzuo's story was successfully out of the circle and was known by many people.

netizens have suggested that he can report under his real name with his ID card and exonerate himself.

indeed, there is no perfect person in the world.

but the most terrible thing is that if you make a mistake and have no repentance, you can even write the lyrics openly for the fans to sing and let the victim experience the second harm.

in sharp contrast, a piece of news about Wu's brave deeds many years ago was uncovered and published in a popular search.

it makes people wonder: how can the gap between people be so big?

in 2005, Wu Yanzu revealed in an interview with a reporter that he had saved beauty from a hero in a nightclub a few years ago.

at that time, a drinker was drunk and messed with a female customer, not only hugging and touching, but also forced to kiss him.

Wu Yanzu, who received the look in the eyes of a female customer for help, immediately came forward and politely asked the drinker not to do so.

who knew that the drinker simply did not listen to dissuasion, but hit Daniel Wu in the head with a bottle, causing him to bleed on the spot, and even kept beating him, forcing Wu to fight back with his fist.

finally sent to the hospital, Wu Yanzu's head was stitched with six stitches, and shallow scars can still be seen on the camera many years later.

A mother who is worried about having a heart attack will be worried. It took several years for Daniel Wu to reveal it in front of the media.

with a sense of justice and enough respect for women, it is deeply engraved in the bones of Daniel Wu and reflected in his words and deeds.

Daniel Wu likes to share his daily life on social platforms.

Last year, in foreign countries, Asian old people were attacked and robbed on the road for no reason.

Wu Yanzu posted a famous picture of the old man doing morning exercises in the hard core of the park, with the caption: "I don't believe anyone dares to rob this old man" to complain about the bullying scum and dare not hit the real strong.

in 2019, Daniel Wu went to Tokyo to take part in the auto show. When he strolled around, he saw many photographers holding machines against female models, specially enlarged to take pictures of parts of their bodies.

he complained online about this phenomenon: "I swear, most of the photographers here are here for girls, and you can find that they also enlarge girls' body parts to satisfy and amuse their fetishes. It's super weird."

he asked his 9-year-old daughter to learn taekwondo, regardless of other people's comments about "how to make a girl learn to fight".

but think: "I have learned kung fu since I was a child, and my daughter should have this right."

in Daniel Wu, I see real masculinity.

masculinity is not relying on stronger physical conditions, waving fists to the weak, showing off their strength, and "saving face" in front of outsiders.

but adhere to justice and courage, is a positive spirit, has nothing to do with age and gender.

there are a lot of good-looking people in the entertainment industry, but there are not many people who can really be admired. Daniel Wu is one of them.

I was born in the United States in 1974. At the age of four, when my father went back to China to look for relatives, I got a general impression of "I am Chinese" for the first time.

when he was a child, his idols were Bruce Lee and Jet Li. He often couldn't take his eyes off the TV, so he became infatuated with Chinese kung fu.At the age of 5, he asked his mother to let him learn Chinese kung fu.

Chinese families living in a foreign country will inevitably encounter discrimination, so they pay more attention to reading and education for their children.

Wu's parents are the same. His father is an engineer and his mother is a university professor. They do not want their children to devote too much energy to playing, and they are even more worried that their son will fight and get into trouble when they learn martial arts, so they refused his request.

but Daniel Wu still loved kung fu and didn't accept his request until he was 11 years old, which shows that he knew how to stick to his choice at an early age.

Kung fu has been studied for more than ten years, and Daniel Wu won the martial arts championship in the United States.

later, in order to chase the star Jet Li, he followed his master to Beijing Shici Sports School for training and became Wu Jing's younger brother. At that time, their faces were covered with collagen.

when his mother was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack at the age of 17, Wu Yanzu looked like a different person and was determined to get rid of all his bad habits.

he worked hard to study, was admitted to the University of Oregon in one fell swoop and studied architecture with a scholarship.

when he was in college, Daniel Wu's grades were also very rare. In his sophomore year, he was also the runner-up in the California material Art Competition, ranking second in the West Coast of the United States.

if nothing happens, he should graduate step by step, work, get married and live a normal life.

in 1997, Daniel Wu graduated at the age of 23 and came to Hong Kong with a bag to watch the handover ceremony.

when he wanted to go home, he found that he had no money on him. His sister in Hong Kong suggested that he go to a part-time model and continue to travel after making money.

just by mistake, Daniel Wu was dragged to film his first film, Love of Beautiful Boys, and changed the course of his life ever since.

in the New Police Story, he successfully portrays the twisted, brutal and arrogant villain Guanzu, winning the 41st Golden Horse Award for Best supporting Actor.

on the podium, he said modestly: "when I first arrived in Hong Kong seven years ago, I was a fool with no purpose and no idea. Seven years later, I was still a fool, but a fool who won a prize."

having been in the entertainment industry for many years, he still sticks to himself, strives not to be moved by flashy fame and wealth, and just wants to be simple and pure himself.


he posted a blog post online, saying that in addition to donating money, he also wanted to personally go to the disaster area to help with reconstruction, but the request has been refused.

"I have good construction skills and know how to use some heavy equipment, so I won't be a celebrity volunteer who needs to be taken care of."

, he finally had the opportunity to volunteer in the disaster area with many celebrities and began to work as soon as he got there.

teacher he also said what he saw with his own eyes on the program:

"I see that when other stars are doing interviews, Wu Yanzu is earnestly building brick by brick in the back."

in the family, he also strives to be a good husband and father, and will never escape his responsibilities.

when his wife was pregnant, he listened patiently to the complaint of the pregnant woman without complaining.

after his daughter was born, he did all the work of changing diapers and taking care of the children. he did not give it to the babysitter as a shopkeeper, feeling that "this is the duty of the parents and should not be given to anyone else."

in an interview with Luyu, he said: "I like strong women. They have to cross a lot of men before they can reach their current status."

although Daniel Wu, as a man, can see the structural discrimination suffered by women in society for a long time, he is willing to take action to support them.

Wu Yanzu has never looked down on the praise of the outside world:

"in fact, I do this kind of thing not for the applause of others, but for myself."

because sometimes I feel that being in the entertainment industry is very selfish, doing interviews every day is me, me, me and so on.

sometimes I feel bored. I want to help other people, but not for the approval of anyone, but for my own comfort and comfort. "

the more you grow up, the more you understand that the real goodness is all quiet, but it has its own light.

there are always some hard moments in the world, but because of the existence of good people, we can firmly believe that

through the darkness, there will always be unexpected warmth.

when you are at a low ebb and helpless, some unscrupulous people may give you a push, but there will certainly be more kind-hearted people who will choose to give you a hand and support you to the end.

, may more people adhere to good deeds!