Eight years after leaving Li Chen, Zhang Xinyu's post-40 million garden became popular: she finally became the envy of others.
Eight years after leaving Li Chen, Zhang Xinyu's post-40 million garden became popular: she finally became the envy of others.
The world is so noisy, it's nice to have another place where you can put your body and mind in place.


the "back garden" envied by thousands of people

how beautiful is it?

it is the Beginning of Summer on May 5th, and everything is ready for summer.

Flowers like poetry, grass like painting, blue sea, watermelon ice cream, frozen milk tea, romantic universe, warm life.

Summer, people are extremely looking forward to it.

on this romantic day, Zhang Xinyu also posted a beautiful picture on the social platform.

in the photo, the dog stands in front of the colorful flower shelf, matching with the blue sky, incomparably cured.

as soon as the photo is exposed, the whole network is "scratching" where the background in the photo is.

unexpectedly, this place like an oil painting is the back garden of Zhang Xinyu's home!

also named this place "Kaixin Farm".

on that day, on Mother's Day, Zhang Xinyu took a picture with her mother in the backyard.

Mother and daughter have afternoon tea together, holding the pet dog and tasting the cake.

the background is lined with blooming flowers, smelling the fragrance of flowers in the air, and I feel happy when I think about it.

Zhang Xinyu occasionally shuttles through the garden in robes as if she were in Wonderland.

she also gave these blooming flowers to her mother, saying that this is the life she longed for.

not only does she yearn for such a cozy life?

No one doesn't like it!

although the garden is beautiful, it did take her a lot of painstaking efforts to build it.

first plan the location of the flowers and install the shelves so that the vines can spread along the direction of the shelves.

on the path in the backyard and on the wall in the backyard, Zhang Xinyu set up places to plant flowers.

although this adds a lot of work, Zhang Xinyu thinks it's worth it in order to fill the garden with flowers.

because she doesn't have much experience in growing flowers, she reads and studies while looking up materials.

in the end, it can even answer questions for netizens.

the first thing I do when I wake up every day is to see her back garden.

carry cartridges to administer medicine and trim flower branches. Looking after these flowers and plants has become her daily life.

she has a lot of research on the amount and time of fertilization and the temperature of fertilization.

she has also prepared all kinds of pesticides and is very clear about the proportion of insecticidal and germicidal potions.

it is precisely because she does it herself that she is so excited when the flowers are in full bloom.

in the comparison picture posted by Zhang Xinyu, you can clearly see that the yard was overgrown with weeds and a mess.

after a year of hard work, the rose flowers are in full bloom, the shelves are full of flowers, and the walls are covered with vines, like an oil painting.

although the waiting process is long, to the day the flowers bloom, I feel that all my efforts are worth it!

it is true that people who love flowers know more about life.

flowers make fences, poetic walls, smell the fragrance of a yard.

just like Zhang Xinyu's farm, there are not only flowers but also a vegetable garden.

in summer, when chili peppers grow out in the yard, she goes to pick chili peppers and taste all-natural green food.

she eats seasonal agricultural products. During the season of lettuce, she eats lettuce. When garlic seedlings grow up, she picks some garlic seedlings as side dishes.

long beans, long eggplant, okra.

her yard is like Doraemon's pocket, with everything.

she also enjoys the gift of nature, picking a basket.

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apart from vegetables, there can be no shortage of fruits.

in spring, you can see branches full of peach blossoms, but in autumn, you can receive baskets of peaches.

in summer, eat your own watermelons to relieve the heat.

the life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea has become poetic and envied by her.

strive to be a person with a garden

when filming "fantastic Dog", he Jie's appearance made a beam of light appear in Zhang Xinyu's life.

when he is ill, he takes good care of him;

when he is sad, he warms his heart and comforts him; when he is lost, he is intimate with him.

Zhang Xinyu also learned from her relationship with he Jie that sense of security is the warmth a woman wants most.

"I once thought that if you marry someone, it must not be because they are old, let alone because they are suitable for each other. There is only one reason: marry him, marry love."

in 2018, she married he Jie and officially became a military wife.

at first, many people were not optimistic about this marriage, after all, their lives and work circles were too far apart.

including Zhang Xinyu, after this small garden went viral on the Internet, some people said that it was a luxury house she bought at a cost of 40 million yuan in Kunshan. She separated from her husband, and her feelings faded.

but Zhang Xinyu gagged those people with "happiness".

they will childishly wear lovers' shoes and socks, step on the music beat, and record short videos over and over again.

will also cook together and take ugly photos of each other.

to participate in the "Sister through the Wind and waves", when she was eliminated, sheAfter dialing he Jie's phone, he Jie opened his mouth as a word of comfort:

"the child has failed, the child does not matter, the child is already very good, 99 points is short of 1 point, without my lucky halo to give you blessings, so the difference is 1 point."

Zhang Xinyu immediately burst into tears when she heard her husband's words.

when I first took part in the competition, I had an impressive short hair.

everyone says that she has changed, becoming calmer and more stable.

but in front of her husband, she is still a "child", as she said:

the person who really loves you will make you a child.

after marriage, Zhang Xinyu has become much more "low-key". Except for the necessary work, she spends most of her time in "salted fish" mode.

making Chinese food with a pesticide bucket on his back and an apron on his back.

although there are occasional curses on the Internet, she seems to have been relieved.

is not as impulsive and impatient as before.

Yes, life is your own. It would be a waste to leave all your time to strangers' suspicion and abuse.

you might as well do something you like with your heart and make yourself feel less sorry.