Every one of your moments is selling you out.
Every one of your moments is selling you out.
Whether or not to post in moments is a different choice for everyone.


someone said, "if you want to know someone, go through his circle of friends."

Today, the Internet has long gone deep into life, and mobile phones have become an inseparable social tool for people.

many people like to share their lives in moments. It can be said that moments are becoming our new business cards.

interpersonal relationship scientist Xiong Taixing once asserted:

"based on moments, we can attribute a person's personality. Everyone's circle of friends hides his state of life."

whether it is posting travel, delicious food, selfies, or expressing emotions and expressing feelings, more and more people have run their circle of friends into their own circle of life.

every tweet we post, every article we share, even a message, a like, is a window for the outside world to know us.

I have to admit that every circle of friends is "betraying" you.

everyone records their lives in different ways, but it is easier to capture beautiful moments in moments.

it is precisely these tiny "moments" that activate our inner enthusiasm.

I met a friend in the financial world a few years ago. as soon as she joined the industry, she went to the hardest front line to work as a teller.

the salary is not high, but there is a lot of work. I have to work overtime every now and then, and I am called by the leader to market customers on weekends.

after getting married and having children, life is more like a spinning top, non-stop.

to investigate the reason, take a look at her circle of friends, it will be clear at a glance.

she keeps the habit of "daily shift" all the year round and likes to keep track of everything around her.

she carefully recorded everything from hot news to three meals a day.

funny interactions with husbands, ups and downs with children, interesting things at work, parties among friends. Like a cheerful comedy, performed in turn in her circle of friends.

once late at night, I read her such a message: "if the canteen is open late at night, if you don't sleep, get up and smell it, then say, is it fragrant?" The picture is her own spicy spicy pot.

the smell of delicious food seems to overflow the screen in an instant, and the smell of fireworks makes people feel more happy.

People's Daily once encouraged everyone:

"shoot if you want, take pictures if you want to, and you must show off if you want to show off. No matter how good the camera and technology can be ten years later, you can't take such a look! Be bold to record your life, and every day you have now is worth collecting. "

people who understand life will find beauty in the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and will also feel the interest of life in the smoke and fire.

every photo of life, every quotation of mood, is not only the source of happiness of boring life, but also a love from the heart.

when you take life seriously, life is bound to have warm echoes.

knowing how to please yourself is wisdom

like this sentence very much:

"there is no right or wrong in life, but no matter what way of life you choose, don't forget to please yourself. This is the best way to live."

it's like posting on moments, there's no difference between right and wrong, as long as you like it.


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have shared their stories on the Internet.

when she graduated from college, she successfully competed for employment in a middle school and became a Chinese teacher.

but half a year later, she felt that the job was not suitable for her, so she resigned and went to sea. I plan to start as a freelance writer and enter the new media industry.

the day she left school, she posted to her moments: "some birds are not destined to be locked up."

unexpectedly, within a few minutes, some relatives and friends left a message saying, "Why should you post this kind of thing on moments?"

she glanced at it, shook her head and smiled, and replied, "I can be responsible for my own life."

, she abandoned her miscellaneous thoughts, started from the basics, made great progress, and is now the editor-in-chief of a media.

in life, she likes to post moments, often post travel and hand-cooked food, as well as favorite articles.

she is immersed in her own life and lives freely and fully.

occasionally, someone sees her splendid circle of friends and insinuates that she "doesn't do her job."

but she knows in her heart that life is her own and how to live happily.

the end of the story,

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say with emotion:

"We have a lot to do in life, but you have to remember that the most important thing is to please yourself."

think about it, in this life, we are most likely to ignore, in fact, is ourselves.

in many cases, you would rather meet the expectations of others than live for yourself; you would rather cater to others than protect yourself.

time is fleeting, so you can live up to your life by letting go of what you love.

has the desire to share, is the pattern

among your Wechat friends, which types of people like to post on moments?

I think there are always one or two "sharing talents" in everyone's circle.

whether it is the way of life, or professional skills, whether it is the secret recipe for health care, or chicken soup for the soul, they always share it selflessly.

their momentsLike a rescue station, it can often bring warmth and help to others.

my friend Lao Liang has been sharing some interesting little knowledge in moments since he first started Wechat.

sometimes it's a historical story, sometimes it's a workplace strategy, sometimes it's a good book, a movie, sometimes it's a guide to office software.

once, I worked overtime as a PPT, and thanks to Lao Liang's guide, I successfully met the requirements of my leader. On another occasion, when a friend was lovelorn and sad, he watched an inspirational movie recommended by Lao Liang and decided not to be depressed and decadent.

and Lao Liang, in the process, made more friends, accumulated a lot of contacts, and his career was booming.

apart from Lao Liang, I admire my friend Sister Yan even more.

she is freelance, has more than 2000 Wechat friends, and ran her moments as a business a few years ago.

but Sister Yan is not the kind of WeChat businessman with no bottom line, but carefully plans every copywriter.

she is good at photography and makeup, and will share photo and make-up skills for free, but she will not chase you to buy products. Only when someone asks, Sister Yan will give a relatively objective answer.

like Lao Liang, she opened up her life and career because of her "desire to share".

"key Dialogue" says: "in practical communication, if you want to be friends with each other, you must learn to share your thoughts and feelings."

Life is a vast ocean, and none of us can make ourselves an island.

sharing moments not only strengthens the connection with the outside world, but also highlights a person's mind and pattern.

most of the time, the world will embrace you only after you open your arms.

the world is your own and has nothing to do with others

on the topic of Weibo

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, after reading such a message, I have a lot of feelings.


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"I couldn't sleep in the early hours of last night. I felt very bored. I wanted to send it to my moments. I weighed my words several times and screened several people before I finally sent it out. But soon I felt wrong again, for fear that others would accuse me of being hypocritical and hastily deleted it. "

unexpectedly, such a trivial matter has resonated with many people.

someone said, "I never post on moments and always worry about any bad influence."

someone said, "in fact, I envy people who post on moments. They are so strong that they don't care what other people think."

others said: "I had a big dinner with my classmates at the weekend, but I didn't expect everyone to advise me not to send it, so as not to be called foodie and ignorant."

indeed, when it comes to people who often post on moments, some people are dismissive. They think: "people who have never seen the world will post moments at the slightest moment."

in their view, sharing happiness is showing off, talking about mood is hypocritical, sharing good things is profitable, complaining about work is psychologically fragile.

in fact, when we jump out of our moments, aren't there such people who "tell us what to do" in real life?

if you mind what other people say, turn off your moments. Can you keep everyone out of your life?

since you can't, why care about these innocuous comments from the outside world?

many people do not post on moments, not because they are aloof, but because they dare not post them in the midst of heavy misgivings.

but because they are afraid of being pointed out by others, they can only suppress themselves and be "transparent people" in their moments.

however, the world is your own and has nothing to do with others after all.

instead of living cautiously, it is better to expose your life generously.

Life is not easy, so don't restrain yourself in moments.

Wang Han once said: "We should properly manage our circle of friends and let it become a place for us to communicate with our friends in a real sense."

it is a different choice for everyone to post or not to post on moments.

as long as what we say and do comes from sincere intentions.

if you love life and record; if you love yourself and are willing to share, don't care too much about the eyes of others and be yourself boldly.

our ultimate goal is to manage our lives well.

if posting on moments can not only make yourself happy, but also help others, why not?

you know, people who really love you will always want to see a happy you.

, if you like the article, share it in your circle of friends and live as you wish, and you will be happy.

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