Everyone you meet is here to ferry you.
Everyone you meet is here to ferry you.
May you live sincerely and happily from now on!


as the saying goes, "

looking back 500 times in a previous life, you can get a shoulder brush in this life. "

it takes a hundred years to build the same ferry and a thousand years to sleep together. All the encounters in this world are the fate of previous lives.

if there is no debt, how can we meet each other in the vast sea of people?

in this life, no matter who you meet, it is not an accident, but a predestined relationship.

they each come with different missions, some give you warmth, some teach you to be strong, some make you hurt, and some keep you warm.

all encounters have their own reasons;

all experiences have their meaning.

people who have helped you bring you warmth

A few years ago, when the company moved, I was in charge of decoration. I was busy until very late every day.

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that day, when I left the company, it was almost nine o'clock, and there were still some rain stars floating in the sky.

dragging all over tired, my colleagues and I casually found a place to eat, but in the middle of eating, my colleague's phone suddenly rang and asked me if I had lost my phone.

said that my boss asked for me just now, but a boy answered the phone, saying that he had found my cell phone.

it was only then that I realized that the phone was really gone. When I called again, the phone had been turned off.

my heart was cold at that time, and I thought I was out of luck. I was as tired as a dog when I worked overtime, and I lost the new phone I just bought.

my colleague advised me to look for the parking place again. Maybe he is still there.

I don't have any hope at all. I'm just going to try my luck.

never thought, there is really a boy standing next to my car, he did not hold an umbrella, there have been a lot of rain falling on his coat.

I hurriedly came forward to ask, and he also asked me cautiously, what is the model of the mobile phone, what are its features, and so on?

after I answered them one by one, he gave me back my phone.

I am very grateful. I hope he can leave me a contact information so that I can have a chance to express my gratitude in the future.

he said no, just tell me not to lose my phone next time.

years later, the scene of that day is still very clear in my mind.

I will never forget that in that rainy night in December, the kindness of a stranger warmed my whole winter.

Haruki Murakami said:

"you have to remember that the people who hold your umbrella in the heavy rain, the people who help you block foreign things, it is these people who make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life, help you drive away the haze and make you a loving person.


the goodwill from the sea of people is the most beautiful scenery in the world and the best nourishment for life.

No matter how hard it is to meet by chance or to send charcoal in the snow in times of crisis, you have been warm and moist for time when you are helpless and embarrassed, giving you the strength to support and resist.

those who hurt you teach you to be strong

Kung fu superstar Jackie Chan shared a sad memory in his artistic Life:

when he entered the profession in his early years, he made a film in which three actresses liked him.

but one of the famous actresses complained to the screenwriter on the spot:

"how could I like him? Big nose and small eyes. "

hearing this, Jackie Chan's tears swirled in his eyes, but he had to suppress his mood and politely ask for a lot of advice.

this has happened more than once.

in order to get Gulong to create a character for him, he and the company go to drink with Gulong every day.

the agent is responsible for keeping the atmosphere warm, and he is responsible for making a constant toast, changing the glass bigger and bigger, drinking one glass after another.

after drinking, Gulong said:

"my play will not be written for him, but for handsome students like Luo lie and Yue Hua."

at the moment, Jackie Chan didn't say anything. When he got to the toilet alone, he finally couldn't help crying. He felt very pitiful.

but he said to himself that he must not give up, must continue to do it, and show it to those who despise him.

recalling the past, Jackie Chan admitted that he was not angry with those people. On the contrary, had it not been for them, he would not have worked so hard and might not have become the person he is today.

think of Nietzsche's sentence:


those who can't kill you will eventually make you stronger.


those who have hurt you may not mean to teach you to grow up.

but as long as you are not defeated, the injuries and tribulations you have suffered have finally taught you to stand up in the gap of fate and face up to the difficulties.

when the painful past is dried by the years, it becomes a medal on your shoulder, it is called strong, also called brave.

those who leave you will be left with memories

Zhang ailing said:

"Life is like a ball, the person who teaches you the first dance steps may not be able to accompany you to the end.


not all encounters can get to know each other, and not all stories have an ending.

some people just happen to be passing by your bloom;

some people are doomed to be separated in a sea of people after passing each other.

writer Fu Seoul once talked about her predecessor in the Strange Theory:

heWe have been classmates in the next class since childhood. The ex was a very good boy and was admitted to Peking University, while she was admitted to Lin University.

they love each other very much, but her former mother doesn't like her and thinks she doesn't deserve her son at all.

Fu Seoul had a strong temper and finally chose to separate from his boyfriend.

she said that the days of separation were really painful.

have you ever had the same experience:

it may be an unforgettable relationship, or a friendship that helps each other.

you made a lifelong agreement that you would never give up on each other;

you used to occupy each other's youth and thought you could stay with each other until you were old.

but I do not know when, you began to alienate day by day, each moving towards a different track, life no longer intersect.

it is not that the original oath is not true enough, nor is it that the affection of the past is not deep enough, but that there are some people who have come to accompany you and have exhausted the fate of this life.

although he turned and left, he also left all his memories to you.

those days together, the wind and rain that we have experienced together, will not be erased, as long as you want to, you can stay in your memory forever, as bright as the stars.

those who stay, give you companionship

there is such a saying in the Hong Kong film industry:

"if you want to find Andy Lau, go to Lin Jiadong;

if you want to find Lin Jiadong, go to Liu Dehua. "

because two people are brothers in need, they have been with each other for more than 20 years.

at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony, Lin Jiadong, who finally won the title of actor after 30 years in the industry, was the first to thank Andy Lau.

and Andy Lau has said many times in public that Lin Jiadong is his real brother.

many years ago, Lin Jiadong was introduced to sign in with Liu Dehua's company.

it wasn't long before Andy Lau's company suddenly had a financial crisis.

the tree fell apart, and his artists left him one after another, but only Lin Jiadong stayed.

he said to Hua Tsai:

"if you want me to go, I will go. If you want me to stay, I will accompany you."

that is, from that moment on, Andy Lau identified the brother.

later, Hua Tsai survived the crisis, and Lin Jiadong will almost always be seen in whatever scenes he makes, from Infernal Affairs to No Thieves in the World to the Storm.

in order to make Lin Jiadong develop better, Liu Dehua also encouraged him to set up his own production company.

Today's two people, although they are no longer in the same company, their feelings are always the same. as long as there is anything wrong with each other, the other person will always come forward at the first time.

help in the snow when you are down, accompany you in the scenery, but this is the case with the so-called bosom friend.

I have heard a sentence:

"whether friends or lovers, it is not easy for those who can go through a year, those who can persist for two years are worth cherishing, and those who are still here five or ten years later should be invited into life."

companionship is the most affectionate confession, in this fate, people come and go in the world of mortals, all those who stay are the miracles of the years.

never blame anyone in your life.

good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, the worst teach you lessons, and the best never leave.

be it joy or pain, stay or leave.

all the encounters along the way are crossing you to grow up, making you the person you are today.

when you can smile and talk about the past, you have reached the other side of life.

like that sentence very much:

Thank you for the years to give up, give me all the thorns;

Thanksgiving time love, reward me wandering, the rest of my life, I will be invulnerable, wanton smile.

, may you live sincerely and happily from now on, be grateful for all the encounters and smile at all the experiences.