Family fengshui is rich or poor, only look at one place, God is accurate!
Family fengshui is rich or poor, only look at one place, God is accurate!
Please take good care of your fengshui!

Chinese culture is broad and profound, and one of the most connotative Chinese characters is "an".

the word "an" above means home, which means home, that is, to tell a man that a woman is home, and that only when there is a woman at home can your heart be at peace and you can feel warm.

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as the old saying goes, "A good wife and a good husband." It may be a profound interpretation of the word.

A home with a woman is a complete home.

if there is a woman, there will be constant laughter at home and long-term happiness.

Women decide the feng shui of a family

as the mother of the child and the wife of the husband, this role is indispensable.

the old man is neatly dressed, the lover is well dressed, and the children are neatly dressed because there is a hostess at home.

whether a family is happy and safe, and whether future generations can become talents or not has a lot to do with the behavior of the hostess of the family and how she treats men and children.

Women are well-behaved, kind-hearted and kind-hearted, which will bring endless blessings to the family and future generations and avoid family misfortune.

if the hostess of the family is poisonous, misbehaved and unfilial to her relatives, it will make the family lose its peace, not only endanger itself, but also bring trouble to the family.

Women are fengshui at home

as the ancients said, "good women will prosper for three generations, and bad women will harm three generations."

has a friend who tells a story:

he said that his mother had a good sister who married a rich man, lived in a villa and lived a life of a wealthy family.

at first he was very happy, but before long, the aunt went to complain to his mother, saying that her husband had someone outside.

the son was puzzled and asked why.

his mother, who is of the Yi nationality and knows fengshui, told him directly that the fengshui in her family was not good.

the son was still confused, and the mother further said:

1. If you are a man, will you be in a good mood when you come home at night and see the shoes in the shoe cabinet in a mess?

2. You want to get something to eat, go into the kitchen, the cabinets are covered with dust, do you still have an appetite?

3. You want to drink some water, open the refrigerator, put all kinds of snacks and vegetables at will, can you still drink water?

4. Your wife is dishevelled and dishevelled, clutching you and talking about how much she won and lost in mahjong and how much she bought a bracelet. Are you still in the mood to listen?

5. You went out for business all night and came home early in the morning to drink some hot soup to relieve the wine. as soon as you opened the bedroom door, your wife was still sleeping in, you said you wanted to eat, and she said to you, I am hungry, too. Why don't you go down and buy some instant noodles and cook them together. Will you go down and buy it back?


"Women are fengshui at home," the mother said.

I remember that a Zen master once talked about "Wangfu".

traditional culture holds that women are made of water, and water is wealth, so women are born with wealth.

and a man's wealth is only hidden in the five elements of water, which is only a small part of it.

therefore, families where men are henpecked are easily well-off or at least well-off.

the so-called "fear" does not mean to be afraid, but to love, cherish, and bear to be wronged by his wife.

as the saying goes, "carry things with great virtue." The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up.

whether a family is happy or not, most of the factors lie in the hostess of the family. If you want to see how the family is doing, you might as well take a look at the appearance of the hostess in the family.

when women are neatly dressed, their homes are often neat and tidy; women are sloppily dressed and their homes are often in a mess.

when women haggle and haggle, there will never be peace at home, chickens and dogs will jump; if women are generous and reasonable, the family will be rich and healthy, young and old.

A good woman is not her beauty, but her heart; a good wife is not her appearance, but her heart.

the older the woman with virtue, the more blessed she is; the older the woman with no virtue is, the more ugly she is.

what kind of woman is the most prosperous man? please keep these five points in mind:

first, in daily life, always leave the best things to your woman, please cherish!

second, when you are at a low ebb, please cherish the woman who often encourages you and brings you courage.

third, every night alone in the empty room, lying on the sofa waiting for your woman, please cherish!

fourth, when you are running around in your career, please cherish the woman who is willing to fulfill your filial piety to your parents.

Fifth, the woman who is willing to marry you when you are poor! This must be cherished!

it is easy to see whether a family is prosperous or not.

Women are as gentle as water, men are lucky, and families are naturally prosperous.

and if a woman often loses her temper like a resentful woman, the man must be very unlucky, and the family will naturally be very bad.

as for whether a woman has a good temper, it depends on how much a man loves his own woman.

it is difficult to be a woman, and it is even more difficult to be a good mother, wife and wife.

Women want to be hurt, coaxed and cared for. A family without a woman is incomplete and defective.

Men are the backbone of a family and the backbone of the heart.

and women are the fengshui of this family.Oh, the luck of this family.

so please take good care of fengshui in your home!