Family ugliness should not be made public, even if these three kinds of family ugliness are rotten in your stomach.
Family ugliness should not be made public, even if these three kinds of family ugliness are rotten in your stomach.
The happiness of a family needs the painstaking management of the family.

as the old saying goes, "good things don't go out, but bad news travels fast."

people in this world gloat a lot, and I hope you don't have a good life.

as the saying goes, "the ugliness of the family must not be made public." dignity is given by yourself.

for the scandal of a family, few people will know if you learn to keep your mouth shut.

if you can't keep your mouth shut, some people will read jokes.

everyone's pot bottom has ash, as long as you know it. Some things are suitable for a family to solve and digest internally.

discord between parents

parents are often the backbone of a family.

there are thousands of parents in the world, so the feelings between some parents may not be so good, and there is often some friction.

this is the helplessness of life, and it is also difficult for our children to change.

as the old saying goes:

"if you have done it, remonstrating you more, pleasing my color, softening my voice, not remonstrating, remonstrating with pleasure, crying with you, and tarting without resentment."

parents should be persuaded euphemistically when they have done something wrong, which is the proper attitude of being children. If they do not save face to their parents, or even tell them to others, they will undoubtedly lose face.

and the parents quarreled and discordant, after all, it was a matter of the previous generation, and the children took care of it if they could, but let them go if they couldn't.

Brotherhood discord

A family, the good relationship between family members is a necessary condition to promote the prosperity of the family.

Zuo Zhuan says:

"Brothers fight against the wall and defend themselves against foreign aggression. If so, although the brother has a little anger, he will not abandon his relatives. "

No matter how many contradictions there are between brothers and sisters, they are still a family.

"whether to kiss, the whole family, break the bones and connect the tendons". If there is a contradiction, the family can just resolve it within the family and tell it to others. It's just that there are more people watching you lively and joking about you.

fighting tiger brothers, fighting father and son soldiers, brothers and sisters United as one, outsiders dare not bully.

only when we help each other can we have the affection of a mother.

to tell others is to make a scandal out of the house.

some people will swoop in and let the relationship between brothers and sisters get farther and farther away.

conflicts between husband and wife

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A family, the relationship between husband and wife is very important.

"it takes a hundred years to build the same boat and a thousand years to sleep together." it is not easy to become husband and wife. If they have not reached an irreparable stage, do not easily give up on each other. We should cherish our fate together.

they all say that "husband and wife are of one mind, its benefits cut off gold", which is about the importance of husband and wife as one.

A couple may have accumulated too many grievances and resentments in their mundane life, but they have nowhere to say. Once they find someone to talk to, they will pour out their grievances.

but you don't know that the consequence of this is to let others look at your lover with tinted glasses and vilify the image of your lover.

in this life, what we care about most is our families, parents, wives and children, which is not only our armor but also our weakness.

if you live well, some people will envy you; if you do not live well, some people will gloat.

be sure to remember that family ugliness should not be made public, some things rot in the stomach, and don't tell others.

Home is our harbor of happiness.

the happiness of a family needs the painstaking management of the family.

May everyone reap a family with healthy parents, harmonious brothers and harmonious husband and wife.