Five suggestions to make you better will last a lifetime.
Five suggestions to make you better will last a lifetime.
Life is knowledge, not living.

likes a sentence very much:

"in this world, no one can trap you, only you can trap yourself."

We all yearn for success, but success seems out of reach.

the following five suggestions can save you a lot of detours.

step out of the comfort zone

Mr. Lu Xun said: "A life that is too comfortable will wear away people's fighting spirit."

if a person is used to staying in a comfortable environment and never steps out of the "psychological safety zone", over time, he will gradually derail from life.

there is an excellent professor who gave his students the last lesson before graduation.

the professor drew a circle on a blank piece of paper in which there was a person, a house, a car and some friends.

Professor said: "this circle has your life, work, social, you will feel safe, it has become a comfort zone."

when you step out of this circle, you will inevitably make mistakes, but you can learn from it.

when you leave your comfort zone, you increase your knowledge, so you make progress. "

the professor added more friends and bigger houses outside the circle, saying, "only when you step out of the comfort circle can you expand the circle of life and make yourself better."

the students were thoughtful after hearing these words.

it may be difficult to get out of the comfort zone, but because of this, we can continue to break through ourselves and achieve value-added.

Liang Wendao said, "those that have made you uncomfortable will eventually make you comfortable."

Life is conserved, a painful effort in return for the joy of growing up after tearing.

bravely step out of the current comfort zone and keep pace with the times in order not to be eliminated by reality.

quit procrastination

Mel Robbins said in a speech:

"what do you want? Good health, more savings? Or do you get true love and expect your child to get better grades?

to achieve them, just turn on the mobile search, there will be a lot of experience, you can try any method.

but why do these methods change others and not ourselves? The reason lies in action. "

between thinking and doing, countless people are stuck in the same place.

there is such a cartoon: "behavior reward for procrastinators".

Xiaogang wrote the paper, planned the first draft for 1 month, the final draft for 3 months, and prepared the defense for 1 month.

the result was delayed again and again, and preparations were only started the night before, and the final reply was a mess.

Lili is going to run three times a week to lose weight.

on Thursday, I thought, "Yes, I have to run three times";

on Saturday, he thought, "Oh no, I can't run three times this week. Let's start again next week."

finally, the whole summer has passed, and the swimming circle on the belly is still not reduced.

if a man writes a project report, plan to sort it out from 12 to 14:00.

at 12:00, I wanted to take a nap. At 14:00, I felt that the report was in no hurry and could start later.

as a result, by 22:00 in the evening, the report made no progress.

procrastination may seem like a small thing, but in the long run, our lives will slowly die, just like the frog in the warm water, dying in comfort.

you know, life treats you the way you treat life.

people who are used to procrastination will sooner or later accept the sudden onslaught of life.

only by ruthlessly abstaining from procrastination can we control the initiative in our lives and remain invincible.

shielding outside sound

in a micro interview, the program group asked: "what do you regret most?"

A 60-year-old woman said: "regret that I cared too much about other people's opinions when I was young."

if you care too much about the voices of the outside world, you will forget why you started in the first place.

there was a young man who was confused all day. He asked the wise man, "Why have I accomplished nothing so far?"

the wise man smiled and said, "find something you like and keep doing it."

the young man replied, "I used to like painting. They said what the future could be for painters."

then I went to do the design, and they said that the design was hard and would go bald later.

then I went to work as a salesman. Did they say that you went to college to sell things?

now, I don't know what to do. "

the young man was disturbed by the sound of the outside world and finally embarrassed himself, lost his original mind and wasted his time.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

the world is your own and has nothing to do with others.

the red dust road is disturbing one after another. what is important is never what others say, but whether we can follow our hearts and live our lives.

Life is already very hard. For the rest of my life, I will unload my inner burden, block the voices of others, and live my own life firmly.

say goodbye to fooling around

the general characteristics of the living:

there is no clear plan for the future, neither the courage to admit entanglement, nor the courage to learn skills, but just try to fill the anxiety with more busy.

because no matter how much effort, there is no way to cover up the laziness.

I have heard of netizen Xiao QiaoDonovan's story.

Xiao Qiao is recognized as a desperate San Niang in the company. she has a full schedule every day, works overtime until 11: 00 or 12: 00 in the evening, and even takes the initiative to work in the company on weekends.

however, Xiao Qiao has been in the company for three years, but he has always been a small clerk. Most of the colleagues who came in during the same period have been promoted and raised and are independently in charge of the project.

Xiao Qiao, who was not appreciated by his boss, felt that his boss was deliberately targeting him, so he handed in his resignation letter.

after leaving, Xiao Qiao spoke ill of the company and his boss: bullying others and squeezing labor.

later, a sentence from the boss told the truth: "although Xiao Qiao worked hard, her efforts did not improve her ability. for example, it took her six hours to accomplish a task that could be accomplished by data analysis in two hours."

Xiao Qiao only wants to spend his time doing things, but he never vacates his mind to think about how to refine his skills.

Xiao Qiao's experience is regrettable, but it also tells us the current situation of many people's lives.

every day is busy from morning till night, but in the end it is nothing.

our attention is limited, so getting rid of low-quality diligence and achieving high-quality growth is the right solution.

be good at breaking up

everyone is faced with countless choices in his life.

if you want it all, life will be bogged down in a swamp.

good at breaking up, life can be more and more comfortable.

there is a successful person, life is like a winding top, there is no time to rest, people become more and more tired.

so he went to consult a professor.

the professor asked him, "what are you up to every day?"

the man replied, "I have to socialize every day, sometimes for dinner and sometimes for speeches. I not only have to spend time receiving partners, but also take care of my family."

after hearing this, the professor took him to the cloakroom and said, "if you put all these clothes on you, you can find a way."

the man said, "I have enough clothes on me. It will be very bulky to walk in so many clothes."

the professor smiled and said, "these clothes are like baggage on you. The more you wear, the more you can't breathe." So is life. You are neither an orator nor a communicator. Why bother to make yourself so tired? "

the man suddenly realized that he refused some unnecessary activities and became refreshed again.

Life is a process of constant choice and loss. Stupid people carry heavy loads all their lives in entanglements.

and wise people dare to break away, travel light and go to a promising tomorrow.

likes the sentence of the writer's canoe: "Life is knowledge, not living."

Life is spiritual practice while walking. We always have to climb step by step in order to get close to the life we want.

the rest of life is very expensive. May we all pursue our favorite way of life with temperature and thinking.

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