For details, see upbringing (good in depth)
For details, see upbringing (good in depth)
The real upbringing is hidden in the details.

as the saying goes, the most expensive thing is education.

whether a person is worth socializing or not usually depends not on his knowledge, temperament, status, etc., but on whether she is cultured or not.

educated people will not embarrass others, will not let others be aggrieved, let alone make others angry and unhappy.

dealing with such people will feel like a spring breeze, and every word and deed is comfortable.

True upbringing is to think of others

in interpersonal communication, people who know how to compare their hearts to each other and take care of other people's feelings must be the most valuable qualities.

remember two years ago, two construction workers on the subway were very popular?

because they were covered with a lot of mud during the day's work, they were afraid of getting their seats and other passengers' clothes dirty, so they sat on the floor even if they had seats.

scene was uploaded on the Internet, netizens expressed their respect, and one comment was liked by thousands of people:

"Real upbringing has nothing to do with educational background. Although their bodies are dirty, their hearts are clean!"

No matter who knows how to think of others, it must be a rare quality.

the young mother protects her child with one hand and holds the soles of her child's shoes with the other, so that it is impossible for the child to kick the person next to her.

the young mother kept this move until the mother and son got out of the car.

one netizen commented: this kind of upbringing comes from the goodness of the heart, and one of the connotations of kindness is to know how to think of others.

most people usually start from their own feelings and do everything to please themselves. On the other hand, educated people are willing to be "aggrieved" to take care of the feelings of others.

the changes that everyone feels are subtle, but educated people can always grasp these details, do every little thing, and take into account everyone's feelings, even if they are strangers.

to restrain yourself and respect others is to cultivate

some people say that upbringing is not what you want to do, but what you should do.

I have seen a young mother before and shared an experience that made her feel warm:

"once I took a taxi back to my hometown, and the baby kept crying and couldn't be coaxed.

seeing this, the driver drove the car to the service area and said, "you breast-feed." I got out of the car.

in fact, I was wearing breast-feeding clothes at that time, and I wouldn't walk naked, and I sat in the back row, so I didn't mind the driver being in the car.

but the driver spent half an hour in the sun to protect my privacy. "

Don't drivers want to sit in the car and turn on the air conditioner on a hot day?

and his upbringing told him that he had to get off at this time.

the driver's behavior reflects his respect for women as a man.

an educated person, at the very least, is to restrain himself and respect others.

it is easier said than done. The difficult thing is that before doing anything, you must think more about your own behavior and whether it will bring any inconvenience and bad feelings to others, and then take action.

in this way, the result of the action may be very different.

when you get together with friends, no matter how hungry you are, you have to wait for someone to arrive before you move your chopsticks.

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in public, no matter how important things are, they will not raise their voice and speak loudly;

when you need other people's belongings, let them know even if you are in a hurry.

upbringing is reflected in the respect for others in detail.

Control your desires, restrain your behavior, and think more about the impact of what you do on others. This is respect.

details determine success or failure, and upbringing determines level

there is no difference between high and low, but people's upbringing can determine the level of people.

A good upbringing can add a lot of color to a person, and a well-educated person also has good blessings, and a person's level is all hidden in his upbringing.

many people know that Jackie Chan works very hard in making movies, and he has benefited from this.

but many people don't know that when Jackie Chan first made his debut, by chance, Mr. Zou Wenhuai, the boss of Golden Harvest, invited him to go home in his own car.

at that time, Brother Jackie Chan did something that impressed Mr. Zou very deeply.

"he sat in his seat, but his feet stayed outside the car, shaking his shoes for fear that dust might fall on my car."

how many people can notice such details?

therefore, Jackie Chan's popularity does not only depend on his daring to fight, but also an important factor in his popularity today.

the so-called upbringing is not the smooth handling of things in social situations, not the flattery of smiling faces, but the good quality rooted in one's heart.

most people's upbringing is superficial, but the basic social etiquette is not cultured. Only when you start from every detail, push yourself and others to take care of the feelings of others, can you make people feel relaxed and happy. Only in this way can you gain the favor of others.

there are many details in life, which you may not notice, but it is these inconspicuous details that can reflect who you are.

to put it simply, upbringing is everything, and you can consider the feelings of others, big or smallAlways be able to restrain your words and deeds and maintain respect for everyone.

so the real upbringing is hidden in the details.


, don't let small details betray your upbringing.