For the person who does you a favor, don't invite him to dinner. Learn these three ways of reward.
For the person who does you a favor, don't invite him to dinner. Learn these three ways of reward.
Having a grateful heart is the beginning of changing your destiny.

there is an old Chinese saying: "Peach and plum in return."

in life, people always encounter problems that they cannot solve. It is common to ask for help, and it is common to receive favors.

gratitude is the most basic self-cultivation of a man.

for those who are grateful to themselves in life, most people like to use "treat to dinner" as a way to repay.

sometimes, with the passage of time, "this meal" will be left behind and become empty talk, and more and more human debts will be accumulated.

sometimes, the weight of "this meal" is too light to replace that great kindness, and there is always a debt.

sometimes, "this meal" will give rise to other troubles, giving rise to excuses and leaving endless disasters.

so, to those who are kind to you, don't use "treat to dinner" in return.

to learn the following three ways of reward is the best way to maintain a relationship and strengthen a relationship.

strong people help each other, everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella

Sanmao wrote a sentence:

"sending charcoal in the snow lies in sending charcoal in the snow, not in words. Charcoal is not expensive, but there are not many people to give it."

when people are at a low ebb, it is easiest to see the hearts of the people and feel the coolness of the world.

things are changeable, and everyone will have a rainy day without an umbrella.

those who have given you a hand in times of crisis may one day unfortunately fall into the abyss and need the help of others.

people who have held an umbrella for you in the heavy rain may one day stand helpless in the wind and rain and need your help.

the really strong people all know how to help each other and achieve each other.

when those who have helped you encounter difficulties, if you can try your best to save him from "water and fire", the exchange of kindness is more precious than any delicacy.

when Qian Zhongshu wrote Fortress besieged in his early days, he was very short of money.

Yang Jiang took the initiative to undertake all the housework in order to make Qian Zhongshu feel at ease with writing, but because at that time, their works were not published and had no source of income, life was extremely difficult.

when director Huang Zuolin learned of their situation, he bought two works written by Yang Jiang, "satisfactory" and "make it Real", and sent them a generous remuneration to help them through the most difficult days.

it wasn't long before Huang Zuolin personally directed the two plays on the stage.

many years later, when Fortress besieged became popular, many people came to him to get Qian's authorization, but he did not hesitate to license the work to Huang Zulin's daughter, Huang Shuqin.

in the hearts of Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang, they not only deeply recognized Huang Zulin's talent, but also remembered his friendship of providing charcoal in time.

during the shooting of Fortress besieged, Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang wrote to Huang Shuqin many times to encourage her to shoot a good work and gave her a lot of confidence, and this work also helped her through the trough of her career.

as the ancients said, "those who benefit are the sum of righteousness."

the acquaintance of smart people is often a win-win outcome in the end.

True friendship can be seen in adversity. To help others is also to help yourself. While transporting others, you are also crossing yourself.

the dignitaries who are hit are all mutual. You need me to help you today and you need me to carry it tomorrow.

when people help each other, they can bear the fruit of gratitude and nourish each other's lives.

A wise man builds bridges, and everyone has moments of loneliness and helplessness

I wonder if you still remember the doctor Tao Yong who was cut by the patient.

two years ago, Tao Yong was maliciously chased and hacked by a patient on a house call, and he was not out of danger until two weeks later.

despite this vicious incident, Tao Yong said that he still wants to stick to the goodness of his heart when it comes to human nature.

in addition to doing a good job of saving lives, he often helps some patients with family difficulties.

speaking of the goodness of human nature, Tao Yong once told a story:

A long time ago, he received a girl with leukemia.

in order to treat the girl, the family spent all their savings and was desperate.

after hearing their situation, Tao Yong expressed deep sympathy and made up his mind to help them, and then made a great effort to cure the girl.

after the girl recovered, she took part in a competition and got a bonus of 5000 yuan.

then he took a thousand yuan out of the 5000 yuan and donated it to another child who was also seriously ill.

later, when he learned that Tao Yong was injured, the child's father found him and wanted to donate the thousand yuan to Tao Yong.

it is the existence of this emotion and the transmission of kindness that makes Tao Yong believe that kindness itself is a very meaningful thing.

Life is an echo, kindness is a reincarnation, your kindness can not only dry the tears nearby, but also help the cry in the distance.

people live a lifetime, everyone has moments of loneliness and helplessness, and it seems that they can no longer wait for the dawn.

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the so-called wise man to build a bridge is: when you receive the favor of others, continue to pass on this goodwill, a piece of wood connected, will become a bridge to cross the river.

if there are more bridges, it will become more roads, helping more people to walk through the night to a bright distance.

in "Strange Theory", Xiong Hao said a defense that is still fresh in my memory:

the only way to make the world a better place is to shine as much as possible.

not because of believingThis light can illuminate everything, but because a little light in the dark will be particularly dazzling, other light will see your beam of light.

the glimmer will attract the glimmer, and the glimmer will illuminate the glimmer.

We find each other and glow together so that the haze can be illuminated.

there are many ways to be grateful. Passing this love over and over again and delivering warmth layer by layer is the most thorough understanding of the word "gratitude".

always believe that goodness meets goodness and will blossom the most beautiful flowers.

benevolent people remember kindness, and everyone has a chance to change themselves

British writer Daniel Defoe said:

"We always feel lacking and dissatisfied because of our lack of gratitude for what we have got."

if you know how to be grateful, you will stop complaining about the bitterness of life and resenting the injustice of fate.

have seen a meaningful short film:

on a cold morning, a wanted fugitive fled to the town.

because he had been in hiding for days, he had not had a full meal for a long time, his clothes became ragged and he looked sloppy.

after finding a hiding place, he found a steamed stuffed bun shop nearby and went to the shop with a knife.

the owner of the steamed stuffed bun shop is a kind old man. The old man looked at the knife in his hand and was not nervous. He just smiled and gave him two steamed buns.

in the days after that, he would go to the steamed stuffed bun shop every day, and every time the old man would hand him two or three steamed buns.

until one day, when the old man was about to close the stall, he suddenly saw a newspaper beside the table with a picture of the wanted criminal, the "tramp".

in the days after knowing the truth, the fugitive never came to the steamed stuffed bun shop again, and the old man was very nervous.

A week later, when the fugitive reappeared, the police directly arrested him and was taken away with a smile on his face.

then the old man found that there were a few words written at the back of the newspaper:

he was tired of hiding around and wanted to end his life to atone for his sins, but he was repeatedly defeated by cowardice. He wanted to rob again because of hunger. It was the kindness of the old man that moved him and made him find his conscience.

so he specially put the newspaper here in the hope that the old man would report himself, and the bonus of 30,000 yuan was his reward.

in prison, the fugitive finally turned over a new leaf, settled down to study and rewrite his life.

A few years later, when he was released from prison and the old man had passed away, he reopened the steamed stuffed bun shop and continued his kindness at that time.

if you only complain about the injustice of fate without making a change, it is futile for others to help.

if you only resent the hardship of life and don't work hard to solve it, then no matter how much charcoal fire is difficult to save.

having a grateful heart is the beginning of changing fate.

Zhou Guoping wrote a very profound sentence in "Life is not competitive":

"if you are a kind person and you get the kindness and help of others, you will have a natural emotion in your heart, which is called gratitude."

if you are kind to others and willing to help, you will understand other people's kindness to you and appreciate their help.

you have been loved, you should be grateful. You should also be grateful that your love has been accepted.

gratitude can cultivate the supreme goodness and beauty in human nature.

gratitude is not a momentary impulse, but a lifetime of remembering.

to be a grateful person, not perfunctory with every kindness and live up to every kindness is the most important practice in life.

, may you know that you will repay your kindness, repay your kindness, live up to your debts, and live your life with a clear conscience.