For the rest of my life: be casual, happy and happy.
For the rest of my life: be casual, happy and happy.
Learn to be pessimistic and open-minded about everything, and learn to reconcile with yourself in "follow".

Night listening

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the best living condition for people?"

there is a highly praised answer: "be casual, be happy, go with fate."

when you think about it, you take it seriously.

in the face of inappropriate circles, act according to nature, and there is no need to swallow grievances to cater to;

in the face of the good deeds in life, do as you like, not because the good is too small.

in the face of gathering and dispersing in life, it depends on fate, and you don't have to go to sleep over and over again.

there is a good saying: "those who should come will always come, and those who should go will always go."

Life is not easy, everything should be "follow".

being casual, doing things along with happiness, gathering and dispersing along with fate is the best state of life for the rest of your life.


have seen a highly praised animated short film:

A group of Rubik's cube villains are running in the street, each looking for their own friends.

when they meet people of the same color, they raise their glasses and touch each other and talk happily; when they meet people of different colors, they are indifferent and turn away.

Rubik's cube Xiaobai is a special existence, six colors of trouble, so that it needs to change colors all the time in order to make friends.

one day, Xiaobai was in a trance and made a mistake when he came forward to say hello to a Rubik's cube.

when the Rubik's cube saw Xiaobai's face, he immediately took the coffee, took two steps back, and turned away.

Xiaobai stood in the same place holding the cup, looked at the figure of his friend far away, and slowly bowed his head.

, Xiaobai changed the color of his face and approached his friend cautiously.

just, before it came near, the friend mercilessly refused.

since then, Xiaobai began to change his face frequently.

one day, the unbearable Rubik's cube fell apart, unprecedented relief, let Xiaobai wake up.

it turns out that the circle that needs to be catered to is not of its own.

so Xiaobai smashed the cup and ran away alone but wantonly in a crisscross of preparations.

after watching the short film, it is inevitable that some people will love Xiaobai, but looking back at our lives, have we never been "rookies"?

although he is obviously unpopular, he forcibly changes himself for fear of loneliness; he is willing to swallow his grievances for the sake of unhappiness, but he is willing to swallow his grievances for the sake of the same pace; behind the strong fusion, he is in a noisy crowd, but his heart is wandering in a sea of people.

there is a saying: "people would rather be alone in nobility than cater to inefficient gregarious gregariousness."

the rest of life is not long, it is better to please yourself than to please others, and it is better to cultivate yourself than to strengthen your circle.

for the rest of my life, I will be more casual and less pandering.

enjoy yourself

some people say, "follow the joy, it is the glimmer you give to others, who condenses it into the sun and the warmth sprinkled on the earth."

those who know how to follow their joys are bound to be blessed for many good reasons.

this is the case with her friend Ai Xin, whose inadvertent act of kindness has brought her blessings.

that day, when the wedding car drove to the entrance of the village, it was stopped by a group of people, and Ai Xin's husband sounded his horn.

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the village chief came over, saw Ai Xin in her wedding dress through the window, smiled and congratulated and asked for help.

it turns out that a pregnant woman is about to have a baby and is in a hurry to be sent to the hospital.

Ai Xin listened, thought for a moment and said, "Chief, we'll be on our way. We'll take her to the hospital!"

Ai Xin's husband hurriedly rescued his wife. He said, "Mom, we are on our way. Let's help them." He quickly got out of the car and helped the pregnant woman to the car.

one day five years later, the company handed over a difficult female client to Ai Xin, and the performance commission was considerable, but colleagues had been repeatedly frustrated and did not come up with a plan to satisfy the customer.

Ai Xin saw the customer, the other party not only actively signed the contract, but also seriously optimized the design plan with Ai Xin, busy until very late.

when Ai Xin finally couldn't help asking curiously why, the client stood up and said, "Thank you. I always kept in mind that I took me to the hospital in my wedding dress five years ago."

Ai Xin was stunned, then remembered something, and couldn't help laughing.

some people say: "when people follow their joys, they will follow the journey of thousands of people and scatter the seeds of fortune all over the place. when karma converges, they will blossom and bear fruit."

the act of delight is like a candle of firefly, faint but sprinkled with stars;

the heart of rejoicing is like the flower of the night, keeping a low profile but blooming quietly.

as a saying goes, "the most beautiful thing in the world is that you need warmth and I happen to have the sun."

the rest of my life is a long time, and things turn around.

do things less, forgive yourself; do as you please, and ferry others.

if love can bloom like a flower, the garden will be full of fragrance.

random fate

someone asked, "what is fate?"

likes an answer very much: "cherish each other when you get along, and bless each other when you are apart."

there is a video of an elder sister getting married and a younger brother collapsing on the Internet.

on the day my sister got married, my father's face was uncertain, happy and sad, while the younger brother was busy and happy.He went back and forth, disapproving of his father's behavior.

in some places in the north, there is a custom that when a girl gets married, her relatives should throw a basin of water behind her, which means that the water cannot be recovered, and the husband and wife will be able to live in their husband's house after getting married.

when the elder sister got into the wedding car, the younger brother raised his hand and threw a basin of water on the ground.

Sister beckoned her younger brother to approach and said with tears in her eyes, "Brother, as soon as this basin of water is splashed, I will be your guest next time I come back."

the motorcade drove away slowly, and my brother suddenly broke through the defense and burst into tears, followed behind the motorcade, dared not come forward, and was not willing to stop there.

the father teased his son and said, "silly boy, your sister is not far away. Why don't you go and pick her up?"

the younger brother instinctively ran a few steps forward, then stopped and giggled in embarrassment.

one netizen's comment received high praise and approval: "running out is cherishing fate, stopping is fate, and giggling is wishes."

even if it is a family that loves each other, they will eventually go to their respective directions and gradually move away. Even if they are reluctant to give up, they should cherish and watch.

"the Dead of Mountains and Rivers" once said: "everyone can only accompany you for a while, sooner or later, they have to be separated."

Life, coming is accidental, going is inevitable.

the book of fate has already come to an end as early as the beginning. There is no need to force it or regret it.

the gathering, dispersion and separation of life, most of the time, regardless of right or wrong, are rich in life, another kind of accomplishment.

what we need to do is not to change the ending by force, but to enrich the story before the ending.

there is a good saying: "the most touching affection is not reluctant to part, let alone hard to retain, but the journey of the mountain, the journey of the water and cherish it."

so for the rest of my life, let me be sentimentally attached to the breeze and care for my wishes.

there is a saying in "the Sea of Life": "the sea of life, mountains and rivers, but er er."

Life is like the sea, ups and downs, through Pinghu misty rain, across the years, mountains and rivers, and finally found that so.

learn to be pessimistic and open-minded about everything, and learn to reconcile with yourself in "follow".

be proud as plum, born with nature, be independent from the world;

things should be as clear as a lotus, grow with joy, and grow out of mud without being stained.

gathering and dispersing should be as quiet as bamboo, ringing with the edge, and the wind is silent.

May you have a smile in your eyes, love in your heart, gain and loss, and live a chic life for the rest of your life.

, share with you.