For the rest of my life, I cherish me.
For the rest of my life, I cherish me.
Do not worry about the heart, do not be trapped in love, do not fail to meet, live up to this life.


there is a topic on Zhihu:

"what is the most comfortable relationship between people?"

the one with the highest likes replied:

"I give you March spring light, you give me April peach blossoms.

I come to you, cherish each other and achieve each other.

True feelings in the world can last forever. "

in interpersonal communication, emotional connection is like a balance.

you give me your heart, and I return the truth to you.

in the long run, the balance of friendship can be balanced.

the feelings between people can last forever.

between people, it is always mutual

all affection in the world is mobile, and the relationship between people is mutual.

any relationship that wants to last, you have to exchange your heart for your heart.

in the TV series "Please answer 1988", there is a classic famous scene.

at the beginning of the first episode, neighbors who live in Shuangmendong hutong will deliver some of their prepared food to each other's homes before dinner.

Ms. Leopard asked Jung-hwan to send a pot of tender tofu to Deshan's home, and Tak-shan's mother asked Jung-hwan to take away a pot of radish kimchi.

as soon as Zheng Huan put down the radish kimchi, Ms. Panther asked him to bring an order of fried beef to Shanyu's house.

the habit of delivering food to each other has been going on among their four or five families for more than a decade.

when I saw this clip before, I didn't understand why we had to send the food back and forth. It was so troublesome that we might as well just sit down and eat together.

it was not until I saw the netizens' explanation that I suddenly realized.

some netizens said: "what they send is not vegetables, but affection between neighbors."

indeed, in an era when everything is equal and goes both ways, you will gain as much as you give.

No one is nice to a person for no reason, and no one has an obligation to be nice to whom.

all long-term human contacts are the result of joint efforts and care by both sides.

if you don't leave, I won't give up

all relationships need to be heart-to-heart, especially between husband and wife.

the best marital status, described in one sentence, is probably:

if you hold on to your hand, I will depend on life and death.

Fu Seoul once told her love story with her husband Lao Liu.

she said that when they were together, they were both destitute.

in order to make a living, Lao Liu sold durian, had insurance, and was cheated out of money by others.

sometimes when he wakes up at night, Fu Seoul will see Lao Liu smoking alone on the balcony.

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she knows that he is very hard and unhappy.

but when he woke up the next morning, Lao Liu quietly worked hard and worked hard.

when he was penniless, Lao Liu took Fu Seoul to work by bike every day.

Fu Seoul sighed that he didn't know when he would have a good life.

Lao Liu said to her, "being with you is the best day."

when the wife is at a low ebb, the husband never gives up.

when the wife is successful, the husband is waiting for the company.

know each other for so many years, even now Fu Seoul halo, on the peak of life, but also, as always, abide by the original promise, as always affectionate and single-minded to Lao Liu.

she once said on the program why she could live with Lao Liu for 12 years.

it is because Lao Liu is never dissatisfied with her, does not have any negative comments, and no matter what happens, Lao Liu never wants to give up on her.

it is easy to get priceless treasures in the world, but it is difficult to find a lover.

host Yang Lan also said:

"in addition to love, husband and wife also have the loyalty of treating each other with all sincerity, the tacit understanding that they never give up, the growth they have nurtured together, and the unforgettable kindness."

the most touching thing in love is that when you give to your partner, your partner is responding enthusiastically to you.

and the best marriage is that people who love each other are willing to never give up no matter how many trifles and ups and downs they go through.

throw me a peach and return the favor

No matter love or friendship, if you are kind to me, I will cherish it doubly.

if you treat me with sincerity and kindness, I will return you with the same sincerity.

if you have given it to me, I will pay you back.

many people know that Hu GE and Yuan Hong have a good relationship and are like brothers.

but many people don't know how their relationship developed.

when they were in college, they were roommates in the same dormitory and were both born in the same year. They soon became friends who told everything.

Hu GE became popular after the TV series "Chinese Paladin" entered the audience's field of vision, and then successfully signed a film and television company.

after joining the company, he exalted his strength to recommend Yuan Hong, so that Yuan Hong, who had not yet appeared on camera at that time, had the opportunity to act.

later, Hu GE Yi went out in a car accident, and Yuan Hong rushed to the hospital as soon as he heard the news.

Yuan Hong took personal care of Hu GE when he was injured and hospitalized.

in order to take care of Hu GE, Yuan Hong also pushed offGave up all the work and gave up many chances to be popular.

Hu GE lay in the hospital for a year, and Yuan Hong stayed with him for a year.

Hu GE asked him to go filming, but Yuan Hong joked, "I can't get the show without you."

A few years ago, Yuan Hong and Zhang Xianyi got married, and Hu GE was their best man.

this is the first time that he has been the best man for someone else since he joined the profession.

the friendship between them is as close as family.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "throw me a peach and repay it with Qiongyao."

all things in the world, emotional fate come and go, are mutual.

if you give me a foot, I'll pay you back.

you once held an umbrella for me in the heavy rain, and I will hug you when you are sad and cry.

you have accompanied me in the dark, and I will make you laugh and make you happy when you are lost.

as the saying goes:

"the relationship between people is like bank savings. If you really wait for it, you will replenish your income. If you make false calculations, you will increase your expenses. "

people get along with others and pay attention to coming and going.

as the saying goes, those who love to return, and those who are blessed come back.

I will also cherish those who cherish me and will never abandon them.

the secret of all relationships in the world is to see the way you get along with each other.

there are thousands of ways to get along, but in fact, it is nothing more than:

give to each other and go in both directions.

as we often say, exchange your heart for your heart, but if you can't get it, give up.

for the rest of my life, no matter how many people we meet and what happens, I hope we can do it:

I cherish those who cherish me. He who abandons me, I abandon him.

No entanglement, no disturbance, no nostalgia, no nostalgia.

do not worry about the heart, do not be trapped in love, do not fail to meet, live up to this life.

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