For the rest of your life, get close to the person who nourishes you
For the rest of your life, get close to the person who nourishes you
For the rest of your life, please try to get close to the person who nourishes you and become a better self.


some people say: "the wrong people consume each other; the right people nourish each other."

people are always moving forward and dealing with people all their lives.

meeting someone who consumes you will make you restless, tired and decadent, while meeting someone who nourishes you will soothe your wounds, magnify your pattern, and enrich your knowledge.

the farther life goes, the fewer people stay. All long-term relationships nourish each other.

being close to the person who nourishes you is the best way to maintain good health.

walk with positive people and feel comfortable

getting along with positive people will slowly inject enthusiasm into your life, making you complain less and act more.

they also unwittingly influence the direction of your life and make you develop in a better direction.

Ba Jin and Bing Xin are indisputable friends in the literary world. Ba Jin is gloomy and calm, while Bing Xin is optimistic and positive.

in Ba Jin's eyes, Bing Xin is the light in his world, shining on him.

Ba Jin had a very desperate and painful past, when his beloved wife Xiao Shan suddenly died of illness.

since then, he has been immersed in grief, and his life has become negative and dark, with little contact with people.

Bing Xin saw all this, and she couldn't bear to watch her best friend live a depressed life.

so he kept writing letters to enlighten him every day, encouraging him to make more young friends and reminding him not to indulge in the past all the time.

accompanied by Bing Xin's encouragement, Ba Jin came out of this dark period and became cheerful.

Ba Jin was lonely in the depths of his heart in his later years. He was suffering from illness in hospital, and his heart was miserable.

and Bing Xin's sincere letters became his spiritual pillar, and Ba Jin's soul was comforted in the frequent exchanges.

in hospital bed, Ba Jin often endured the pain to the bone, how many times she wanted to stop writing.

but seeing that Bing Xin was still writing, she still shouted and dared not fall down.

he was so encouraged that he gave up the idea and continued to pick up his pen.

later he commented in an article:

"the existence of Big Sister Bing Xin is a great power. She is a beacon that illuminates the road ahead of me. She is more optimistic than I am." The light was on and I strode forward with confidence. When the light is on, I won't feel lonely. "

everyone will encounter unsatisfactory times, positive people will calmly accept all the misfortune, do not decadent, do not give up, do not complain.

in the face of life's deliberate dilemma, they will let you see hope in sorrow and catch up in setbacks.

positive people will give you more life skills, open up a new perspective of life, and allow you to move forward step by step.

Life is like a reverse journey. Being with positive people will make you have a leisurely state of mind, the courage to break through difficulties, and strive to grow upward.

get along with people of the same frequency

Fang Qi commented on Yang Zongwei in "praise for Song" recently:

"our whole life is not to satisfy everyone, but to satisfy that part of the same frequency resonance."

people who are out of step will never understand each other's rhythm and will only bring unlimited annoyance and pain.

when Buffett communicated in obscure investment terms, Munger understood immediately.

Buffett suddenly sighed with emotion and shouted the grace of acquaintance.

when they met for the second time, they laughed and rolled on the ground together because of a joke from Munger.

from this moment on, the two people sympathize with each other, appreciate each other, and their fate slowly changes.

the two often talk on the phone all night to discuss investment opportunities for an hour or two.

when they get along, they seldom have conflicts. When they disagree, they will listen to each other as long as they are right.

as their relationship advances by leaps and bounds, their career begins to prosper.

since meeting Munger, Buffett has completed the most important conceptual transformation of his investment career, creating Buffett's investment myth.

and Munger also smoothly transformed from a lawyer to an investor because of Buffett's promotion, and got a platform to realize his dream.

65 years later, two young men have become old people with tens of billions of wealth.

in the long-term company, but also become friends like relatives, intimacy is inseparable.

some people say:

"only people with the same energy can recognize each other;

only people with the same energy can appreciate each other;

people with the same energy will be bosom friends. "

the most painful thing in the world is to think that the relationship between you and him is heart to heart, but it is the crushing of heart to heart.

when you get along with people of different frequencies, he can't hear the meaning of your song, and you can't take it for granted.

two people who do not resonate with their souls will torture and consume each other for an extra second, and will eventually go their separate ways..

meet people of the same frequency, he can understand your heart, you lead his meaning, empower each other, and continue to advance.

make a deep acquaintance with reliable people and nourish your heart

once saw a sentence: "gentleness is a rare truth, while reliability is a rare sincerity."

We often meet some people, and getting along with them is a disaster.

promise when you make a promise, but disappear when you do something;

pretend to appreciate when you meet and slander when you are alone;

greet you with a smile when you ask for it, and shirk it when there is a conflict of interest;

being with such a person is not only easy to get you into trouble, but also can be a fatal blow to you all the time.

reliable people tend to be down-to-earth and trustworthy, sincerely get along with them, have nothing to worry about, and rest assured in case of trouble.

in the bankrupt Sisters, Caroline was originally a rich second generation, but later, because her father went to prison, she went to work in a small restaurant.

she had no relatives at this time, and she didn't even have a place to stay. Fortunately, she met Max.

Max is a hard-mouthed and soft-hearted person, always saying that it has nothing to do with her, but he still brings Caroline home.

she also helped Caroline install a folding bed, and the two became co-workers and roommates.

Max knows that Caroline has a pony, which is a gift from her favorite father.

so every morning, while Caroline was asleep, she often silently took the pony out for a walk, but never mentioned it.

Caroline often encounters bad things at work, and Max is always desperate to stand up for her.

one day, when Caroline got an unreasonable tip from the guest, she complained to Max in frustration.

without saying a word, Max immediately picked up the bill and angrily caught up with the guest theory to support Caroline.

on Mike

in her heart, Caroline is very important, and she is willing to protect her from the wind and rain.

once, when Max's boyfriend's family learned the identity of Caroline's father, they were cynical in front of Caroline.

even in the face of her boyfriend's family, Max will never give in and is still desperate to stand up for her.

Proteus said: "people who can conquer their own emotions, rather than being conquered by emotions, will eventually be regarded as a reliable person."

reliable people will be willing to do special things for you, will stretch out warm arms for you, and rely on them all the time.

get along with them, even if there are great ups and downs in life, they will go hand in hand with you.

Life is short and time is expensive. Leave the future to reliable people.

the best way to maintain good health is to be close to the person who nourishes you

likes a sentence very much:


the meaning of two people together is to grow and appreciate together, not to let you grow into a face bullied by life. "

A good relationship, even if life is full of suffering, will heal each other and make you shine in your own field.

the more you grow up, the more you understand that how far a person can go depends on the people who go with him.

get along with positive people, you will reap an energy.

if you walk with people of the same frequency, you will get an understanding.

if you have a deep acquaintance with reliable people, you will get a support.

if you have a rainbow, you don't know it until you meet it. For the rest of your life, please try to get close to the person who nourishes you and become a better person.


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